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Editing and Improvements

In this blog post I will be talking about how my photographs have improved throughout my photoshoots from my first test shoot all the way to my final photoshoot, also I will be talking about how I have edited some of my photographs and the process of it which will include some screenshots.

The first edit I did was of Rona, I really liked the overall photograph but I felt like it could have a couple of changes but only slight ones.

The first thing that I did was open the RAW image into photoshop, the next thing that I did I was I changed the temperature to 2500 to 6350, I did this because I wanted my images to have a warm colour to them instead of a cold one. I didn’t change the tint at all as I really liked how it turned out when just changing just the temperature. The main reason why I edited them to a warm colour was because I really wanted to edit my photographs in the same way as one of my chosen photographs Sam Dameshek.

I did try to edit most of my final images the same way, with a warm colour. I think this works really well with the photograph above as the leaves on the trees and the floor stand out as well as the model making the whole photograph work together.  I did have to change the tint slightly on this image as it was a bit to yellow when I just changed the temperture but when I finished messing around with the colours, it turned out exactly how it wanted it to. In my opinion I do think this is my favourite edited photograph out of all of my images and photoshoots. However, the critque lesson we had with our tutor has completely changed mind as I now don’t think this photograph doesn’t fit my overall theme of urban fashion photography.

This edit I did try and make it a bit different to the other ones as I didn’t want there to be just ten images all edited them same way. With the image above I did change the temperature like the other edits but not as much as all the others are like in the six thousands whereas I only changed it to 5600 which isn’t as much. As well as changing the temperature I also changed the tint to positive eighteen, I did this as I thought it look a lot better with a slight pink gradient then it did yellow. I didn’t touch any of the highlights or shadows as I thought it looked great already. This image did have hole in the wall in the bottom right corner, it was very annoying to look at as well as being a distraction making you look away from the clothes on the model. I cropped this out of the photograph by using the crop tool to make the hole disappear, but this made me change the size of the photograph altogther as I wanted to go with the rule of three making the model’s face on the 33% lanscape and portrait invisable line.

With the image above I wanted to experiment with this photograph as I feel like this was my favourite one compared to the whole photoshoot with this model, I decided this before I had actually finished the whole shoot with her. The way I had edited this image differently to the others was I decided to make this photo really yellow to make it like it was taken somewhere really warm instead of England where its freezing cold. I did this by highering the temperature from 5 thousand all the way to 10750, I do like the outcome of the photograph eventhough when I did print it out on paper to show my classmates it did look a bit orange, I don’t know if this was the printer or the way I edited it, but still I really do like the yellow tinge looked.

For one of my edits my with models I wanted to do something completely different altogether instead of just changing the temperature like the other edits. When I opened the RAW image into photoshop I didn’t have any idea at all what I was going to do differently to this photo.

I then came up with the idea of having the model in focus and everything around her blurry,  I didn’t have any idea on how to do this butmy tutor showed me a really easy way on how to do it. The first thing that I was edited the photograph like a normal image just by changing the colour of it, I needed to make a new layer so if anything did go wrong I would still have my original photograph. To make the photograph blury, I needed to go into the ‘Filter’ at the top and be in the ‘blur gallery’ of photoshoot. This would then give you an option of which blur you would want to use, Dan, my tutor suggested the better option would be the field blur. I didn’t make the background to blurry as I didn’t want the photographer to blurry so you couldn’t see what the background of the photograph was. To make the model back in focus I needed to use the paintbrush to with a black to white ratio and a high flow, this would get rid of the blur over the model’s face and everything she was near. I then needed to use a white to black ratio, which put blur back into the photograph to make it not as obvious as it look beforehand. Overall, I do like how it turned out and I’m very pleases that I could learn a new skill, I will definitley be using this in the future when I edit some more images.

Improvements –

I decided to talk a bit about how I have learnt some new skills from building up my portfolio in this project, as you can see below there are two images, the one on the left is from my first photoshoot whereas the one on the right is of my latest photoshoots.

I’m very pleased with my overall progress of my photoshoots as I have gained many new techniques that I defintitely will expand in the future.

I am really happy about leanring the new skills throughout this project like the different camera angles as well as the editing process, it has definitely been all the hassle I have had with loosing a model due to her timetable not being apickable all the way to the weather not being on my side etc.



Task Five


I did have an idea in my mind on what I wanted to do when we got given our project brief, this is when I found out that we had to make a professional portfolio on something that we would want to continue it in the future. When we got assigned the brief I was really into the quirky styles of fashion nowadays as well as street photography, I’m still am, so I thought why not stick the two together and do fashion and street photography in one.

