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Task Four

Editing and Improvements

In this blog post I will be talking about how my photographs have improved throughout my photoshoots from my first test shoot all the way to my final photoshoot, also I will be talking about how I have edited some of my photographs and the process of it which will include some screenshots.

The first edit I did was of Rona, I really liked the overall photograph but I felt like it could have a couple of changes but only slight ones.

The first thing that I did was open the RAW image into photoshop, the next thing that I did I was I changed the temperature to 2500 to 6350, I did this because I wanted my images to have a warm colour to them instead of a cold one. I didn’t change the tint at all as I really liked how it turned out when just changing just the temperature. The main reason why I edited them to a warm colour was because I really wanted to edit my photographs in the same way as one of my chosen photographs Sam Dameshek.

I did try to edit most of my final images the same way, with a warm colour. I think this works really well with the photograph above as the leaves on the trees and the floor stand out as well as the model making the whole photograph work together.  I did have to change the tint slightly on this image as it was a bit to yellow when I just changed the temperture but when I finished messing around with the colours, it turned out exactly how it wanted it to. In my opinion I do think this is my favourite edited photograph out of all of my images and photoshoots. However, the critque lesson we had with our tutor has completely changed mind as I now don’t think this photograph doesn’t fit my overall theme of urban fashion photography.

This edit I did try and make it a bit different to the other ones as I didn’t want there to be just ten images all edited them same way. With the image above I did change the temperature like the other edits but not as much as all the others are like in the six thousands whereas I only changed it to 5600 which isn’t as much. As well as changing the temperature I also changed the tint to positive eighteen, I did this as I thought it look a lot better with a slight pink gradient then it did yellow. I didn’t touch any of the highlights or shadows as I thought it looked great already. This image did have hole in the wall in the bottom right corner, it was very annoying to look at as well as being a distraction making you look away from the clothes on the model. I cropped this out of the photograph by using the crop tool to make the hole disappear, but this made me change the size of the photograph altogther as I wanted to go with the rule of three making the model’s face on the 33% lanscape and portrait invisable line.

With the image above I wanted to experiment with this photograph as I feel like this was my favourite one compared to the whole photoshoot with this model, I decided this before I had actually finished the whole shoot with her. The way I had edited this image differently to the others was I decided to make this photo really yellow to make it like it was taken somewhere really warm instead of England where its freezing cold. I did this by highering the temperature from 5 thousand all the way to 10750, I do like the outcome of the photograph eventhough when I did print it out on paper to show my classmates it did look a bit orange, I don’t know if this was the printer or the way I edited it, but still I really do like the yellow tinge looked.

For one of my edits my with models I wanted to do something completely different altogether instead of just changing the temperature like the other edits. When I opened the RAW image into photoshop I didn’t have any idea at all what I was going to do differently to this photo.

I then came up with the idea of having the model in focus and everything around her blurry,  I didn’t have any idea on how to do this butmy tutor showed me a really easy way on how to do it. The first thing that I was edited the photograph like a normal image just by changing the colour of it, I needed to make a new layer so if anything did go wrong I would still have my original photograph. To make the photograph blury, I needed to go into the ‘Filter’ at the top and be in the ‘blur gallery’ of photoshoot. This would then give you an option of which blur you would want to use, Dan, my tutor suggested the better option would be the field blur. I didn’t make the background to blurry as I didn’t want the photographer to blurry so you couldn’t see what the background of the photograph was. To make the model back in focus I needed to use the paintbrush to with a black to white ratio and a high flow, this would get rid of the blur over the model’s face and everything she was near. I then needed to use a white to black ratio, which put blur back into the photograph to make it not as obvious as it look beforehand. Overall, I do like how it turned out and I’m very pleases that I could learn a new skill, I will definitley be using this in the future when I edit some more images.

Improvements –

I decided to talk a bit about how I have learnt some new skills from building up my portfolio in this project, as you can see below there are two images, the one on the left is from my first photoshoot whereas the one on the right is of my latest photoshoots.

I’m very pleased with my overall progress of my photoshoots as I have gained many new techniques that I defintitely will expand in the future.

I am really happy about leanring the new skills throughout this project like the different camera angles as well as the editing process, it has definitely been all the hassle I have had with loosing a model due to her timetable not being apickable all the way to the weather not being on my side etc.



Task Four

First Test Shoot

So far I have planned two test shoots with my models on different days as they were only available on some of the days that I’m available too. The first one is meant to be on Tuesday 17th October 2017 with the first model I asked, Lily, but I don’t think I can make this anymore due to my job, but we have rearranged it to another date in the next week. On the other hand my other model have planned to shoot in the next couple of weeks when we are both free from work and college either in Rotherham town centre or Sheffield city centre.

Before I start to photograph outside with Lily and Rona, I have decided to get another model and shoot a couple of photographs in the studio, as I would like to give the studio a go even though I said it was boring and it wouldn’t go with my theme. I have asked Amy, my friend, if she can put a few outfits together and model for me in the studio. I have classed Amy as one of my backup models inccase any of my other models back out or can’t make a shoot. Down below is a slideshow of  some of the photographs that I have taken so far in the studio.

