I did have an idea in my mind on what I wanted to do when we got given our project brief, this is when I found out that we had to make a professional portfolio on something that we would want to continue it in the future. When we got assigned the brief I was really into the quirky styles of fashion nowadays as well as street photography, I’m still am, so I thought why not stick the two together and do fashion and street photography in one.

Research- The first thing that I did was research the history of fashion photography and I found out all sorts of things like when it first started, how it started and who was the first photographer that took fashion photographs in particular. I did found out a lot of information when I typed ‘history of fashion photography’ into google and I was amazed to see that it did start back until the early 1900s which I was not expecting. A lot has changed since fashion photography first started, for example the fashion itself has changed as well as how we present fashion these days, what I mean by this is that magazines nowadays have the technology to make models and the fashion flawless with no mistakes at all.

Besides the whole history of fashion, I did do some research on other photographers that are quite popular in today’s fashion. Most of the photographers that I looked at are photographers based in America and do a lot of client related work, something that I would love to do in my future career.

Bryant Eslava is a great example of a fashion/lifestyle photographer that I have used as one of my inspirations in my work as I really do think his work is amazing. Within my final photographs I have tried to edit my photographs is the same way as him to make my work look similar to his own work as he is very successful in what he does and has even made a career out of it. He started doing photography when he was only sixteen years old and now hes twenty-five and still doing what he loves. Something that you can admire when looking through his Instagram profile, its pretty damn amazing.

Another photographer that I used as one of my inspirations was Sam Dameshek, he was the photographer that I was most interested work wise. The reason why I like him so much is not because of his work even though its very similar to Eslava, but I like how he works with a lot of fashion brands meaning a lot of his work is collaborative with fashion brands such as Bandi Melville etc. This is something that I would like to continue once finished college, maybe even go to university and study more on fashion photography.

I did look into three more photographers but they didn’t really stand out to me as much as Eslava and Dameshek as they didn’t really specify in fashion or street photography.

Production Plan- The first thing I did when trying to figure out how I was going to plan out this project was I made notes of all the different places I could go to for a photo shoot. Once I did this I then decided to make a real production plan with all the dates/weeks. In the end I came up with this:

(7th Sept – 9th Oct) – Research (case studies) and find models and different locations

916th Oct) – Presentation to show my classmates and tutors my research and work so far

(16th – 23rd Oct) – Test shoots and keep up to date with blog

(24th Oct- 1st Dec) -Photo shoot in my chosen locations with my models whilst blogging my process

(4th Dec) – Presentation to show my final photographs to my classmates

(4th – 15th Dec) – Evaluation and refinement

I did spend a lot of time on this production plan but when it came to the dates and the right week, I did not stick to it at all. The reason for this is that the models I had picked were either sick on the day of the photo shoot or couldn’t make it due to college or work. It was a bit of a pain but I definitely made up for it as I did have to use a backup model who could make any photo shoots without any problems getting there, this did save me a lot of time and made me schedule either though I wasn’t sticking to the plan.

Audience- After I made my plan, I thought about who was my audience was going to be, after doing some research on who is most interested in fashion nowadays, I found out it was teenagers and young adults.

After thinking about how I was going to present my work to my class and these teenagers and young adults, I thought about why not having a message behind my photographs. This is when I came across with the message “no matter what you wear you still look beautiful” as this then could go along with my theme of my quirky styles of fashion. I did contact a few magazines if they would be interested to put a couple of my final images into their magazines but unfortunately none of them had got back to me. So what I was thinking is putting a few of my images on my Instagram page with the message and a few hashtags see if this would work.

Test Shoots – I’m really happy with how my test shoots turned out as if I didn’t do this I don’t think my final photographs would have turned out like what they’re now. I did rely on these test shoots to get a bit of practise in before I started to photo shoot with my real models, the reason why I did this was to gain a lot of confidence in telling people what to do as well as knowing how to change the camera settings for the right environment etc. I know I said I wasn’t going to do any photo shoots in the studio, but I did want to have a go at it and see what it actually was like, as I’ve never been the photographer in the studio I’ve always been the model.

Overall, I did really enjoy the studio and I’m really pleased on how all my test shots turned out. I’m not going to use any for my final images but I definitely will putting them in my portfolio.

There was one test shoot that went okay, this was the test shoot with Amy when she was outside, I wasn’t really bothered on how Amy looked in this photo shoot as I was only focusing on the angles and positions on the camera. But I’m very happy that I did this photo shoot as then I was ready to do a photo shoot with my real models, as this now means I would now know what to say to them when trying to position them as well as getting the correct camera angles with making many mistakes. However, my other test shoots didn’t turn out as well due to the weather and it getting dark really early but I could work with some of them in Photoshop. I haven’t used any of my test shoots in any of my final images as I thought my real photo shoot photographs were good enough.

