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Artist Statement

Becca White is an aspiring photographer, who currently studies Level 3 photography at Rotherham College.

Becca has been interested in photography since completing GCSE photography at secondary school. Her preferred genres of photography are candid and fashion photography, which is reflected throughout this project. Taking inspiration from the likes of photographers Aaron Yeoman and Daniel Ashton, Becca has managed to build upon her skillset creating images that showcase her individual style.

She is hoping to move onto Year 2 of Level 3 photography further improving her skills and increasing her opportunity as a photographic practitioner.


Task Four



At the start of this project I went to the library in college to see if there was anything in there that would give me an idea for my final project. I did have a small idea on doing street photography, as we did go to London for a few days before we actually started this project and I really enjoyed taking photographs of street signs and buildings etc. So I decided to take a book out that was called ‘Street Photography Now’ by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren. This book didn’t really help me at all as it just told you how street photography has changed over the years, don’t get me wrong it still was very interesting to read but it just didn’t help me with my project.

So I decided to go along with the first plan I had which was just to take normal photographs of streets in cities that are close to me like Sheffield, Lincoln, Leeds or Nottingham or maybe all of them. I did have another idea about going to London and take some photographs of the underground as i do have relatives that live down there meaning I would have somewhere to stay. But when looking in to it a bit more it wouldn’t have the time to go down to London as well as having a few family problems during this project, so I decided to stick to the first plan.

We then we had a lesson on how we could make our project wow, so then I decided to do some more research in the different types of street photography. We then watched a BBC Four short film about a candid photographer called Dougie Wallace, he is very different to other photographer, which is what makes him unique. Therefore I had to use him as an inspiration for my project. The other photographers that I looked into are Aaron Yeoman, Daniel Ashton and Roevin. I did my case study on the photographer Aaron Yeoman, this is because I found his work more interesting than the others, plus there was also more information on him making it easier for me.

The final idea that I am using for this project is ‘Candid photography but from a distance’, the reason why I wanted to do this is because I wanted to capture people just going about their everyday lives without them knowing. The only problem with this is that I took these photographs in local places so my subjects could walk into the exhibition and report or have a negative thing to say about my work, I hope this doesn’t happen. I was going to be doing it up close but I did  try it once with strangers and that didn’t go to plan (see blog post task two).

Production Plan-

I did make two production plans as the first one was originally made for when I was going to go down to London but that failed so I had to make another one that went along with the second idea that I had. In my opinion I didn’t go along with my production plan as I thought that I had most of my final photographs within the first test shoot I did. I can obviously learn from this in the future and make my production plan more realistic and adjustable to me but I did stick to the last two weeks where I had to edit, print and write the evaluation. I’m really glad that I stuck to the last bit of the production plan as I have everything done on time and ready for the deadline day on the 9th June 2017.

Test shoots and Final shoot –

My first test shoot I did was in Sheffield city centre, I did this because it is the closet city to college and me. Overall, I think this test shoot went really well because I did get a lot of images that turned out really well. The other test shoots didn’t go as well as this first one. I went to Leeds one friday afternoon to try and get some more photographs of strangers in there everyday life but I only managed to get one as there was hardly anyone around, this was my own fault as I should have gone in the rush hour time instead of midday. For my final shoot I decided to go back to Sheffield again and take some more photographs but this time instead of taking photographs of people I decided to take photos of street signs, as I thought it would look cool if I was to have a row of people then a row of street signs/streets then another row of people. The reason why I planned it like this was because I didn’t want my final images to just have nine images of people because I thought that would have looked boring but after having a mini photo shoot in sheffield with street signs I didn’t think that the two (candid and street signs) would match, so I ditch the whole street sign idea and decided to just go with 9 candid photographs instead but have an interesting pattern when I come to edit them. I did this because I thought it would give something extra to my project then just nine ordinary photographs. I tried my very best to make the photographs that I took look like the artists I had chosen for my research, I think I have done this but only with the photographer Daniel Ashton as I have remembered my depth of field as well as the rule of thirds as most of my images are either on the left or the right. However, when it came to editing I really wanted to make my work look my case study artist Aaron Yeoman so I used the same software as him as well as the same tools which include the Radial Filter and the spot healing brush.


So overall, I decided to go with a pattern that I thought it will work very well with one the pattern being five of my images being in colour and then the other four being in black and white, but because I was looking at Yeoman’s work I wanted my work to look similar to his edits especially the black and white ones. My favourite edit that I have done would have to be the old man at the bus stop with the moustache. The reason for this is because I really like how I had gotten rid of the distractions in the photograph as it would have made my audience look away from the man and focus more on the flaws. I also like how I made him stand out more by adding a slight vignette around him to make look like there is nobody else in the photograph, as this would them emphasise the fact that he is lonely making this image have a meaning behind it. The only problems that I had with the editing was that I was quite new to the software as I’m used to making manual edits when it comes to final pieces, but with this project I wanted to try something new and I’m very lucky that it has gone to plan. The editing process for most of my images was surprising quick, I was expecting to get a little help from my tutor here and there but I think I did really good job on my own. (See task three for screenshots and editing process)