Research- The first thing that I did was research the history of fashion photography and I found out all sorts of things like when it first started, how it started and who was the first photographer that took fashion photographs in particular. I did found out a lot of information when I typed ‘history of fashion photography’ into google and I was amazed to see that it did start back until the early 1900s which I was not expecting. A lot has changed since fashion photography first started, for example the fashion itself has changed as well as how we present fashion these days, what I mean by this is that magazines nowadays have the technology to make models and the fashion flawless with no mistakes at all.

Besides the whole history of fashion, I did do some research on other photographers that are quite popular in today’s fashion. Most of the photographers that I looked at are photographers based in America and do a lot of client related work, something that I would love to do in my future career.

Bryant Eslava is a great example of a fashion/lifestyle photographer that I have used as one of my inspirations in my work as I really do think his work is amazing. Within my final photographs I have tried to edit my photographs is the same way as him to make my work look similar to his own work as he is very successful in what he does and has even made a career out of it. He started doing photography when he was only sixteen years old and now hes twenty-five and still doing what he loves. Something that you can admire when looking through his Instagram profile, its pretty damn amazing.

Another photographer that I used as one of my inspirations was Sam Dameshek, he was the photographer that I was most interested work wise. The reason why I like him so much is not because of his work even though its very similar to Eslava, but I like how he works with a lot of fashion brands meaning a lot of his work is collaborative with fashion brands such as Bandi Melville etc. This is something that I would like to continue once finished college, maybe even go to university and study more on fashion photography.

I did look into three more photographers but they didn’t really stand out to me as much as Eslava and Dameshek as they didn’t really specify in fashion or street photography.

Production Plan- The first thing I did when trying to figure out how I was going to plan out this project was I made notes of all the different places I could go to for a photo shoot. Once I did this I then decided to make a real production plan with all the dates/weeks. In the end I came up with this:

(7th Sept – 9th Oct) – Research (case studies) and find models and different locations

916th Oct) – Presentation to show my classmates and tutors my research and work so far

(16th – 23rd Oct) – Test shoots and keep up to date with blog

(24th Oct- 1st Dec) -Photo shoot in my chosen locations with my models whilst blogging my process

(4th Dec) – Presentation to show my final photographs to my classmates

(4th – 15th Dec) – Evaluation and refinement

I did spend a lot of time on this production plan but when it came to the dates and the right week, I did not stick to it at all. The reason for this is that the models I had picked were either sick on the day of the photo shoot or couldn’t make it due to college or work. It was a bit of a pain but I definitely made up for it as I did have to use a backup model who could make any photo shoots without any problems getting there, this did save me a lot of time and made me schedule either though I wasn’t sticking to the plan.

Audience- After I made my plan, I thought about who was my audience was going to be, after doing some research on who is most interested in fashion nowadays, I found out it was teenagers and young adults.

After thinking about how I was going to present my work to my class and these teenagers and young adults, I thought about why not having a message behind my photographs. This is when I came across with the message “no matter what you wear you still look beautiful” as this then could go along with my theme of my quirky styles of fashion. I did contact a few magazines if they would be interested to put a couple of my final images into their magazines but unfortunately none of them had got back to me. So what I was thinking is putting a few of my images on my Instagram page with the message and a few hashtags see if this would work.

Test Shoots – I’m really happy with how my test shoots turned out as if I didn’t do this I don’t think my final photographs would have turned out like what they’re now. I did rely on these test shoots to get a bit of practise in before I started to photo shoot with my real models, the reason why I did this was to gain a lot of confidence in telling people what to do as well as knowing how to change the camera settings for the right environment etc. I know I said I wasn’t going to do any photo shoots in the studio, but I did want to have a go at it and see what it actually was like, as I’ve never been the photographer in the studio I’ve always been the model.

Overall, I did really enjoy the studio and I’m really pleased on how all my test shots turned out. I’m not going to use any for my final images but I definitely will putting them in my portfolio.

There was one test shoot that went okay, this was the test shoot with Amy when she was outside, I wasn’t really bothered on how Amy looked in this photo shoot as I was only focusing on the angles and positions on the camera. But I’m very happy that I did this photo shoot as then I was ready to do a photo shoot with my real models, as this now means I would now know what to say to them when trying to position them as well as getting the correct camera angles with making many mistakes. However, my other test shoots didn’t turn out as well due to the weather and it getting dark really early but I could work with some of them in Photoshop. I haven’t used any of my test shoots in any of my final images as I thought my real photo shoot photographs were good enough.