Final Shoots- In total I had three final shoots, one with Rona, one with Amy and the last one was with my older sister Abigail. I thought my final photo shoots went a lot better then my test shoots, I think this was down to me doing tests shoots beforehand as I had practised my angles as well as telling the model to do making me gain more confidence on every photo shoot.

Overall, I am really happy how all of my photo shoots turned out as I didn’t have to re shoot any, I was wanting to have a photo shoot in Lincoln but unfortunately none of my models could make it,  and I didn’t have enough time to find another model who was able to make it but this wasn’t a big deal at all. My favourite photo shoot out of all three would have to be the one with Rona. The reason for this is because most of my final images are of Rona, I feel like this was the only photo shoot that went to plan properly as the other two photo shoots were not last minute but they were quite rushed.

Feedback- On the 29th of November 2017 our tutor had planned a critique lesson, this is where we showed some of our final images to our classmates. I had mixed opinions when I got handed back some feedback but overall most of it was positive. Because I want to end on a high note I will start with the bad things and end with the good things.

One of the negative things my fellow classmates said was not all of my photographs fitted into my genre of urban fashion photography. At first I didn’t agree with them as I liked all of them but looking back at all my work I do see this now and I would put some of my final images into a different genre like ‘woodland photography’. The images that I am talking about is the two images of Rona that I took when she was in the woods. I am still going to use one of them for my final images but I am going to edit it differently in Photoshop so it doesn’t look like the woods as much as it did previously. Another thing that a classmate pointed out was that one of the photographs is a bit distracting due to one of the model’s elbow is cut off in the photograph, I didn’t see this whilst taking the photograph or even editing it but now when it was printed out on an A4 sheet of paper it was pretty obvious. Therefore, I am now going to edit this photograph again and try and make her elbow come back into frame.

A first positive thing that my classmates said about my work was that every photograph was very different to one another which made my work so far unique. Everyone also enjoyed my way on how I edited my photographs with the  warm colour effect which was something that I wasn’t expecting. I’m very pleased on how everyone reacted to my work as I’m going to use every bit of feedback to help all of my final images look they’re very best.

  • Do I have the right amount of images for the presentation(deadline date)?

Overall, I do have ten final images, and the brief does say a minimum of ten images so I do have the correct amount of images to show to everyone. However, I do have a couple of spares just in case I change my mind at last minute and don’t think any of my photographs would work, but apart from that I have the right amount for the deadline date.

  • Do my final images fit my theme?

In my opinion I do think my final images do fit my theme of quirky (urban) fashion photography but I do feel like I could have done a couple more photo shoots that were similar to my other photo shoots with a few more models that were different to the models I already had, just to make my portfolio have more of a variety than just three models, posing in different ways.

  • Are there any issues with the work? If so, what could I do better?

Problem 1- The main problem that I had with this overall project was with one of my models not making a photo shoot we had planned. Lily and I were meant to have a photo shoot on Wednesday the 22nd of November 2017, but unfortunately Lily couldn’t make it due to her doing some overtime at work.

Solution 1- To get over this problem I had one of my backup models step in for the photo shoot. Amy was very up for this photo shoot as she understood the reason why Lily couldn’t make it and she also wanted to help me out which I’m very grateful for.

Problem 2- Another problem that I had was the weather. This happened on the same shoot where Amy had to cover, the weather was not on my side at all this day. The wind was blowing in all different directions making it hard for me to get a good angle without any hair being blown in my model’s face etc, it also began to rain when we was just about to start and I didn’t have a cover to protect my camera from the wetness so we tried finding spots to take photographs that had cover as well as fit it with my theme. This made things very difficult.

Solution 2- There wasn’t really a solution to this problem as we were kind of in the moment and had to come up with solutions on the spot, but if I was to do an outside shoot again, I should really have checked the weather forecast before I went outside and did the shoot. But I now know that I would have to check before the actual shoot comes around as this would then give me time to plan where we could go and take photographs that would be suitable to the weather on that specific day.

Presentation- Monday 4th December was the initial deadline date we had to have at least ten final images photographed and edited ready to show on a presentation to the rest of the class. Everyone who gave me feedback was very happy with my final images, they did agree with me that one of the images stands out more than the others (yellow coat) but I obviously won’t be posting them on my social media like I did in my presentation.