Advertisement –

Part of my project is to make something that the public could interact with as well as advertise the exhibition, me and a few friends thought it would be a go idea to make a Instagram account up, but then we decided to make a joint one where the whole class could get involved because then we could get a bigger audience and then more people would see this Instagram. I decided to take charge of the account, I decided to have system where I would upload a picture everyday but change the student everyday. So I had my fellow students email me there work then I would upload there work (including mine) to the Instagram page using our own hashtag #MYFMP2017 as well as the hasgtags #rotherhamcollege and #rotherhamadvertiser. Then Amy and I decided to create a poster that we could post on our own photography blogs to get the information out that even more. We decided to do a poster on the computer instead of it being on paper, the reason for this being that with the online poster you can share it whereas you cant really share a paper poster about from tell people, we have no idea if it will work but its worth a try.

Printing and Mounting –

I had no idea how big I wanted my prints to be so I had a discussion with my tutor and he suggested I printed them A4 as this was an average size and would work with how much space I have in the gallery as well as how much I was wanting to spend on my work when it was being printed. Overall, it came to a total of 99p so it didn’t cost much money at all. The thing that cost a lot was the mounting as i dint realise that college was supplying the spray mount so I bought some of my own not knowing we already had some, so that was ten pound I could have saved. I must admit it did take me a few shops to find the perfect foam board. The first shop I went to was ‘The Works’, it was really cheap but I had hear really bad things from other people in the class so I didn’t bother. I then tried ‘Rymans’ and they had some foam boards in stock but for a really expensive price, so I decided to by it right there as this foam board has had no bad reviews and there was only two packs left and there was none in stock, altogether it had cost me £27.98 for the two packs of foam boards but hopefully it will be worth it. I did struggle with cutting the foam board down to the right shape as I had never done anything like that before, I did get some assistance from my tutor which was really nice of him, he a lot told me a few tricks which I can keep in mind for the next time, thats if I do use foam board.

Feedback – 

  • Are there any issues with the work? If so, what could I do better?

I didn’t get any negative feedback from anyone but my tutor made a statement about the size of my prints. He thought that I might have had a problem with the size as the heads of my subjects were really small, but because I have nine photographs the size of the prints is completely fine.

  • Do I have the right amount of images for this exhibition?

The brief does say it has to be a minimum of four photographs, and I have nine so I think I have got the right amount, if I was to have more space in the gallery then I would make my prints a little bit bigger than A4 as then it would be more visible for people who are stood far away to see my work.

  • Does the layout fit the theme?

I think my layout does fit the theme, as its not just nine photographs stuck in a random order its been set out to draw people in with it having a pattern in it. But then again my project doesn’t really have a theme so it wouldn’t really matter want order it went in, but I like how I have set it out so I’m planning to leave it like that.

Problems –

I didn’t have a major problem with this project as the main problem I had was right at the start when I couldn’t get down to London and do my first plan. I am glad that this problem happened at the start and not in the middle. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that I had done so much research about the underground that I didn’t even need to know as I wouldn’t even be going down there, so I have done twice as much research but its nothing to worry about I could always use it for future preferences.

Solutions – 

Because I had already wasted a week on researching the underground I tried not to waste anymore time and move on to researching candid photography almost straight away. This means that my research on candid is not as explained as the underground as I had to rush some research just to make sure I was up to date with my production plans as well as the deadline days.

Overall –

I am really happy on how this project turned out as i think I worked really hard on my photographs as well as my blog. I’m glad I chose the genre, candid even though it was stressful at sometimes I did really enjoyed it. I’m happy how my photographs look apart from one but thats something that I could learn for next time. The locations that I chose for this project worked really well as you can tell there all in the street meaning I have meet my genre ‘Street Photography’.

I think I have become more confident as a photographer as this wasn’t something I would have normally done, I’m proud that I have completed this project without any thing dramatic happening. What I mean by this is I didn’t let my anxiety get in the way of my work, because if I let it take of me then I probably would have backed out of this project as it would have gotten too much.

I feel like I have met the brief as my work does fit the criteria. The brief suggested to split your work into 4 different tasks and then a different blog for an artist statement, which is what I have done. I would like to think that my work is good enough because I have tried incredibly hard and gotten over something that could have stopped me from finishing this project. I also feel that I met my own criteria. I did follow my production plan more or less but every time I did somethings different but the plan stayed the same for the most part. I wrote down what had happened in the past week on each date in my production plan and I even got ahead of my plan in the end.

