For my first task for my first project in my second year is for me to make a creative yet professional portfolio in any genre of photography that I would like to pursue in my future photography career. The word ‘professional’ suggests to me that I know what I am talking about, meaning that my work will be very reliable and you will be able to see links in-between the different photo shoots that I will do over this first project.

The genre of photography that I am wanting to base my portfolio on is urban and fashion photography. What I mean by urban and fashion is the quirky styles of fashion that you wouldn’t really see on a day to day basis.  The reason why I have chosen urban and fashion photography as my main genres for my very first project is that fashion recently has become a massive part of my life and I would like to show this to everyone. I also feel like I would to carry with fashion photography when I finish college as in my spare time, I’m always looking at different magazines to see what is new in fashion this month etc, I would love the chance to photography something like that but with my only little twists. I’ve always like the different types of fashion whether its quirky styles or not. I have found many photographers that shoot the same way as I do, so I will be using them as my research for my case studies.

Looking at all these different photographers really wants me to start taking photographs more serious and start looking for work that is different to what I do now. I prefer to take photographs in the streets because I prefer the outside than being stuck in a studio all day. The reason why I prefer the outside to the studio is because you can have more of a variety of backgrounds as well as its more interesting to have different surroundings in the negative space of my photographs. Although I really do like looking at fashion photographs in magazines of what is new fashion, I have always been fond of doing something along the lines of doing look-books for high street brands, for example a H&M TV advert is something that I would love to do. I would probably never get that opportunity to do something like that but I could always hope the opportunity swings my way. I got this idea from a small British Youtuber/Photographer Will Darbyshire, as he does a lot of work with his girlfriend Arden Rose on her fashion look books as she is also a Youtuber too. When I do finish college I do want to proceeded onto a university course that speclises in fashion photography as I would like to do a lot of client when I’m older especially for youtubers, artists etc.

History of Fashion Photography

For my main part of my research, I am wanting to focus on the history of photography and how fashion has changed over time from then (1850) to now (2017). I didn’t know what to research so the first thing I did was to type into google fashion photography then and now, I clicked on the first webpage link that came up and I found out some really interesting facts about fashion that I didn’t even know about. The reason why I am researching information about fashion photography is part of my project is to actually discover the historical and contemporary practice within my chosen genre of photography. The earliest photographs that we know of is dated back to 1850s but it only became popular and used as a promoting fashion in the early 1900. The first fashion magazines were both founded in the late 1800s and they were both illustrated by hand. It wasn’t until 1913 when photographers started to take actresses and models portraits for different fashion magazines such as Vogue. The magazine Vogue has changed so much over the years and I would like to capture this within my portofolio focusing on oldern day clothes as well as modern day clothes.

Case Studies

Bryant Eslava –

Eslava is a twenty five year old american fashion photographer. He is most known for taking photographs of vine and Instagram stars. He mostly focuses on portraits and candid photography, which is something I would like to pursue.

He started to take photographs when he was only just sixteen years old. He started doing freelance jobs for his friends which meant he was flying back and forth from LA to New York City whilst crashing out on his friends couches. As well as working with his friends on a few projects he had also worked with many top high stores such as American Apparel, PUMA, GAP as well as Instagram. This makes me want to carry on my hobby into a career as you can create great things when you put your mind to it and work hard. His comes from a very artistic family as his mother and father are both artists too. He also has an older brother who supports his work also.

The reason why I have chosen him to be one of my photographers for research is because his work has a similar style with my past work including the lines in photography as well as the editing process is very similar. I would like to hope I will become as successful as Eslava as he has worked really hard from such a young age to where he is now and its something that makes me want to carry on and hopefully become as successful just like Bryant Eslava.

Down below there is a selection of my favourite photographs that Eslava has taken quite recently. I really like the way the models are positioned in these photographs as they’re all directly in the middle making your eyes go straight to their clothes. Eslava has captured most of the photographs with bright colours making his work standout to other photographers on social media, as this is where he is based. He does use a lot of internet stars for his work making his work making hime well known with a lot of social media users. I also really like the way he has edited most of his photographs as it makes the colours in the photograph stand out and make the overall picture even better.  I think my favourite photograph out of all the images below would have to be the second one with the woman who is wearing the yellow raincoat. The reason for this is I like the way he has gotten the whole model in the photograph meaning you can get an overall look of clothes  that are in the picture. I would like to recreate something like this as the background in this photograph is usual and gives an urban theme to the photograph which is something that I’m hoping to go for. My second favourite photograph would have to be the first photograph, this is because it has a quirky side to the photograph as the models aren’t in a normal position for the photograph making it different to his other work.