Test shoots in the studio:

Overall I think this photo shoot went really well to say it was my first actual go at using a studio whilst being behind the camera as photographer and not the model. I wanted to use a grey background instead of a white one as I didn’t want my photographs to look like I was promoting any type of clothing that Amy was wearing in the shoot even though they probably wouldn’t be going anywhere. But if I was to do this photo shoot again I would definitely change the background of the backdrop to white as I now feel that it would have looked better with a different colour background other than grey. The reason for this is because a lot of photoshoots nowadays in a studio do have a plain white background as it makes the photographs (to me) seem more professional and a overall better picture to look at, whether this is because of the lighting settings I had the studio lights on or white is just a better background colour to use when in the studio. I have made a note from this and will learn from this is the future.

Test shoots outside #1:

I wanted to practice with my camera before I actually did some real photoshoots, so I asked Amy if she was up for a test shoot outside. I wasn’t going to do this I was hoping to start a photoshoot straight away, but the only problem with this is I didn’t know what kind of angles that I was wanting to shoot, so this photoshoot was helping me plan and find out how I liked to shoot as I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in front of the models figuring it out as this wouldn’t be very professional.

Overall, I thought some of the angles that I tried I really liked, for example the one that is a low angle from the floor is one I’m hoping to use when I can fianlly shoot Rona and Lily. There was a few photographs in this test shoot that didn’t turn out as well as I was trying to work out the camera settings so I knew what worked best with the outside.

Test shoots outside #2:

I also did a photoshoot with my younger cousins to try and get some photographs in the countryside as when it comes to actual photoshoots I will be shooting in cities with buildings etc. I will be using my cousins as back up models as well as my friend Amy.

Overall, I think this test shoot went okay as I did get a lot practice out of this shoot with my camera. The only problem that I did have was I didn’t shoot these photographs in RAW, meaning when I come to edit these photographs there won’t be much I could do as JPEG photographs don’t hold as much memory as a RAW image which is a shame. Another thing that I did was because it was getting dark I turned the ISO right up to the highest setting which was a huge mistake, meaning a lot of the images have turned out really grainy, I have now learnt this and will learn from this mistake as I now will have to do this whole test shoot again to get the photographs less grainy.

Test shoots outside (re-shoot) #3

As my cousins are from Nottingham and I am from up north meaning that it would be quite hard for us to meet up and plan a photoshoot together as we don’t leave that close to one another. I have contacted them to plan another photoshoot but its going to be after four a clock due to them being both in school until this time.

Overall, this photoshoot didn’t turn out as well as I was expecting due to me still having the ISO on the highest setting, making the photographs still very grainy but I did change the image format to RAW meaning I could edit the photographs a bit more then a JPEG but still this didn’t make any difference.

Before we planned the dates on when to go out, I asked both of the models to send my photographs of their clothes that are in this season or look very fall like as ‘autumn’ is my theme of my overall portfolio. The reason why I did this was to see what sort of style the models both had, as I didn’t know where to take the models as I was scared that there clothes they had wouldn’t match the locations that I had in mind. On the left is a selection of Rona’s clothes on what she has in mind which is exactly what I would like to photograph, even though her clothes are very basic and not that colourful they still are very quirky pieces of clothing. Which makes Lily suggestions on the right, which are more colourful and more old fashioned, something that I’m very interested into as well.

I have a photoshoot coming up with Rona this week in Sheffield city centre as well as Lincoln city centre on the 15th November 2017. I am going to film a behind the scenes video of all the real photoshoots I do and upload this to my youtube channel I will do this  once I have uploaded all my final images to my social media as well as shown my classmates and have got given some feedback. I have been in contact with Lily and we are still trying to figure out a date we both can do and not cause any problems with our jobs and college work. But apart from that I would say I’m on track with all my deadlines and my blog work.

Photoshoot with Rona #1:

On the 15th November, Rona, Amy and I all met up in Sheffield City Centre to start our first photoshoot together. I’m not going to lie I was very nervous to do this, but I had done three test shoots already so I was all set to go. Rona is a seventeen year old girl who has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. She was wearing a white turtle neck top, with a black vest top over this, she paired this with some plain black culotte trousers and some black Nike shoes. This outfit worked really well with the environment we was taking the photographs in as the surroundings were really run down and had an edgy vibe, which is what I was going for. The photoshoot itself went really well, I think this part was down to me knowing Rona previously as me and her both went to school together. Rona is the exact model I had in mind when we first started this project, I was wanting to use someone I didn’t know but no one fit the job description.

Overall, I think this photoshoot went really well, as they do portray they’re fashion photographs as I have tried my best to get the outfit/model the main focus of the whole photograph. Rona was really good as a model as she knew how to keep her face straight as this is the look I wanted her to have as it gives the overall look that she isn’t bothered which is what I was aiming for. I took this idea from Bryant Eslava one of my photographs I researched at the start as most of his models in his photographs are either looking away from the camera or just have a simple expression on their faces. I didn’t really have to tell her how to stand or place her hands, this is due to her in person as the way she holds herself is very model like and she kind of knows what she is doing. Yes I did have to tell her to move to the left or look away from the camera but overall she was the perfect model to work as we both communicated with each other on what she was comfortable with and with what she wasn’t.