JeremyLindaJimmyMeredithPaulSharon and SteveBill & BenJudyimage1

Gallery –

My images that I have put up in gallery has turned out exactly how I wanted it to do, I have arranged the photos into a grid with three photographs going down and  three photographs going across. I am proud of the work that I have achieved as I have got the outcome that I at first desired when I was planning this project at the start. The general public will be able to view my work between the dates Tuesday 13th June 2017 to Monday 27th June 2017, I am hoping that the work I have produced is up to the high expectations of my fellow students as well as my tutors. I wanted to keep my exhibition really simple as I thought if I had frames it would make my work look really crowed as too much is happening, making my audience look a way from my work and focus more on the mounting and not my work. This is why I have decided to use foam boards instead.


Task Three

4th May 2017-

Test Shoots in Other Cities –

I am hoping to go to Leeds, York, Lincoln and Nottingham. This is because I am wanting to get as many as test shoots so I have many to choose from to use for my final project and my exhibition. The next city that I am hoping to go to is Leeds, this is because I think Leeds has a really good train station in my opinion anyway.

5th May 2017-

A Trip to Leeds – 

Today me and a friend who is also on the same course went to Leeds to try and get some test shoots as well as (maybe) some final photographs. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to go today as there is a huge train station that looked really good in my mind of what I wanted for my final project as well as get more experience of me doing ‘Candid Photography’. Below there is a slideshow of the photographs that I got today. I didn’t get any train station photographs as there was hardly anywhere there as I didn’t go in the rush hour times. I am hoping to go to Sheffield train station this week and take some photographs due to there is always someone waiting for a train there.

Overall, I think that it was no point of my going today as in my opinion I only got a few, maybe three that I could use for my final projects as the others were too blurry or the aperture wasn’t set correctly. In future I think I need to do some research on the place I’m going to as we went to “Trinity” as I thought they would be some great photo opportunities but because this shopping centre is made out of glass the sun was always shining through meaning I was fiddling with the aperture and ISO, which made me stressed as the people that I wanted to photographed had already walked by.

The whole point on why I wanted to go to Leeds was because of its huge train station as it would produce amazing final photographs but when we got there, nobody was even there, which made me very upset and disappointed.  I think this was because we went on a week day as well as it being 10:30am when we should have really gone at like 07:30am and 17:30am so it would have been rush hour meaning there would be more people and more photo opportunities, I can learn from this mistake in future preferences.

Test Shoots Leeds – 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the slideshow above, some of the photographs turns out blurry which annoyed me very much because at the moment I thought they were all in focused but it turned out they weren’t. I do have a few favourites that I will probably use as my final photographs but it all depends how they turn out when I come to edit them.


The reason why I don’t think this picture above turned out the way I wanted it to was due to the camera settings that was set on my camera. The aperture was set at f 4.0 which wasn’t the correct setting for this kind of photo due to the weather as it was very sunny that day. Also the ISO was set on the wrong setting due to it being 500 which made the photo look even brighter than it already was. I have no idea how this photograph turned out blurry as the shutter speed was on 1/500 which is perfect for a motorbike driving passed at 70mph meaning that the photograph would be a percent freeze frame when the motorbike whizzes passed. But I have spoken to my tutor who has suggested that I should hold my finger down halfway on the shutter then focus the square in the view-finder on the persons eye and follow them until I get the perfect image, meaning I can then press my finger all the way down and take the photograph. However, I do like how the man is positioned in the photograph just because its off centre, which is very different to the previous photo shoot in Sheffield as there all were pretty much bang on in the middle. I can learn from these mistakes in my next photo shoot.


The problem with this photograph was similar to the first one but the settings weren’t the problem it was myself. The reason for this would be that I wasn’t quicker enough to follow the older man around the shopping whilst making sure I wasn’t noticed as well as keeping it in focus, I did two things out the three but not the last one. I can learn from this by using the technique that my tutor suggesting with holding the shutter button down half way again.


This in my opinion is my worst photograph out of the whole photo-shoot. This is because the orange high visible jacket is really bright as the woman was in the sun, plus my ISO was on too high, I am not proud of this photograph. Although, it would have been a good photo if the woman was in focus and the jacket wasn’t so bright, as you can see where she is, also the background in this photograph looks really good. If the exposure was correct then I would probably have used this photograph in one of my final photographs altogether.

Favourites – 

For this photo shoot I did have a few favourites as some did turn out better than others.


This is my first favourite photo that I liked in the Leeds photo shoot. The things that i like about this photograph is that it captures the guy walking making the photograph look real and not staged. I also like how the photograph is in focus and really clear making every detail on the man stand out. I think this photograph will be a very easy edit due to me not seeing anything wrong with it. If I was to edit this photograph then


I think this would have to be my favourite photograph out of the whole entire photo shoot. The main reason why I like this photo in particular is that the shadow across his eyes which creates a lot of depth of field making every detail look really interesting to look whether thats from a distance or even up close.


This is my last favourite photograph out the whole entire photo shoot from Leeds because its similar to the pervious one but instead it doesn’t have a shadow across its face, its more focused on the facial features which would become useful when editing as then I have something to work with.

Re-Shoots –

I am hoping to go the Sheffield city centre again next week to get some more test shots as there were more interesting characters there then Leeds, I would like to go to Lincoln one day next week as well. I don’t really have a clear image of how I want to present my work, whether its street and Candid or just candid, as I know for sure that Lincoln has some nice back streets that would create excellent final photographs.