Final Shoots- In total I had three final shoots, one with Rona, one with Amy and the last one was with my older sister Abigail. I thought my final photo shoots went a lot better then my test shoots, I think this was down to me doing tests shoots beforehand as I had practised my angles as well as telling the model to do making me gain more confidence on every photo shoot.

Overall, I am really happy how all of my photo shoots turned out as I didn’t have to re shoot any, I was wanting to have a photo shoot in Lincoln but unfortunately none of my models could make it,  and I didn’t have enough time to find another model who was able to make it but this wasn’t a big deal at all. My favourite photo shoot out of all three would have to be the one with Rona. The reason for this is because most of my final images are of Rona, I feel like this was the only photo shoot that went to plan properly as the other two photo shoots were not last minute but they were quite rushed.

Feedback- On the 29th of November 2017 our tutor had planned a critique lesson, this is where we showed some of our final images to our classmates. I had mixed opinions when I got handed back some feedback but overall most of it was positive. Because I want to end on a high note I will start with the bad things and end with the good things.

One of the negative things my fellow classmates said was not all of my photographs fitted into my genre of urban fashion photography. At first I didn’t agree with them as I liked all of them but looking back at all my work I do see this now and I would put some of my final images into a different genre like ‘woodland photography’. The images that I am talking about is the two images of Rona that I took when she was in the woods. I am still going to use one of them for my final images but I am going to edit it differently in Photoshop so it doesn’t look like the woods as much as it did previously. Another thing that a classmate pointed out was that one of the photographs is a bit distracting due to one of the model’s elbow is cut off in the photograph, I didn’t see this whilst taking the photograph or even editing it but now when it was printed out on an A4 sheet of paper it was pretty obvious. Therefore, I am now going to edit this photograph again and try and make her elbow come back into frame.

A first positive thing that my classmates said about my work was that every photograph was very different to one another which made my work so far unique. Everyone also enjoyed my way on how I edited my photographs with the  warm colour effect which was something that I wasn’t expecting. I’m very pleased on how everyone reacted to my work as I’m going to use every bit of feedback to help all of my final images look they’re very best.

  • Do I have the right amount of images for the presentation(deadline date)?

Overall, I do have ten final images, and the brief does say a minimum of ten images so I do have the correct amount of images to show to everyone. However, I do have a couple of spares just in case I change my mind at last minute and don’t think any of my photographs would work, but apart from that I have the right amount for the deadline date.

  • Do my final images fit my theme?

In my opinion I do think my final images do fit my theme of quirky (urban) fashion photography but I do feel like I could have done a couple more photo shoots that were similar to my other photo shoots with a few more models that were different to the models I already had, just to make my portfolio have more of a variety than just three models, posing in different ways.

  • Are there any issues with the work? If so, what could I do better?

Problem 1- The main problem that I had with this overall project was with one of my models not making a photo shoot we had planned. Lily and I were meant to have a photo shoot on Wednesday the 22nd of November 2017, but unfortunately Lily couldn’t make it due to her doing some overtime at work.

Solution 1- To get over this problem I had one of my backup models step in for the photo shoot. Amy was very up for this photo shoot as she understood the reason why Lily couldn’t make it and she also wanted to help me out which I’m very grateful for.

Problem 2- Another problem that I had was the weather. This happened on the same shoot where Amy had to cover, the weather was not on my side at all this day. The wind was blowing in all different directions making it hard for me to get a good angle without any hair being blown in my model’s face etc, it also began to rain when we was just about to start and I didn’t have a cover to protect my camera from the wetness so we tried finding spots to take photographs that had cover as well as fit it with my theme. This made things very difficult.

Solution 2- There wasn’t really a solution to this problem as we were kind of in the moment and had to come up with solutions on the spot, but if I was to do an outside shoot again, I should really have checked the weather forecast before I went outside and did the shoot. But I now know that I would have to check before the actual shoot comes around as this would then give me time to plan where we could go and take photographs that would be suitable to the weather on that specific day.

Presentation- Monday 4th December was the initial deadline date we had to have at least ten final images photographed and edited ready to show on a presentation to the rest of the class. Everyone who gave me feedback was very happy with my final images, they did agree with me that one of the images stands out more than the others (yellow coat) but I obviously won’t be posting them on my social media like I did in my presentation.