The photographs themsevles turned out really well in my opinion as they turned out excatly how I had in mind. There were a few that could have been better but I now know that I need to keep consantly pressing the shutter on my camera to capture on the moments on the photoshoot as I could get a really good candid photograph without the model knowing/not paying any attention. Another thing that I really like about these photographs is I like how Rona is either in the centre of the photograph or is slighty to the left or right, I tried this technique in my test shoots and I really liked how they turned out so I did the same with Rona and it turned out perfectly. I also like how I have gained a lot of confidence as I did tell my model what to do most of the time but I didn’t have to tell her a lot of things and we discussed most of the photoshoot on message so she already had an idea on what to stand like, how to do her make up and hair etc.

I don’t think anything went drastically wrong apart from we ran out of time as both Rona and I had trains to catch to get to other places but I will learn from this mistake for next time.

Photoshoot with Amy #1 

So it was very lucky for me to have some backup models as Lily unfortunately couldn’t make the shoot on the 22nd of November but Amy was very happy to stand in for Lily. The only problem with Amy was that she doesn’t wear clothes that are quirky like Lily would wear, this wasn’t really a problem at all as I can still photograph Amy in her normal clothes but maybe change a few things, and thats why I did.

Amy and I thought it would be a really good idea to do the photoshoot in Sheffield city centre as Amy is from Sheffield and knows quite a few places, for example, where they would be a great background for what I was hoping to aim for which is street/fashion photography. We also wanted to stay in Sheffield as its very locally and we had places to be after the photoshoot e.g. work etc. But when we got to Sheffield there were only a few places that actually were okay for me to shoot, there were a lot of people about at the time we went out which was midday, so we tried to hurry this photoshoot up as we were getting in a few peoples way.

To be honest I think the whole photoshoot was a bit of a time waster as the weather was not on our side as it was very windy and kept on raining every now and then, meaning the shots I got was either blurry or the wind had Amy’s hair blowing in all different directions making it hard to focus on the actaully clothing.  But now looking back at the photographs there are a few that I like but they might need a few alterations like one of the photographs that I will use is the one where she is sat on some stairs with her knee bent looking directly at the camera. Another I like is with her stood against a green wall looking at the camera with a slight smile, I do like this one as she is smiling in it whereas Rona’s photoshoot I wanted to have a different approach where I would have her face with no expression meaning that photographs would look different when I present them.

Overall, I do think I could have taken better photographs if I had more time and nicer weather but then again I did arrange this photoshoot last minute as I was expecting Lily to cancel last minute but these things happen in life and you should always have a backup which is what I had, Amy.

Photoshoot with Abigail #1:

As I was showing some of my final images to my older sister, Abigail, she was very interested in how I took the photographs meaning the angles. She later on asked me if I was able to take some of her for her instagram. When helping Abigail with her outfits, I had noticed that she had a lot clothes that had never been worn before but they fitted to my quirky theme of my portfolio. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind helping me out by being a model for a photoshoot of mind, and she was more than up for it.

Abigail has brown, short hair with dark, blue eyes, she is only five foot three making her a really small model but this wasn’t a problem as Amy is only just five foot and I still made it work for her.

At first looking back on all my images that I had taken with Abigail, I didn’t think that any of them would actually work but when looking at them and opening them big in photoshop most of them looked really good. I’m really happy that my older sister asked me to do this photoshoot as I’m definitely going to be at least three photographs from this shoot ib my final images,

As it was my older sister being the model I did find it a lot easier to tell her what to do as it wasn’t as awkward as the photoshoot with Rona where I haven’t seen her in so long, meaning I didn’t have the confience like I had with Amy or Abigail. But because it was my sister this did make things a lot easier for me to tell her things for example to look up more to get rid of a double chin or postion her body a different way to get rid of a crease in her dress etc. This wouldn’t have offened her as easily as we are family and I can tell her this sort of stuff to her face and not have to go into photoshop and do a lot of editing to sort it out but if I can say something to her we could actaully sort out the problem there and save me some time for either editing some other photographs or blogging about my process of this photoshoot.

My favourite image out of the whole photoshoot would have to be the one where she is wearing a “FILA” dress and is crouched down in front of a green wall. The reason why I like this image so much is because its a candid photography menaing it wasn’t staged as she isn’t looking at the camer and she isn’t really apying attention as her mouth is slightly open but overall it gives the whole photograph and edgy vibe to it. The only problem with this photograph is that she is wearing a dress with some black tights but her body is kind of postioned slighty a bit wrong menaing that if I had taken the photograph or asked her to position her any more to the right, the image could have a whole differently meanig behind it as it would look like she was showing us something that we don’t really want to see, apart from that I still really like the photograph itself.

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