8th May 2017-

Presenting My Work – 

The way I am on about presenting my work was going to be in ordinary  white frames at the size of twelve inches by twelve inches but after I’ve done some research on different frames and sizes its going to be a lot of money. The first website that I looked on was the wilko website as I have been told that there are cheap frames from here, but when I looked the cheapest frame that I would have used was £6.50 for just one, making the total come to £78 as I would need twelve frames but this is without any printing of any photographs yet.

 Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 17.06.35

This is a huge problem as I wouldn’t be able to afford the frames as well as the photographs meaning I’m going to change how I will present my work. One of my tutors suggested to me that I should use foam board instead as it isn’t that expensive and you can get a lot of it in one go.

So I decided to look online to see how much foam board is, I tried Rymans as I knew they sell it but I don’t know how much for. It turns out they sell it for a really cheap price. They do all different sizes and it would make sense if I got the bigger size meaning I would have spares bits just in case something went wrong. I am planning to get the A1 size as its only £6.66 for one sheet which is a really good deal.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 15.08.30

I am hoping to do similar sizes to the frames above but this is depending on how much space I have in the exhibition.  I am wanting to show off most of my work, so what I was thinking is to have 3 rows of pictures but have a pattern within them, 5 photographs in colour and then 4 in black and white. I had a discussion with my tutor about what size I should print my final images for the exhibition.

12th May 2017-

I was originally going to plan all the final images being the popular sized photographs which are ‘6″x 4″‘. I printed one off just to see what it looked like, I held it up against the wall and the head on my subject wasn’t that big meaning you wouldn’t be able to see them very well from a distance. Therefore, I decided to change the size of the photographs to the size of an A4 piece of paper. As then this will be bigger and my subjects head will be bigger and will look more interesting from a distance and would want to draw anyone in to look at my work.

The printing of my final photographs came to a total cost of 99p, which I thought was a reasonable amount of money to say I had 9 sheets of thick photographic paper, with my photographs in the size of A4 but on an A3 sheet of paper. I really pleased with how my images have turned out and I can’t wait to present them to the public in the exhibition.

13th May 2017-

Today I went to the Rymans store and I bought myself two packs off A3 sheets of white foam board which had five sheets within them meaning I now have ten sheets of foam board, therefore I have plenty enough for my final project and one spare in case I go wrong. Altogether one pack cost £13.99 making the total come to £27.98 which was really pricey but hopefully its worth it. I couldn’t fine a cheaper place where they sell foam board so I just had to make do with the price. I also bought some spray mount (the blue can) meaning I would be able to glue my photographs down easier then glue sticks or even cellotape. This cost me another £9.99 but I’m willing to share it with anyone else who needs it.

My Final Photographs –


This is my first final photograph, it is also my favourite photograph out of the whole bunch. The reason for this is because I’m really impressed how good the edit came out. In this image there are a few distractions like the yellow paint mark to the right side of the photograph. There is also a zip tie in the top left corner which annoyed me when I came to edit all my test shots. I have also noticed that this photograph in particular is not straight at the bottom which annoyed me very much so I knew that this photograph would have to be photoshopped. The first thing that I did was open this RAW image into photoshop and cropped the image so the bottom would be level and not wonky like it was before.  Then I decided to use either the spot healing brush or the patch tool to get rid of what classes as a distraction to me (paint mark and zip tie). As this makes the man more instresting to look at as there isn’t anymore imperfections in the photograph. I then decided to change the contrast colour of the whole photograph so then the guy stands out even more, making the guy have a lot of detail on his jacket as well as his face. As well as messing around with the contarst colour I also added a ventena around the man to bring even more attention towards the centre of the photograph. I also like how he is almost looking directly at the camera making it look really realistic. The location for this photograph is in the middle of Sheffield city centre at a random bus stop.


This is my second favourite photograph but unfortunately I’m not using it for my exhibtion. With this photogarph I did edit it in black and white to start off with but then I realised that you can see her reflection in the window which gave me an really good idea on an edit. I cropped the picture down so the homeless woman was the main focus and not the street, I tried to focus the attention in on the reflection of her face on the facade of the building, which adds a nostalgic feel to the image showing that perhaps that there is another side to this woman history and people don’t see the bigger picture. I was going to use this image for my exhibtion but it doesnt really fit in with the theme so sadly I’m  going to leave it and not use it. The location for this photograph is in the middle of Sheffield city centre. I do really like itand will be using it for my portfolio but not this one unfortunately.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 18.45.46.png


