Core Audience

For this part of my project I need to start thinking on how I am going to present my work to the public whether that’s in a local magazine/newspaper or even as simple as online on my social media.

I have had a quick discussion with my tutor as I didn’t really know what the project brief meant by the words ‘core audience’, and it turns out that this actually means if my work wasn’t towards a portfolio who would my work be aimed to. I think my main audience would have to be teenagers and young adults. The reason behind this would be that I would like to get a message across to as many people as I strongly agree with it, I would also like to tell younger generations how fashion has changed throughout history as well as no matter what you wear shouldn’t be a problem as every item of clothing is fashion no matter how much it costed you. The message that I would want to get across is that a lot of social media apps nowadays have a stereotypical ‘perfect’ body type which would be a skinny, tall blonde model that probably weighs about eighty two pounds. A lot of people see this as the only way of being beautiful but it isn’t and I would want change and prove them wrong by showing them that anyone can be beautiful no matter what size or shape they are.

Even though my portfolio is not actually paid work I have still been looking into local fashion magazines that run nearby. I didn’t really know how I would want my work to look like in a magazine so I took to google and searched ‘fashion magazines for teenagers’. I have realized that there is a difference in British teenagers magazines and American teenagers magazines.



Overall, I feel like American magazines are more appealing to teenages (and me) as they look more mature and are very similar to adult magazine like Vogue. If my work made it into a magazine I would definitley know how to set it out as this would attract many teenagers to look at the magazine or even buy it. The differences that I can see are that in the Birtish magazines everything is a little crazy as there is a lot of colour which makes me feel like it is meant for younger teenagers whereas the American magazines are very chill and not as bright making it for the older teenagers. In my opinion I think my work would be aimed at the older teenagers as nowadays everyone has to have opinion about everything making a lot of people inscure about what they wear, which should not be the matter as everyone should be themsevles and express that through whatever they want to where etc.

I have found a couple of magazines that I would like my work to be in, the first one is called ‘Exposed’ and is based in Sheffield. This magazine is not just based on fashion but it does have a whole section on it, and it would be the perfect opportunity for me to get my photographs in that part of the magazine. I have emailed the editor and advertiser of the magazine, Joe Food and Nick Hallam asking them if it would be okay for my work to go into their magazine, if they contact me back then that would be really good as that then means I’m one step closer to get my work out and to the general public and my chosen core audience. Down below is a screenshot of the email that I have sent to the editor and advertiser.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.22.55

I have also tried to get in touch with another local magazine, which is very close to me as I think it would be a great opportunity for me to get in touch with them and ask them if it was any way possible for me to get my work in this magazine. The second magazine that I will be contacting is my secondary school’s magazine, I didn’t really want to ask them but then again it will mean a lot to me if they said yes as this is where I started my love for photography and it would be a great oppourity to give something back to them. The secondary school that I went to is Outwood Academy Portland in Worksop. Their magazine is made every term and is sent out to students home, this would mean my work (if it was to make it into the magazine) would reach over 1000 teenagers, whether or not they read it is another thing as its the school magazine but I will definitley know their parents would take a quick look and see whats happening at scholol etc.

I am really hoping that one of the local magazines will contact me back and would want to put some of my work into their magazine, even if its not a teenager magazine it would still mean I am getting my work out to some sort of audience. However, if this was not to work out I still have my social media apps that I could post my work onto as most of my followers are teenagers.

Production Plan and Deadline Dates

Task One

Task One was to research things about my chosen genre of photogarphy, as well as write about five chosen photographers on why I will be using them as an influences, this section has been completed – 09/10/2017

Task Two

Task Two is to write and research about an audience that my work would appeal to most, in this case it would be teenagers and young adults. I would also talk about the deadline dates like I am doing now. This section is also now been compeleted – 09/10/2107

Task Three

Task Three is a critque lesson as I will be presenting my work to my fellow students as well as my tutor on what my first project is about, as this would then give me some feedback on how my project could be improved etc. This section has nearly been completed – 09/10/2017

Task Four

Task Four has been spilt up into different sections the first deadline is to refine further test and create work as well as blog – 30/10/2017.

Attend critque feedback sessions – 06/11/2017

Interpret research into work – 13/11/2017

Use knowledge of characteristics and context to plan and develop creative solutions for chosen media and communication – 20/11/2017

Apply practical skills, knowledge and understnding of characteristics and contexts to produce creative solutions for chosen media and communication activity – 27/11/2017 

Task Five

Task Five is the last task of project one, this is based on my end photographs as  I will be hoping to make a presenataion on my end result of my creative professional portfolio – 04/12/2017

I will then write a thousand word essay about the feedback I got given when showing my work to my peers- 15/12/2017

This would then be the end of my first project and all of my tasks.