On Saturday the 15th of October 2016, I went to a photography show in Liverpool called Digital splash.

This was my first time going to Liverpool and also my first time going to a photography show. My opinion on the show was that it was very small and very crowed but this is what I expected. However I did get to experience all the new exciting things the big brands were going to release later this year or early in next year, for example new lenses new telescopes etc.

After the show, we did have a few hours spare so some of us decided to walk around the docks and some of us (including me) went on the Liverpool eye, to try and get some Birdseye view photographs as well as do some sight seeing.

After lunch, we all decided to walk up and down the docks to get some interesting photographs of the monuments surrounding the buildings as well as the buildings for our blog, I didn’t get that many photographs as my camera was running out of battery but her are a few I took during the day out to Liverpool.

Overall, I didn’t really enjoy the trip to Liverpool. This was I’ve never been to a photography show as well as Liverpool, so I didn’t really know what to take photographs of, even though it was a really good day out with my friends and learning new things about canon cameras and telescopes.