I did get asked a few questions by my classmates, for example one of the questions was ‘How am I going to show my final images to my Audience?”  I replied with that my initial idea for my audience was going to be a local magazine from Sheffield, but this didn’t work out as they didnt get back in touch with me. I am still going to ask other local magazines if anyone is interested in my images etc. But for now I am going to be posting them on to my Facebook page and Instagram with the hashtags #fashionphotography.


Learning Outcomes –

In my brief that I was given by my tutor is had said that I had to “Critically reflect on learning to inform personal development.” I thought I would use the reflective cycle to explain in more detail of  what actually happened. The first thing that I actually did in the whole project was decide on what my actual portfolio was going to be about which after about twenty minutes after having a quick research on different types of photography that are out, I finally decided on “Fashion Photography”. This is when I started to research about fashion photography in more depth and get more to grip of the things you can do with it, I also researched quite a few photographers to see what they had to offer as well as help me get a better understanding on how to position the models as well as edit the final photographs. This research session helped me a lot as I did find a few photographers that I did like and would want to try and recreate a few images. Once I completed me research and my production plan, I thought it would be best to start a test shoot straight away as this would make me gain the confidence I would need before I actually started a real photo shoot, so what I did was get my friend Amy to help me out by being a model as well as being a stand in model to help me with all my test shoots which went to plan really well. After having a few test shoots with Amy and my younger cousins and I was ready and confident enough to actually do I real photo I planned with my first model Rona. Then after doing my first real photo shoot I thought it would be best to try and get two photo shoots in every week which did happen and I got the images I needed for my professional portfolio.

The feelings that I had during this project was mostly feeling scared as I was terrified that none of the images was going to turn out as well as they have done. It did make me feel a little bit less confident and make me not like me work as much as I was overthinking too much.  Another reason why I felt scared was that one of my models cancelled on my making me worried that I wasn’t going to get all my images and editing done on time as it had messed up my production plan/timetable. But once I had presented my work to my class mates all the feedback was positive and made my confidence come back up and make me like my work again.

Overall, I did really like how this project went along as everything slid into place, as if something went wrong something filled its place which was positive an example of this would be when my second model cancelled on me but luckily I had a back up model to  stand in for the model would couldn’t make any final photo shoots. But as the project goes I would say that I am pretty pleased on how all of the final images turned out as its exactly what I had in mind when I was given the brief and research my genre of photography. However, if I was to do this project again I think I would chose models that I don’t know as with Rona, I knew her from school so it wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be. But if I had chosen some models that I didn’t know this would have pushed my confidence higher as I would be going out of my comfort zone and pushing my boundaries.

The whole project itself in my opinion has been a huge success, I’m very happy with the finished final images as there are what I had in my mind when this project came to mind. I did want to push myself by having my models that I didn’t really know but unfortunately that didn’t quite go to plan.  But I think I would ask people from college from a different department, as this is still asking someone I don’t know but also its someone I can rely on them to make the photo shoot on time as they would be close by and will be able to make it on time. The things that I have learnt from this project is I have learnt a few things in Photoshop and lightroom, I tried to edit my photographs in the same way as one of my chosen photographers “Bryant Eslava”, which was have a yellow tint in most of the photographs as well as having a mess around with the shadows and highlights. Another thing I have learnt is that  fashion and lifestyle is definitely something that I want to carry on in my near future and maybe go on to university and study fashion a bit more.

Final Images –

My favourite final image with have to be either Rona sat on the bridge with the blurry background or it would have to be the one with my older sister as a model with the mustard colour coat. The reason why these two images are my favourite is because Rona’s image is all about the clothes as its what is only in focus which is the main focus of my whole portfolio, fashion. The reason why I like the other photograph as well is because of how the edit has turned out. The coat looks like the main focus of the whole photograph, this was not intended and I didn’t realise that this had happened until I put all the images on to one page on my presentation, but this could also be a bad thing as its taking my audience’s attention away from the other photographs, but then again not all of my images are going to be presented on one page.

One of the images that I’m not so keen on is where Rona is stood next to a tree in the woods. The reason why I’m not that fond of it is because it doesn’t really fit in with my whole urban theme as its more woodland, Dan, my tutor spotted this is out when we had our critique lesson last Wednesday and when looking at all my photographs on one page I can definitely see what he means.

Overall, I am very happy how all of my final images have turned out, they’re some that I am not that best pleased with but they were a lot better than others that I have taken on other photo shoots. I will be using all of these photographs in my portfolio as well as some of my test shots I took in the studio with Amy and some previous work in my first year at college, as this is then showing off the skills and different techniques I have in photography overall.


