Line – are the strongest, most important, and most influential out of all the elements. Different lines can create different moods and feelings. Vertical lines can mean something is strong and has power, whereas horizontal lines can mean something is restful and at peace.


Form – means if the image is three dimensional or two dimensional. Some shadows in the images can show the depth, width etc.


Shape – in images can also be seen as silhouettes – these are the best shot several minutes before sunset up to several minutes following it, as well as minutes before sunrise up to several minutes following it. It is also worth mentioning that silhouettes are the p
urist and the strongest of all shapes.f

Texture – can capture different kind of emotions, based on the element of light. Texture can also help the images feels alive.


Pattern – There are two ways on how to control the pattern in the image. a) a pattern can either emphasize the pattern which can help fills the frame and look more pleasing or b) break the pattern up due to an object being in the way.


Colour – can send different messages as well as emotions, depending if the image has warm colours or cool colours. Warm colours can mean anger (red), happy (orange/yellow), where as cool colours could mean sadness (blue), peace (purple).

Colour Wheel.jpg

The Formal Elements Essay 

I have chosen image one because this gives me the impression that the person in the image is feeling blue as the colours are very dull which creates a very dark atmosphere. The lines in the image are casting shadows with other lines as well as horizontal that are leading up to focus in the image. The texture is very minimalist as there is hardly any light in it as the image is so dark. There isn’t much space in the image as there is other things in the image as well such as other buildings and trees. There is sort of a pattern in the image with the doors that are leading in a horizontal line which is emphasizing the pattern as its leading you deeper into the image.