The location for this photo was in Rotherham town centre, it was a struggle to get the photograph as both of the men were looking in my direction but they both looked away at the same time meaning I had the perfect opportunity to get a photograph, which I have done as you can see above. For this photograph I wanted to edit it in the style of Aaron Yeoman as he uses the Radial Filter as well. I wanted the man on the left to be the main foucs of the photograh so i decied to use Radial Filter, to create an ovular diffused effect to further expose him.  I did this to engage the viewer with the primary subject and draw the attention away from the man with the hat on. In my opinion it doesnt look like Yeoman’s work but it was worth a try and could always try on some other photographs. I do like how it turned out as there is so much to look at in the photograph which makes it different and not boring.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 18.46.17


This photograph was a struggle to edit as I didnt know what to do, so I asked my tutor to help me and he suggested to add a vignette to draw more attention to the two people talking. This photograph I wasnt going t use in my exhibtion as it was only designed to demonstrate that you can create a vignetted look through lowering the exposure of a particular area of the image, which may not add any value or interest to the image. But it turned out so much better than expectd. This photograph was taken in the Sheffield city centre near the water fountains. I do and don’t like this photograph, I do because they both look happy and not gloomy like the other photographs but then again it does look staged meaning I’ve made them sit there and look like they’re talking and are interested in one another but I haven’t but someone may think that.


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 18.52.50.png


This is the only photograph that I will be using from Leeds, there were a few others that were okay but I perfered this one because fitted into the pattern better than the other two as this one is in the street and not on the train. I think I have done a really good job at editng as it almost looks like Daniel Ashton’s work. The black and white in the  image really draws the eye into the centre of the frame, with a desire to emphasize his facial expressions and features. The use of black and white can also provide the image with dead space, again drawing the viewers eye and isolating the subject. The way I did this was use the sharpen tool around his facial features especially near the eye to draw the most attention there, I then added a vignette around him as in the orignal photograph there was a lot of negative space that didnt need to be there so I made it darker so more attention is on the subject.


This is another favourite out of my final photographs, I really like how the background is blurry but the subject is in focus. This means I got my depth of field right which makes me really happy. The only thing that I dislike about the photograph is that the woman is bang on in the middle and I dont like that, if she was closer to the left or the right it would probably be my favourite one. The reason why I dont think it works with her being in the middle is taht she isnt directly looking at the camera whereas the man in my first photograh was. I edited this only slighty as it didn’t need much editing doing in my eyes, I changed the brightness up a bit as I wanted her to have a bit more colour meaning I had to to dim the background. This was the tricky part as I’ve never done anything like it before, I watched a few videos on youtube and they helped me almost staright away which was good. The location for this was near the train sation in Sheffield city centre.



This is my least favourite out of the nine that I have chosen to write about. The reason why I dont like it is because it doesn’t fit in with the other photographs as this one was too bright, as the orginal image was over exposed, as I was on the wrong aperture at the time as well as having the ISO on too high. I did try to edit it differently to give my editng skills a whirl but it didnt go far as the only thing that I really could do was put a vignette around him to try and bring the brightness down a bit. If I had taken my time getting the camera ready, having the right settings set then I would really like this photograph but right now I don’t. The location for this photograph was in Sheffield train station, this was a really good place for getting some candid shots as everyone is too busy to pay attention to anything, so you could get away with taking anyones photo.



This is another image from Sheffield train station, I prefer this one a lot more than the one above as I did have longer to get the correct settings befoe she walked past me. I enjoyed editng this one as I tried something new which was changing the shadows and highlights within the picture. I had to get my tutor to show me how to do it first which was a really easy thing to do, I made a slight s shape with the shadows and highlights, and it made the image above. I really like how she is smiling as well as it gets people wondering what could she be thinking/smiling about.



This is my last photograph that i am going to be talking about. It was taken on the bridge just above platforms one and two at Meadowhall Interchange train station through a window. I like how this photograph turned out as its quite simple but interesting. Its interesting beause other people can create little stories about her like why is she touching her nose? What is she thinking about etc. Because the image was taken through a window and I didnt think I would end up using it but I am going to because you can barely tell there is a glass in front of her apart from the bottom two corners. When I came to edit this photograph I didn’t want to do anything dramatic as I like how it looked in the first place so I decied just to turn it in to balck and white and then go from there.

Overall, I am very pleased on how my images have turned out and I hope everyone that sees my work in the exhibtion apperiate it too. I was planning to leave a book on a table in frot of my work for the public to leave comments or ask questions because I didn’t think I would have been able to make it the day of the exhibiton but I can so I can be there in person to get the feedback from tthe public and asnwer any questions anyone has got for me.

Task Two

Presentation –

On Thursday 6th April 2017, I had to present a presentation that lasted 10 minutes long about my research and progress so far. I think my presentation went really well as I got some good feedback from my fellow students on how I could make my FMP better. As I did show everyone some of my test shoots that I took in Sheffield the week before. I know that some of my test shoots didn’t have the lines and symmetry that I was looking for but then again, the only reason I did these test shoots was to see and find out I if liked doing candid photography from a distance. And it turns out…I do!

