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Project 1

35mm Photography

When I used a 35mm camera I quite liked it, I liked that it was quite complicated because it shows how cameras have changed, such as when I had to wind the film to take another picture, although I did sometimes forgot to wind it, but overall I found it quite interesting. I feel like if I didn’t have the exposure meter in the viewfinder I wouldn’t have been able to take the photos as quickly as I did. Most people don’t like manually focusing but I prefer it as I think its quite easy as it lets you decide what you want the photo to look like and it also helps you to focus on what you want to focus on and not what the camera wants to focus on. However the whole of the film I used came off the reel and i didn’t realise until i opened the camera which means I was left with no pictures :(. After I found out that I had no photos I went around the college and took a few more photos which I found quite annoying because I feel that the pictures I had taken before would have turned out quite good. It was quite hard to measure when I needed to stop rewinding the film however to make sure I kept turing the wheel and when I opened the camera thankfully the film was all in the reel.

I think that digital photography is harder than 35mm photography as there are a lot more settings that you have to consider and the camera is a lot more complicated, whereas 35mm you can basically point and shoot.




Evaluation – Client Work

5th December 2016

The client that I was taking photographs for a little shop in Retford called “Mystik”. This shop that sells all different stuff from incense sticks to vaping accessories. They wanted me to photograph pictures for their online website and for their personalise Facebook page. They didn’t have any ideas what they wanted me to photograph and what style the final photographs too be in. So I decided to research the style of the shop and the products that they sell, which is “alchemy gothic”, I didn’t know what this meant as I’ve never done anything like this before. I think this is why I chose this shop to try and push myself, also to try and learn new skills and focus on something that I didn’t want to photograph but of what someone else wanted instead, this means    I will get new skills as I will then be able to focus on other peoples ideas instead of my own.

Overall, the feedback that I got back from my client was really good, as the owner of the shop has already used some of the photographs on their online website. In my opinion, I didn’t  really like the photographs, that I took myself because they’re not really my style but it seems my client is really happy with the final photographs. The reasons why I didn’t really like the final photographs was because the style was very unfamiliar to me, as it was very dark and mysterious, which is what I didn’t really like. However, I didn’t get some feedback from my fellow students saying that I used the depth go field in most of my photographs are really good. This makes me feel more confident about the final photographs as it makes me feel more confident and proud and makes me feel I’ve achieved something outside of my comfort zone.

The difference between client work and my own work is that for the clients you need to take photographs for someone else that pleases them, whereas your own work is a lot easier, as you can deleted, edit and change the position of the background however you want as its pleasing you and no one else. this is what I found really hard about this project.

For my first photoshoot, which was the test shoots went really badly. The reason for this was because I had used a Nikon camera which was a new thing to me as I normally use canon cameras. Therefore the images turned out rubbish as the shop was too dark meaning I had to use the flash in most of the images as I didn’t know how to work the camera and I didn’t have long as it was in the evening and the shop was about to close.  One of my main problems during the test shoot was the fact that I didn’t know how to work this camera. But i managed to get a few good photographs.

For the second photoshoot, I think this shoot went a lot better than the first photoshoot, as this time I used a canon camera, so this time I used a camera I knew how this worked. It was also a lot better this time around as I  know what I was looking for and where everything was so it was a lot easier to take the photographs. This made the time go really fast as I had an idea on how and what I wanted to take photographs on, so I was only in the shop for at least 20 minutes, which i didn’t really like, as i felt like i was rushing, which made me feel pressure.

For the third photoshoot, I think this was the better one at all of the three. This is because most of the final photographs was from this photoshoot, which made me really happy about this photoshoot. The images turned out really well as most of the images that I sent to my client have been used for their website etc.

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If I was to do this project again but do it for myself and not for a client, I feel like I’ll probably approach this whole project differently. The first thing that I would change is the shop itself, this is because I didn’t really like the style of the shop as it didn’t really fit to what I like in particular, it was more that shop looks interesting I’ll try there. But if I had to do this shop again, I think I will have done some studio photography to get some of the clothes that are in the shop more recognised, but my client only wanted the products that were in the shop and not the products (clothes) that were in the back meaning in stock. I feel like most of the photographs would have turned out a lot better if I was working on my own and not for someone else, as I did feel really pressured as I was trying to please someone else and keeping the photographs that i didn’t like in my contact sheets. Where as if I was doing my own work for personal reasons, I would be able to delete the photographs I didn’t like and start the photo shoot completely again.

Overall, I feel happy with how this turned out, considering it was my first ever client photo shoot-it went well as the photographs that turned out were really good quality and have already been used on their website. However I think I would do something differently with the light as it was very dull and not much light in the shop, as the shop window didn’t let in enough let. This would save a lot of time for me editing them to look a lot better quality. As with the editing I had to edit every single final photograph which was very time consuming. This would have resulted in my photographs being sent to my client faster and getting the feedback back a lot quicker then I did this time around. This means I can learn from this in the future and improve my time management.


Edits For My Client

When I started to edit some of the photographs that I got from my client (Photoshoot Two) there were a few distractions in the photograph so I decided to edit the photograph on photoshop.

The one on the left is the original, where the one on the right is the edited one. The reason why I edited this photograph was because there is an incense stick sticking up on the far right, which was very distracting once you realise that it is there. Its also very distracting when there is light marks on the glass bottles that are reflecting in the direct eyesight. The way I got rid of them is on photoshop with the tool “patch tool”, the way to use this tool is to draw a box around the thing you would like to get rid of then drag the box to another area where its the same colour and would look really similar and not stand out. I also used the patch tool of the reflections which was really irritating to me, once I had noticed this.