Sam Dameshek –

Sam Dameshek is another photographer that I am going to use for my research. Dameshek is a Southern California-based photographer who specialises in lifestyle and fashion photography, which is very similar to my interests in photography. He was born and raised in Laguna Beach which is where he is based now but he does do the odd traveling for big brand names. He has also spent time in Los Angeles and San Francisco with models who are well known on different social medias.

He first started taking photographs with big name companies in the fashion industry, including Brandi Melville, Aerospostable, and Pacsun, when he was just 16 years old. Before frame and his success, he started making skating videos with his friends when he was just 12. He had no plans on shooting professionally until he was asked to help take long exposure shots for a photography class. This is when his passion for photography started. By the time he was in high school, he’d booked two weddings with family friends and used the money from that to buy a camera. He is now based in California taking pictures of Instagram stars as well as models for big brand companies. He has recently just been on a road trip with some Instagram stars just for the fun of it, this is something that I would love to do in the future as I really do like adventure as well as capturing the moments that made you laugh and smile.

I have made a mood board down below of his photographs that I really think are good and make me want to use him for inspiration for my first project. The reason why I like his photographs are because he has the models positioned in the middle making your eyes go directly to the clothes they’re wearing very similar to the pervious photographer Bryant Eslava, which is something I really like about most photographs nowadays. I also like how the background makes the model standout even more, this tequience works really well with the bigger top right photo as the sunset blends in with the two models really well. I am really wanting to create something like this but the only problem is that I am from the UK meaning the sun is not always out, as well as it getting colder and darker I would have to use a lot of my editing skills to make my work similar to look like Sam Damesherk’s work. Besides the whole editing process that I’d have to do, I really like the way the other photographs have an urban feel to it like the first photograph in the mood board, with the whole abandoned house thing with the graffiti. I have already looked at places near me that look really urban and look similar to the photographs that both Dameshek and Eslava have taken. The second photograph on the left is another favourite this is because of how its an action shot of the model flipping her hair and making the photograph look really sassy and giving a vibe off it like she’s saying I don’t care, which is something that I really like as I’m creating my own stories when looking at someone else’s work and this is how I would like other people to think when they look at my work.

Brandon Woelfel –

Brandon Woelfel is a photographer based in New York, who focuses his work around portrait and fashion photography. He does most of his work around lights, this could be any lights that I’m on about whether its from a string of lights to either different coloured big lights in weird and usual places. He uses the light to bring out the facial features on the model that he is using. He does this by making the model hold up the lights by his/hers face you can see what I mean by the mood board below has a lot of images with lights involved with them some way or another.

I really do like how he edits his photograph, even though he does edit a lot out of the photographs it is definitely still worth it as the end result is amazing. When I searched his name into google to try and find out some more information about him, his youtube channel popped up, which basically shows all of his shooting process. Even though he doesn’t have many videos you can still get a glimpse of his way of taking photographs.  It was really interesting to see how he shot his photographs as when he takes the photograph you have no idea what he has in mind until the very end when he has complete the editing stages after hours of labour.

When looking at his photographs on his Instagram page it is makes you feel different emotions like when I like at his photographs I feel very warm inside as feeling it makes me feel happy as well as having a little bit of a magical feeling which is a good feeling to have when looking at his photos, as its not common to have this sort of feeling when looking at fashion photographs. I also really like how I have chosen someone very different to do a case study on as the other two previous photographers are very similar to one another as they basically do the same thing but Woelfel has a completely different type of photography as its to do with lights. The photograph that is my favourite would be the top right photograph that is down below with the girl dancing, this is because its very simple but also very unique as well as being the closest to a fashion styled photograph. The background is very full with a lot going on but kind of works with this type of photograph as if that wasn’t anything in the background it would’ t have the same effect on me as it does now. I do also like the way he has used reflections in his photographs as it gives a little more detail to his work making you want to admire his work even longer then just a quick glimpse as all hard work he puts into his photograph is pretty damn amazing and very inspirational. I have emailed him a few questions as I would like to learn a little more about him, but because he is well known and very busy with his work I’d doubt he would respond to me.