FMP Presentation

Change of Plan –

At the time when doing my presentation I did have two definite ideas Plan A and Plan B (see blog post – Task One) but as doing some research I don’t think I’ll be able to get down to London (Plan B) in the next few weeks due to the cost of it as well as my family down south is having a few problems. However, I still have my original idea with the whole train station and the candid from a distance thing which I did have in the first place that I can come back too and expand on but I don’t know how.

Test Shots – Candid Up Close –

Before I went to Sheffield to do my first ever test shoot, I wanted to see if I had the confidence to do candid photography up close, meaning putting a camera in peoples faces and then taking their photograph and getting their reaction. So I went to Tesco in my lunch break with George and Niamh who were supporting me along the way, trying to get me some confidence but it turns out that I don’t like this at all as I got shouted at by one of the women that I captured, it scarred me so I haven’t been back to Tesco just incase I bump into her again. I would still like to do candid photography from a distance instead.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Test Shots – Candid From a Distance –

So when I went to Sheffield a few weeks back with George and I decided to do some candid photography from a distance and I absolutely loved it as it got me a lot of confidence as I was going out of my comfort zone and pushing myself on things that I wouldn’t normally do. Some of the people that I got  were giving me dirty looks but some people didn’t even notice that I had taken a picture which was a positive due to past experiences with the lady in Tescos. Below you will find a slideshow of all the test shoots that I took. I do have a few favourites and I have already edited and uploaded them on to my Instagram. I did this as I didn’t know if they were any good, so I was hoping I could have gotten some feedback but I didn’t so thats not to worry, as this was before I showed my presentation to my fellow students and my tutor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Favourites – 


This is my first favourite photograph, the reson for this is that the woman is completely in focus making it look really realistic as the background isnt making a really strong depth of field creating the woman to look 3D.


This is my second favourite photograph and my favourite one out the whole of the photoshoot. This is because the man is directly in the middle making which makes the photograph very interesting to look at as it pulls you in. I also have few ideas on how to edit this photograph making it standout even more.

Future Photo Shoots – 

I do have a few photo shoots coming up in the next weeks, where i’ll be taking some test shots or even my final shots, as I can’t really use my production plan in my presentation as I’m not doing the underground theme anymore. I am planing to go to Sheffield (again), Lincoln, Nottingham, Leeds and York. I definitely know that I will be going to Leeds next week as George is wanting to go to and thats the only time we are both free.

New Production Plan –

I am wanting to make myself a new production plan that I can stick to as the one that I  previously made was specific to the underground theme. I can still use the same weeks as a guideline but instead where it says ill be in London ill actually be in different cities taking photographs of the streets/signs etc as well as candids from a distance.

Week One – This week would be to focus on my blog post and getting my overall idea together and completing task one with all my research. (This is the exactly the same as it was before as nothing has changed apart from they’re now some more photographers that I have found over my research period.)

Week Two – This week I went to the Sheffield train station as well as Sheffield city centre to get some test shots and to see if I actually liked doing candid photography from a distance, and it turns out that I do.

Week Three –  This next week I was hoping to go down to London for a weekend or a couple days to a photo shoot of the underground as well as keeping up to date with my blog. But turns out hat I can’t do this anymore so this week, I will now be focusing on other cities to take some more test shots as well as some final shots.

Week Four – If everything goes to plan I’m hoping by this week I will have edited and have some final photographs ready to present as well as blogging my progress. (This last week is still the same as well.



Task One

Idea Generation –

For my first idea on my final major project I wanted to do something with the genre ‘Street Photography’ as the previous week before I started this project I went on a college down to London for a few days. Whilst we were there, one of my tutors was randomly taking photographs of buildings, street signs and when we weren’t looking us. Another idea that I  had was to photograph the underground in London, the reason for this is because when I was on the trip we spent a lot of time in the underground and I really enjoyed watching our tutor take different photographs of strangers or even the underground signs.

Plan A –  For my first idea that I had and could lead to my FMP was just to take normal photographs, when I mean normal I basically mean ‘candid’ of streets in cities that are close to me like Sheffield, Lincoln, Leeds or Nottingham or maybe all of them.

Plan B – For the second idea that I had was to take photographs of the underground, where people are getting on and off the train just doing regular things in day to day life. As I would like to present my take on street photography and how I see the underground through my eyes.

In the end, I have decided to go with the idea of the underground theme, but because I don’t live locally or near London, this would obviously be a problem and I would find it difficult to get down but I do have family that lives down there, but the only problem is I only know them through long distance cousins so it may not work if I try to get in touch with them. I did have in mind of people getting off and on the train and the different street signs that are on the wall on the Therefore, instead of doing just ‘Underground Photography’ I have changed my  it to ‘Trains/Train Station Photography’ instead as I could then go to a train station which would be local to me like ‘Sheffield’.

As well as Sheffield, I was planning to visit to London (hopefully), Leeds and Retford. I believe these train stations will lead me to get a good range of photographs that will be suitable for me to present my work in the exhibition. However, I will have to plan my trips to these places in advance as the weather could or could not be on my side, so it wouldn’t make my final photographs look as good as I would liked them too.

