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Evaluation Of 35mm

Overall, I think the film camera was pretty simple and easy to use, apart from putting in the canister and actual put the film into the camera so its ready to take some photographs. One thing that I found quite easy was taking the photographs and actually developing my film.  Although another thing that I found quite hard was when I had to roll back the film into its canister as I didn’t really know when the film was back into the canister and was ready to come out of the camera and not be destroyed from the daylight.

If I was to use the 35mm camera again I would take more landscape photographs as I did with my first bunch but most of them were blurry or not in focus correctly. As well as taking more landscapes, I think I should take more photographs but include more formal elements of photography, for example the rule of thirds.


35mm Film Camera


There is only three functions on the camera there is the

  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO

The Aperture

The aperture is in a camera as it controls how much light enter the camera through the lens. It is like the human eye as it controls how much light you want to let it. The bigger the aperture the more depth in field and the smaller the aperture the less depth in field. The value of aperture is measured with a f number the higher the f number the smaller the hole is and doesn’t let much light in, whereas the lower the f number the bigger the hole meaning there’s more light that has been let into the hole.


Shutter Speed

In most of the film cameras, the shutter is placed right in front of the photo film to avoid any unwanted exposure to the light. The shutter is made up of several blades that are in front of the lens. When you push the shutter, it releases a button which makes the blades open up and which exposes the negative film to the light. You can control the shutter speed yourself from 30 seconds to 1/4000 seconds. The longer the shutter speed the more chance motion blur would occur as these type of camera are really sensitive.






How to Develop a Film?


  • Dark Bag
  • 320ml of Developer
  • 320ml of Stop
  • 320ml of Fix
  • 5 litre wash bath
  • A film canister with film in it
  • Measuring cups
  • Timer
  • Scissors
  • Developing Tank

What to do?

  1. Firstly, get the dark bag and the film canister, and the developing tank (which should include a funnel, a reel and a lid).
  2. Once you have all of the equipment from step one, place everything inside of the dark bag and then close the zip up and then place your arms through the arm holes. When you have got your arms inside you are ready to go.
  3.  Take your film out of the canister (the reason why we do this in a dark bag is because no light can reach the under developed film) a place your film onto the reel. This can be really tricky at first as its in a dark bag and you cannot see what you are doing, so be patience and it’ll work.
  4. Once the film is on the reel, place the reel at the bottom of the developing tank (with a tube that faces upwards).
  5. Then place the funnel facing downwards so you can pour the developing and other liquids. This developing tank is now light protected, so no light can get into the tank, meaning you can now take you hands and the tank out of the dark bag.
  6. Now you are ready to start the developing stages.
  7. Pour 320ml of developer into the funnel (we put 320ml in the tank because this fills all of the film). Once you’ve poured the developer into the tank set your timer straight away for five minutes.
  8. Every 30 seconds give the tank  five shakes upside, to get the developer all the way around the tank. Then tap the tank twice on a table or a worktop to get the air bubbles out of the film. Repeat this step until the end of the five minutes.
  9. Once the five minutes up, pour the used developer down the sink and wash the measuring cup out.
  10. Now pour 320ml into the funnel, and start the timer for only thirty seconds this time and shake and tap only once. Pour this back into the container you got the stop from as its reuseable.
  11. Next pour in 320 ml of fixer into the funnel and then start the timer for five minutes this time, shake and tap every thirty to forty seconds. Once the five minutes up pour this back into the container you get it from as this is also reusable.
  12. You can now take the developing tank apart as its no longer sensitive to light.
  13. Now its time for the film to have a wash in the wash bath, to get all the chemicals off. Leave this in the bath for twenty minutes to get the best results.
  14. After the twenty minutes is up,place two fingers on either side of strip and then run your things down it, to get most of the water off.
  15. Then place your strip into a dryer and leave this for twenty minutes and then you will be done developing your film.


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