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How to do Photograms?


  • Dark Room
  • Enlarger
  • 1 litre of Developer
  • 1 litre of Stop
  • 1 litre of Fixer
  • 2 litres of Water (For the wash bath at 20 degrees)
  • Couple sheets of photographic paper
  • Objects that are interesting to photograph
  • Dryer

What to do:

  1. Firstly, you would want to set your enlarger to the right amount of light that is showing over your sheet of paper, so all of the object is photographed.
  2. Then you would want to place the sheet of paper on the side, and place the object on the paper to be ready for the light to be shined and taken the photograph.
  3. Next, you would want to press the timer going which should be set in between five to seven seconds. (Once you have taken you first photograph and it has been developed you can then see if the time needs to be alter.)
  4. Once the timer and light has gone off, place the water in the developer for 30 seconds or whenever its fully developed.
  5. Then place the paper into the stop for 30 seconds.
  6. Next place the paper into the fixer for five minutes, this is important that you leave the paper in the fixer for five minutes because if not the paper will start to turn pink and start to fade away.
  7. Once the five minutes is up you can put the paper into the wash bath for 20 minutes, this gets all the chemicals washed off.
  8. This now means you can take the paper out of the dark room and put through a dryer so you can now show off you work.

Evaluation Of Pinhole Photography and Photograms

Pinhole Photography

Overall, I didn’t really like pinhole photography as the first couple of shoots my photographic paper turned straight to black due to me either holding my finger off the hole too longer or there was light getting into the tube another way. Apart from that the ones that do work I really did enjoy doing it.

If I was to do this again I would know how long to keep my finger off which is five seconds if its bright and 10 seconds if its a little bit darker then daylight. I also now know that you only leave the photographic paper in the developer for at least 15 seconds maximum as it could over developer and look really dark or even turn black if left too long.


Overall, I really enjoyed doing the photograms as I didn’t need any help from anyone as its really easy and simple to do. I think I got quite a few good ones and some okay ones as there are marks on them but I can learn from this next time.

If I was to do photograms again I would change my timings when I was developing them as I did develop a light bulb and some little stones a bit too much as they’re really hard to tell what they are as its so dark. I would also change my timings in the fixer as some of my photographs are starting to go pink as I didn’t leave them longer enough in the fixer, but I can learn from this next time.

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