The main idea/inspiration that I had for this idea was from my youtube friend ‘Molly Thompson’ otherwise known as ‘Beauty Spectrum’ on youtube, she did this topic as just as a hobby on the weekend when she goes down to London for meetings. The ones that she had uploaded on twitter was the whole reason why I wanted me to try this ‘Underground Photography’.Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 20.44.50.png

Idea Generation Lesson-

On Monday 20th March 2017, we had a lesson which was to help us expand our ideas for our final project as there weren’t as ‘wow’ as our tutor wanted them to be as well as for us to pass this last project. This gave us a chance to change our minds, or make our original ideas even more creative and see/help our fellow students in our class. We also watched a video on 40 different creative photographs, and I must say I m very inspired by this video in deed.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 20.25.12.png

Therefore, I have to something with my different photo shoots as I didn’t think my idea that I have right now is not creative enough. I really like this video as it had many different creative ideas that I could use and make them my own. I really like the first few photographs in the beginning of the video, as these tell a story within the photograph, which is what I’m hoping to do within my own project. As well as trying to tell a story with my photographs in the many photo shoots that I do, but I would also like to focus on the abstract style of photography meaning focusing on the leading lines and how clean/sharp the photographs turn out.


To start my research off I wanted to put a mood board together so I could get most of the photographs that I like side by side and see which photographer I liked best, as then I will then be doing a case study on this photographer to get more information about the photographer about himself/herself as well as the topic I am wanting to do in this final project.

Within my mood boards I have included all the photographs that appeal to me as a teenager, which makes me want to take photographs like the photographers have done in the pictures down below. But it also gives me a chance to fins an inspiration in my own work and make my work even better.  Some of them have been edited to be black and white which gives the overlook of the photograph edgy and I like that so I have a clear idea on how to edit my photographs, thats if I want to change the whole point/reason of the photograph.

Mood Boards –

The photographs above are by Daniel Ashton.

The photographs above are by Dougie Wallace.

These photographs above are by Aaron Yeoman a photographer that I will be doing my case study on as to me he seems the most interesting.

Whilst researching photographers that have done ‘underground photography’, I have found three different photographers that have inspired me to pursue in this type of photography. The photographers are Daniel Ashton, Roevin, Aaron Yeoman and Dougie Wallace. The reason why I have chosen these photographers in particular is because I like how Rovein and Yeoman have very clean lines and how they make their photographs very symmetrical or portray and get the point across of the photographs as there is a reason behind every photograph a photographer takes.  This makes me want to use lines in my own work as the lines could mean many different things depending what else is in the photograph which is what I like about this genre. Ashton otherwise doesn’t necessary use lines and symmetry in his photographs, I’m guessing he likes to take photographs just to capture the moment and give a reason behind the photograph, which is why I like his photographs as it gives a realistic vibe to the photograph as its not staged like most photographs are nowadays.

Artists Links – 

Daniel Ashton-

The images below are from Ashton’s Facebook page. He is one of my tutors and one of my inspiration to get involved with this type of photography. As you can see the photographs are in black and white, which is what I really like as its different and unusual for something like this. This is because most photographers shoot underground photographer shoot in colour as they like to catch the bright colours like the reds and blues that are very common in the underground.

His work is very interesting to look at as it doesn’t have a specific style apart from the images below, some of them do have a bit of a repetition with lines leading up to something else within the photograph. I think his work is very similar to some other photographers that I have looked at, which I’m guessing is a good thing as I like they way he has com across the genre of photography. The images in my mood board have a really good depth in field as there is always a main focus and theme throughout every picture, a very similar sort of style to my photography skills. The images with people in it would have to be my favourites as it adds character and makes the photograph seem more realistic and stand out to any other image as it has been set up by the photographer himself.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 11.30.05.png


I don’t know if this ‘Roevin’ photographer is a actual underground photographer but I found some of his work (which is shown below). His work is very symmetrical which makes me want to create this as I think these types of images make the best type of photograph. I couldn’t find any information on this photographer, because every time I type ‘Roevin Photographer’ an engineer company keeps popping up.

The images that I have insert below are my favourite as they’re very basic but still are very interesting to look at, which makes his/her work stand out to any of the other photographers that I have picked for my FMP artist links.

 Dougie Wallace-

Dougie Wallace is a photographer that is very well known for doing candid photography. Candid photography is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. He is well known in East London but he grew up in Glasgow. He lived in Blackpool for a couple years in the 1980s, before he lived in Blackpool he took a few trips to take photographs on Fridays and Saturdays nights of stag dos and hen dos.

I did watch a few videos on youtube on how he shoots his photographs, the way that he does is it is in a very rude but clever way. The way how he takes his photograph clever is that if there was a load of people about to cross a busy road, he would be on the opposite waiting for everyone to cross at the same time whilst choosing his victim, and when they’re crossing he put the camera in the victims face and take the photograph. I think this is a very rude thing to do as well as your not asking the persons for permission for taking the photograph. Overall, I really like how his photographs turn out as they just scream fun and unexpected in your face in all of his work. I’ll probably be doing some test shots with a few people in class and many a few strangers if I get the guts to actually do it.