Primary or Secondary Research

For my research and analysis, I didn’t know if I wanted to do primary or secondary research as I didn’t know which one was better. Therefore I have decided to do some research myself 0n primary and secondary research, to see which was one is better and I can the do my research.

Primary Research – Advantages

  • The information the researcher has collected and worked with personally.
  • It also is directly to that persons research and study
  • The researcher controls when and how much information is collected. This also means that the researcher can be asked questions about its source and reliability later on in the process.

Primary Research – Disadvantages

Secondary Research – Advantages

  • The information is really easy to access, like a local library and online such as google.
  • Some secondary data collection is often used to help set the stage for primary secondary, making the two research methods work really well together.
  • As well as it is easy to access it is also very cheap, as most of the research is online or at the local library which is always free.


The First Test Shoot

I’m not at college on Tuesdays as its my days off, so I made contact with Mystik to go down every Tuesday morning, and they said yes that was fine. So the next Tuesday I went down to the shop with one of colleges camera (Nikon D3200) which I didn’t know how to use as I am used to Canons but there wasn’t any left.

When I went into the shop I wanted to start taking photographs similar to the photographs that Id seen other shops had in the window and websites. When I started my shoot, the camera wasn’t picking up any lights even though the lighting in the shop is really good as there’s a huge window including lots of lights. I tried changing the shutter speed and the aperture, but only the ISO changed, so I had to use the flash on the photographs, so I knew that I would be coming back to take another re shoot. The photographs that are below are the photographs that I took on that Tuesday morning.




We got given a week to a create a presentation on our clients and what we were going to do like a week by week plan. I did a power presentation just because I feel like this kind of presentations can get across really easy and straight to the point.

The slide show below is just a preview on what I have started:

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When I showed my presentation to the rest of my fellow students, I got some feed back from them saying that I should focus more on the things that the client needs first as my project is such a big project, as its a fairly new business and needs quite a lot of things doing, this is all explained in the brief they have wrote to me in the email.

The feedback that I got back helped me very well as I can now sort my time and make arrangements with my client for when I can go into the shop and start taking photographs for my test shoots an so on.

Final Photographs:

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Overall, I think my photographs turned out really well, as I feel like all the photographs are what the client asked for as all they wanted were photographs for their website and Facebook as well as them having images for their personalise website, which should be a friendly, calm vibe, which is what I think I’ve created.

Production Plan

Week 1: In the first week of my project, I wanted to find a client that I could take pictures for which was free of charge. Once I have found a client, I will ask them politely for them to write me a brief on what they would like me to do so then I can start planning on my presentation, so I can achieve their desired photographs.

Week 2: In week 2, I will be researching all the different styles that my client wants me to take and then I can plan and sort out a date for me to go and start taking photographs (test shoots) . I will research all the photograph ideas my client would like me to take so I have a clear vision, so I wont be wasting any time on my project.

Week 3: In week 3, I hopefully will have taken a test shot and will have decided what style I will be doing the final shoot. Then I will bring the images back to college and edit them how my client would like them. I will be blogging my process through my whole project.

Week 4: In week 4, I will be showing my client my photographs that I have taken and if they are happy with the test shoots and edits them, I can continue with my final shoot and carrying on editing.

Week 5: In the final week, I will be preparing my photographs for the deadline and making sure that my blog is up to date and should be up to the standard it should be at.

Mood Boards

When I got my brief from my client, I didn’t really have any ideas what I wanted to do as the brief was kind of short and very basic.

I had a look at other peoples briefs and blogs just to see if I was on the right track, which I was so I carried on with my PowerPoint presentation with all my images that I had collected from google which would be my secondary research box ticked.

When I was collecting all my research I didn’t really use any primary research, I mostly used secondary, which was mostly google images and google just in general.

Down below will be screenshots of some of my mood boards that I have put together for a sort of an idea how I would like to take my test shots and maybe for my final shoot, and then I would be able to take my photographs and edit them and get ready for the deadline and then show them to my client.

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I did these mood boards, so when I come to take the actual photographs, I wont be wasting time waiting for ideas to come into my head as I will have already have some with all the research I have done before hand.

Finding a Client

For our first college project we have to find a client on which we can take photographs for just like when I come a fully qualified photographer, I will be in a position to have my own clients, where I can have to provide a service dedicated to their needs.

I didn’t really know who to ask to be my client. After walking around my town centre I came across a new shop that had only opened a few months ago “MYSTIK.” This shop has two sections, where the first section is a shop based on “alchemy gothic” and the other half is a tattoo and piercing shop. I asked the owners what my project was and that I’m from Rotherham college and that I’m on a Photography course, they was really happy that I came to them as they were wanting a few things done which needed to be done by a photographer.

As well as owning a shop, they have their own online business which has been running from 2006 until the present day. This business online is doing really well, and they would like their shop to be the same. I asked them if they wanted anything done in particular and Harry ( the owner) said that they were on about getting new street signs, and leaflets as well as some social media photographs. I thought this would be a really good opportunity for me as I have never done anything like this before, meaning business wise and the type of things that this shop sells is quite interesting.

This is their brief that they have sent to me by email:


After a week this email was sent to me a got a Facebook message from Annie (owner of the shop) that she didn’t want the street sign doing as it had to be done by end of the of the week and I hadn’t yet gone into the shop and started my test shoots.



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