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Task Four

First Test Shoot

So far I have planned two test shoots with my models on different days as they were only available on some of the days that I’m available too. The first one is meant to be on Tuesday 17th October 2017 with the first model I asked, Lily, but I don’t think I can make this anymore due to my job, but we have rearranged it to another date in the next week. On the other hand my other model have planned to shoot in the next couple of weeks when we are both free from work and college either in Rotherham town centre or Sheffield city centre.

Before I start to photograph outside with Lily and Rona, I have decided to get another model and shoot a couple of photographs in the studio, as I would like to give the studio a go even though I said it was boring and it wouldn’t go with my theme. I have asked Amy, my friend, if she can put a few outfits together and model for me in the studio. I have classed Amy as one of my backup models inccase any of my other models back out or can’t make a shoot. Down below is a slideshow of  some of the photographs that I have taken so far in the studio.

Test shoots in the studio:

Overall I think this photo shoot went really well to say it was my first actual go at using a studio whilst being behind the camera as photographer and not the model. I wanted to use a grey background instead of a white one as I didn’t want my photographs to look like I was promoting any type of clothing that Amy was wearing in the shoot even though they probably wouldn’t be going anywhere. But if I was to do this photo shoot again I would definitely change the background of the backdrop to white as I now feel that it would have looked better with a different colour background other than grey. The reason for this is because a lot of photoshoots nowadays in a studio do have a plain white background as it makes the photographs (to me) seem more professional and a overall better picture to look at, whether this is because of the lighting settings I had the studio lights on or white is just a better background colour to use when in the studio. I have made a note from this and will learn from this is the future.

Test shoots outside #1:

I wanted to practice with my camera before I actually did some real photoshoots, so I asked Amy if she was up for a test shoot outside. I wasn’t going to do this I was hoping to start a photoshoot straight away, but the only problem with this is I didn’t know what kind of angles that I was wanting to shoot, so this photoshoot was helping me plan and find out how I liked to shoot as I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in front of the models figuring it out as this wouldn’t be very professional.

Overall, I thought some of the angles that I tried I really liked, for example the one that is a low angle from the floor is one I’m hoping to use when I can fianlly shoot Rona and Lily. There was a few photographs in this test shoot that didn’t turn out as well as I was trying to work out the camera settings so I knew what worked best with the outside.

Test shoots outside #2:

I also did a photoshoot with my younger cousins to try and get some photographs in the countryside as when it comes to actual photoshoots I will be shooting in cities with buildings etc. I will be using my cousins as back up models as well as my friend Amy.

Overall, I think this test shoot went okay as I did get a lot practice out of this shoot with my camera. The only problem that I did have was I didn’t shoot these photographs in RAW, meaning when I come to edit these photographs there won’t be much I could do as JPEG photographs don’t hold as much memory as a RAW image which is a shame. Another thing that I did was because it was getting dark I turned the ISO right up to the highest setting which was a huge mistake, meaning a lot of the images have turned out really grainy, I have now learnt this and will learn from this mistake as I now will have to do this whole test shoot again to get the photographs less grainy.

Test shoots outside (re-shoot) #3

As my cousins are from Nottingham and I am from up north meaning that it would be quite hard for us to meet up and plan a photoshoot together as we don’t leave that close to one another. I have contacted them to plan another photoshoot but its going to be after four a clock due to them being both in school until this time.

Overall, this photoshoot didn’t turn out as well as I was expecting due to me still having the ISO on the highest setting, making the photographs still very grainy but I did change the image format to RAW meaning I could edit the photographs a bit more then a JPEG but still this didn’t make any difference.

Before we planned the dates on when to go out, I asked both of the models to send my photographs of their clothes that are in this season or look very fall like as ‘autumn’ is my theme of my overall portfolio. The reason why I did this was to see what sort of style the models both had, as I didn’t know where to take the models as I was scared that there clothes they had wouldn’t match the locations that I had in mind. On the left is a selection of Rona’s clothes on what she has in mind which is exactly what I would like to photograph, even though her clothes are very basic and not that colourful they still are very quirky pieces of clothing. Which makes Lily suggestions on the right, which are more colourful and more old fashioned, something that I’m very interested into as well.