The reasons why I have chosen him as an artist link is because of how good the photographs turn out just because they are candid and haven’t been set up like most photographers nowadays do. I would like to recreate something like this but I don’t think I would have the confidence to take photographs of strangers just doing regular things on a street etc. If I was to do something like this, I think I would have to use my phone to make it less obvious then a canon camera in a strangers face.

Case Study –

The purpose for me doing this case study is to find some information about my chosen photographer, Aaron Yeoman, the reason for this is to try and figure out what cameras/lenses they use. Yeoman, doesn’t really focus on underground in particular but he did a massive thing on this topic not long ago, this is why I am so interested in doing this for my final project. What I’ve seen so far from Yeoman’s work is that its shot in a very unusual way with bright colours and different angles like the photographs below. Throughout this case study I wold be comparing his work to mine to see if we have anything in common or if not, they maybe something that I can take from him and put him into my work.

Aaron Yeoman is a photographer and only found a love for photography when he started back in 2009 when he took a trip to New York, the only disadvantage to this was that the photographs that he took of the New York landmarks didn’t turn out as well so he bought his first ever DSLR and then it just went from there. Yeoman is based up in North Yorkshire, England, and he likes taking photographs of things that are in the urban environment.

What I have found out whilst doing my research on Yeoman’s work is that he likes to shot most of his photographs with different angles to give the picture a different perspective, this is giving the photographs dentition and making it look unusual to other street photographers. It also stands out to viewers as the bright, cheerful colours to make it clear on what the picture actually is.

I really like how Yeoman uses the bright colours on the wall to give effect and definition in most of his photographs. The image with orange walls has a very good depth of field as it looks like the photograph is three dimensional as it actually looks like the picture goes around the corner. This is something that I would like to recreate as this type of photograph very much appeals to be as a beginner photographer. The only problem with this is it may be a very busy time that I go, meaning the would be people running for trains and they could get in the ay of my shot or I could get in their way.

Most of his photographs are dark and full of shadows which creates tension, it also has a message behind the photograph as every image is named for example one of his photographs is called “I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late!”, this is the image in the images above on the right (with the green walls). I like how he has called this image that, just because the person is blurry, suggesting the person id running as he/she is late.

Overall, I would like to recreate something his work as I love the way he uses lines and colours in his work. I want people to look at my work and know who and where I got my inspiartion from.

Production Plan –

Week One – For the first I will be gathering up all my reseach and gathering all my resources as well as getting my genreal idea together.

Week Two – For the second week I am aiming to get at least two test shoots done, and maybe planning more test shoots and my final shoot as well as keeping up to date with my blog.

Week Three – This next week I am hoping to go down to London for a weekend or a couple days to a photo shoot of the underground as well as keeping up to date with my blog.

Week Four – If everything goes to plan I’m hoping by this week I will have edited and have some final photographs ready to present as well as blogging my progress.

How will I present my work? 

My final photographs will be presented at the Riverside House in Rotherham on Friday the 9th June 2017, 6pm – 9pm. River House is a public library meaning anyone can see my work, we can also invite family and friends to the exhibition. The mayor will also be there meaning the way I present my work will need to appeal to everyone.

At first I was thinking just to print off my prints A3 and sticking them into a plain white frame like a normally exhibition but I thought it would be a bit boring like the image below that I have just found on google images.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.35.25.png

I did have a very interesting idea but it would take a lot of time and patience to create. This idea is to make the shape of the underground sign with my final pictures like a magic eye but with images instead. This would be very difficult just because of the colours as there is hardly any red in the underground apart from the odd sign now and then. If I was to go a head with this idea I think I’d have to change the colour to black and white  so the darker shades would make up for the red and blues.

I think I would recreate something like this apart from don’t use text to create the overall image. I would obvious change the text to my final images in the shape of the underground logo. The reason why I would like to do this is because it would be very interesting to look at close up as well as far away. Close up because theres so many little images that will be different to each other and far way because it would make another picture the is also linked to my whole genre of photography I have chosen to do for my FMP.

Audience –

I don’t think my project would have an age group as it could be for anyone to look at, but if I was to pick an audience I would say that it would mainly for eighteens and over just because its very for adults as in my opinion the underground is very grown up. But if I was to go along with the candid photography idea I think I’d go with a younger audience as well as adults. My reason for this is because this genre pf photography can appeal to everyone as it would be interesting to know why I did it as well as the outcome of the photographs themselves.

 Advisement – 

For our exhibition on the 9th of June we have to bring some or invite people we do or not know. At first I didn’t know how to get this message across to the general public but me and a few students have come up with idea to set up our very own Facebook page advertising this event. This will be the most efficient way as we wont be working on our own advertisement which will take time off our shooting and editing work as we would be working as a team meaning we would take it in turns to make posts about the exhibition etc.

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