I did get asked a few questions by my classmates, for example one of the questions was ‘How am I going to show my final images to my Audience?”  I replied with that my initial idea for my audience was going to be a local magazine from Sheffield, but this didn’t work out as they didnt get back in touch with me. I am still going to ask other local magazines if anyone is interested in my images etc. But for now I am going to be posting them on to my Facebook page and Instagram with the hashtags #fashionphotography.


Learning Outcomes –

In my brief that I was given by my tutor is had said that I had to “Critically reflect on learning to inform personal development.” I thought I would use the reflective cycle to explain in more detail of  what actually happened. The first thing that I actually did in the whole project was decide on what my actual portfolio was going to be about which after about twenty minutes after having a quick research on different types of photography that are out, I finally decided on “Fashion Photography”. This is when I started to research about fashion photography in more depth and get more to grip of the things you can do with it, I also researched quite a few photographers to see what they had to offer as well as help me get a better understanding on how to position the models as well as edit the final photographs. This research session helped me a lot as I did find a few photographers that I did like and would want to try and recreate a few images. Once I completed me research and my production plan, I thought it would be best to start a test shoot straight away as this would make me gain the confidence I would need before I actually started a real photo shoot, so what I did was get my friend Amy to help me out by being a model as well as being a stand in model to help me with all my test shoots which went to plan really well. After having a few test shoots with Amy and my younger cousins and I was ready and confident enough to actually do I real photo I planned with my first model Rona. Then after doing my first real photo shoot I thought it would be best to try and get two photo shoots in every week which did happen and I got the images I needed for my professional portfolio.

The feelings that I had during this project was mostly feeling scared as I was terrified that none of the images was going to turn out as well as they have done. It did make me feel a little bit less confident and make me not like me work as much as I was overthinking too much.  Another reason why I felt scared was that one of my models cancelled on my making me worried that I wasn’t going to get all my images and editing done on time as it had messed up my production plan/timetable. But once I had presented my work to my class mates all the feedback was positive and made my confidence come back up and make me like my work again.

Overall, I did really like how this project went along as everything slid into place, as if something went wrong something filled its place which was positive an example of this would be when my second model cancelled on me but luckily I had a back up model to  stand in for the model would couldn’t make any final photo shoots. But as the project goes I would say that I am pretty pleased on how all of the final images turned out as its exactly what I had in mind when I was given the brief and research my genre of photography. However, if I was to do this project again I think I would chose models that I don’t know as with Rona, I knew her from school so it wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. But if I had chosen some models that I didn’t know this would have pushed my confidence higher as I would be going out of my comfort zone and pushing my boundaries.

The whole project itself in my opinion has been a huge success, I’m very happy with the finished final images as there are what I had in my mind when this project came to mind. I did want to push myself by having my models that I didn’t really know but unfortunately that didn’t quite go to plan.  But I think I would ask people from college from a different department, as this is still asking someone I don’t know but also its someone I can rely on them to make the photo shoot on time as they would be close by and will be able to make it on time. The things that I have learnt from this project is I have learnt a few things in Photoshop and lightroom, I tried to edit my photographs in the same way as one of my chosen photographers “Bryant Eslava”, which was have a yellow tint in most of the photographs as well as having a mess around with the shadows and highlights. Another thing I have learnt is that  fashion and lifestyle is definitely something that I want to carry on in my near future and maybe go on to university and study fashion a bit more.

Final Images –

My favourite final image with have to be either Rona sat on the bridge with the blurry background or it would have to be the one with my older sister as a model with the mustard colour coat. The reason why these two images are my favourite is because Rona’s image is all about the clothes as its what is only in focus which is the main focus of my whole portfolio, fashion. The reason why I like the other photograph as well is because of how the edit has turned out. The coat looks like the main focus of the whole photograph, this was not intended and I didn’t realise that this had happened until I put all the images on to one page on my presentation, but this could also be a bad thing as its taking my audience’s attention away from the other photographs, but then again not all of my images are going to be presented on one page.

One of the images that I’m not so keen on is where Rona is stood next to a tree in the woods. The reason why I’m not that fond of it is because it doesn’t really fit in with my whole urban theme as its more woodland, Dan, my tutor spotted this is out when we had our critique lesson last Wednesday and when looking at all my photographs on one page I can definitely see what he means.

Overall, I am very happy how all of my final images have turned out, they’re some that I am not that best pleased with but they were a lot better than others that I have taken on other photo shoots. I will be using all of these photographs in my portfolio as well as some of my test shots I took in the studio with Amy and some previous work in my first year at college, as this is then showing off the skills and different techniques I have in photography overall.


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