Rankin –

Rankin is a well known british portrait and fashion photographer, I have research him before this project as me and my fellow students watched a film on him recreating some of fashion all times famous photographs with his own little twists. I am not a huge fan of his work but it does have some positives towards it as it is quite different to other fashion photographers.

He first started to get recognised in 1992 when he was published in a magazine ‘Dazed and Confused’ with with Jefferson Hack. This gave Rankin a platform to show off his skills of what he could do with a camera as well as his writing skills. In 2001, Jefferson and Rankin launched  another magazine which focuses more on fashion and not just photography in general. Some of his biggest work includes Nike, Swatch, Dove, Pantene, Diageo, Women’s Aid, and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. He has also shot for the big magazines like Vogue, Rolling Stone and Wonderland, which is pretty amazing and very inspirational to me. Back in 2009, he had a film come out on BBC Four where he had recreated seven fashion photographs that have changed fashion by very popular fashion photographers from 1900s to now. I wish I would be able to do something like this as it would be pretty amazing to have your own film on TV with all your work on display to the general public as this would be a great way to get your work out and show it to the world.

These photographs down below are very up my street as I like to look at photographs that are weird and different. I did try and get some of his photographs that he takes in a studio but it didn’t really have the same affect as the ones outside did. I have made a selection of my favourite photographs that he has taken of womenswear in the mood board underneath.  My favourite photograph that he has taken would have to be the right photograph, the reason for this would be the light box is only lighting her face up showing her best features off, even though its meant to be a fashion photograph you can still see that he is trying to get the whole model in shot and show the clothes off. I also really like the black and white photograph as the model is kind of in the middle making your attention go straight to the model and not the space around her. I would like to recreate something very similar to his work as he has used many different forms of photography, for example lines, tones and shapes, but if I was to do something similar to his work I would add my own little twists just like he did with the seven photographs that changed fashion. I also like the way he has edited his photographs, the reason why I like his editing process is because everyone of his photographs is different to the other which makes his work unique as you can see with the different photos below, there is not one photograph that is the same.

Brendan North –

For my last case study I am going to be doing research on the photographer Brendan North. North is a twenty two year old photographer based in Los Angeles who is specialises in portraiture, lifestyle, and fashion photography. There wasn’t that much information on his website apart from how old he is and what he likes to photograph. He is currently well known for being a vlogger on Youtube with all different types of travel vlogs and main channel videos, I wouldn’t say he was the best photogarpher that I have researched and looked into but he is someone that I would use for inspiration as he does photograph many models and youtube stars, which has always been a dream of mine to do. As well as being popular on Youtube he has also just recently gotten very popular now as he has just been signed to the Team 10 house which was founded by Jake Paul, a Youtube star.

Most of his photographs express a lot of emotion in black and white images while in other photographs he uses warm golden tones, he creates a classic Americana look that captures eyes in an instant. This is what makes his work look really put well together as he has a clear image in his head of how he wants his finished photographs to look like. You can definitely tell that he uses the same presets for most of his coloured photographs as you can tell they’re all done by the same photographer.  He is another photographer that I have tried to contact whether or not he replies is another matter.

My favourite photograph out of the mood board below would have to be either the big one of the right side of the mood board or the the third image down on the left side of the selection. The reason for this is that there is more focus on the fashion in these photographs which is something that I’m really keen on when looking at photographs nowadays. Also, I like how the sunset on the photograph (right) blends in really well with the models hair making her have more of a depth of field as her hair is now detailed as you can now see she has different colours as the sun behind her head is causing all sorts of shadows. The only thing that I dislike about his photographs is they’re all pretty much the same was is a good thing but to me its a bad thing as I get really bored easily if everything is the same. You can’t really tell this by the moodboard below as I did pick quite a few different ones but if you go over to his instagram you would see what I mean, it can get quite repetive. I think the main reason why its very repetive is because he photographs the same people over and over again meaning its not a new face in every post making it similar to his pervious photo shoots.

Finding a Model –

I thought finding a model was going to be really hard but I then remembered that I followed a girl on my twitter that is really into the quirky style of fashion. I messaged her all most straight away and get a reply within minutes.

I have planned a photoshoot with her in the next weeks and I’m so excited to start shooting test work as well as my actual photoshoots that I will use in my portolio.

I also have contacted an old friend of mine who has also changed her style laterly which has a very similar style to the previous model. I messaged her not long and she seems she’s very up to it as well.