Presentation –

On Thursday 6th April 2017, I had to present a presentation that lasted 10 minutes long about my research and progress so far. I think my presentation went really well as I got some good feedback from my fellow students on how I could make my FMP better. As I did show everyone some of my test shoots that I took in Sheffield the week before. I know that some of my test shoots didn’t have the lines and symmetry that I was looking for but then again, the only reason I did these test shoots was to see and find out I if liked doing candid photography from a distance. And it turns out…I do!

FMP Presentation

Change of Plan –

At the time when doing my presentation I did have two definite ideas Plan A and Plan B (see blog post – Task One) but as doing some research I don’t think I’ll be able to get down to London (Plan B) in the next few weeks due to the cost of it as well as my family down south is having a few problems. However, I still have my original idea with the whole train station and the candid from a distance thing which I did have in the first place that I can come back too and expand on but I don’t know how.

Test Shots – Candid Up Close –

Before I went to Sheffield to do my first ever test shoot, I wanted to see if I had the confidence to do candid photography up close, meaning putting a camera in peoples faces and then taking their photograph and getting their reaction. So I went to Tesco in my lunch break with George and Niamh who were supporting me along the way, trying to get me some confidence but it turns out that I don’t like this at all as I got shouted at by one of the women that I captured, it scarred me so I haven’t been back to Tesco just incase I bump into her again. I would still like to do candid photography from a distance instead.

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Test Shots – Candid From a Distance –

So when I went to Sheffield a few weeks back with George and I decided to do some candid photography from a distance and I absolutely loved it as it got me a lot of confidence as I was going out of my comfort zone and pushing myself on things that I wouldn’t normally do. Some of the people that I got  were giving me dirty looks but some people didn’t even notice that I had taken a picture which was a positive due to past experiences with the lady in Tescos. Below you will find a slideshow of all the test shoots that I took. I do have a few favourites and I have already edited and uploaded them on to my Instagram. I did this as I didn’t know if they were any good, so I was hoping I could have gotten some feedback but I didn’t so thats not to worry, as this was before I showed my presentation to my fellow students and my tutor.

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Favourites – 


This is my first favourite photograph, the reson for this is that the woman is completely in focus making it look really realistic as the background isnt making a really strong depth of field creating the woman to look 3D.


This is my second favourite photograph and my favourite one out the whole of the photoshoot. This is because the man is directly in the middle making which makes the photograph very interesting to look at as it pulls you in. I also have few ideas on how to edit this photograph making it standout even more.

Future Photo Shoots – 

I do have a few photo shoots coming up in the next weeks, where i’ll be taking some test shots or even my final shots, as I can’t really use my production plan in my presentation as I’m not doing the underground theme anymore. I am planing to go to Sheffield (again), Lincoln, Nottingham, Leeds and York. I definitely know that I will be going to Leeds next week as George is wanting to go to and thats the only time we are both free.

New Production Plan –

I am wanting to make myself a new production plan that I can stick to as the one that I  previously made was specific to the underground theme. I can still use the same weeks as a guideline but instead where it says ill be in London ill actually be in different cities taking photographs of the streets/signs etc as well as candids from a distance.

Week One – This week would be to focus on my blog post and getting my overall idea together and completing task one with all my research. (This is the exactly the same as it was before as nothing has changed apart from they’re now some more photographers that I have found over my research period.)

Week Two – This week I went to the Sheffield train station as well as Sheffield city centre to get some test shots and to see if I actually liked doing candid photography from a distance, and it turns out that I do.

Week Three –  This next week I was hoping to go down to London for a weekend or a couple days to a photo shoot of the underground as well as keeping up to date with my blog. But turns out hat I can’t do this anymore so this week, I will now be focusing on other cities to take some more test shots as well as some final shots.

Week Four – If everything goes to plan I’m hoping by this week I will have edited and have some final photographs ready to present as well as blogging my progress. (This last week is still the same as well.