I have a photoshoot coming up with Rona this week in Sheffield city centre as well as Lincoln city centre on the 15th November 2017. I am going to film a behind the scenes video of all the real photoshoots I do and upload this to my youtube channel I will do this  once I have uploaded all my final images to my social media as well as shown my classmates and have got given some feedback. I have been in contact with Lily and we are still trying to figure out a date we both can do and not cause any problems with our jobs and college work. But apart from that I would say I’m on track with all my deadlines and my blog work.

Photoshoot with Rona #1:

On the 15th November, Rona, Amy and I all met up in Sheffield City Centre to start our first photoshoot together. I’m not going to lie I was very nervous to do this, but I had done three test shoots already so I was all set to go. Rona is a seventeen year old girl who has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. She was wearing a white turtle neck top, with a black vest top over this, she paired this with some plain black culotte trousers and some black Nike shoes. This outfit worked really well with the environment we was taking the photographs in as the surroundings were really run down and had an edgy vibe, which is what I was going for. The photoshoot itself went really well, I think this part was down to me knowing Rona previously as me and her both went to school together. Rona is the exact model I had in mind when we first started this project, I was wanting to use someone I didn’t know but no one fit the job description.

Overall, I think this photoshoot went really well, as they do portray they’re fashion photographs as I have tried my best to get the outfit/model the main focus of the whole photograph. Rona was really good as a model as she knew how to keep her face straight as this is the look I wanted her to have as it gives the overall look that she isn’t bothered which is what I was aiming for. I took this idea from Bryant Eslava one of my photographs I researched at the start as most of his models in his photographs are either looking away from the camera or just have a simple expression on their faces. I didn’t really have to tell her how to stand or place her hands, this is due to her in person as the way she holds herself is very model like and she kind of knows what she is doing. Yes I did have to tell her to move to the left or look away from the camera but overall she was the perfect model to work as we both communicated with each other on what she was comfortable with and with what she wasn’t.

The photographs themsevles turned out really well in my opinion as they turned out excatly how I had in mind. There were a few that could have been better but I now know that I need to keep consantly pressing the shutter on my camera to capture on the moments on the photoshoot as I could get a really good candid photograph without the model knowing/not paying any attention. Another thing that I really like about these photographs is I like how Rona is either in the centre of the photograph or is slighty to the left or right, I tried this technique in my test shoots and I really liked how they turned out so I did the same with Rona and it turned out perfectly. I also like how I have gained a lot of confidence as I did tell my model what to do most of the time but I didn’t have to tell her a lot of things and we discussed most of the photoshoot on message so she already had an idea on what to stand like, how to do her make up and hair etc.

I don’t think anything went drastically wrong apart from we ran out of time as both Rona and I had trains to catch to get to other places but I will learn from this mistake for next time.

Photoshoot with Amy #1 

So it was very lucky for me to have some backup models as Lily unfortunately couldn’t make the shoot on the 22nd of November but Amy was very happy to stand in for Lily. The only problem with Amy was that she doesn’t wear clothes that are quirky like Lily would wear, this wasn’t really a problem at all as I can still photograph Amy in her normal clothes but maybe change a few things, and thats why I did.

Amy and I thought it would be a really good idea to do the photoshoot in Sheffield city centre as Amy is from Sheffield and knows quite a few places, for example, where they would be a great background for what I was hoping to aim for which is street/fashion photography. We also wanted to stay in Sheffield as its very locally and we had places to be after the photoshoot e.g. work etc. But when we got to Sheffield there were only a few places that actually were okay for me to shoot, there were a lot of people about at the time we went out which was midday, so we tried to hurry this photoshoot up as we were getting in a few peoples way.

To be honest I think the whole photoshoot was a bit of a time waster as the weather was not on our side as it was very windy and kept on raining every now and then, meaning the shots I got was either blurry or the wind had Amy’s hair blowing in all different directions making it hard to focus on the actaully clothing.  But now looking back at the photographs there are a few that I like but they might need a few alterations like one of the photographs that I will use is the one where she is sat on some stairs with her knee bent looking directly at the camera. Another I like is with her stood against a green wall looking at the camera with a slight smile, I do like this one as she is smiling in it whereas Rona’s photoshoot I wanted to have a different approach where I would have her face with no expression meaning that photographs would look different when I present them.

Overall, I do think I could have taken better photographs if I had more time and nicer weather but then again I did arrange this photoshoot last minute as I was expecting Lily to cancel last minute but these things happen in life and you should always have a backup which is what I had, Amy.

Photoshoot with Abigail #1:

As I was showing some of my final images to my older sister, Abigail, she was very interested in how I took the photographs meaning the angles. She later on asked me if I was able to take some of her for her instagram. When helping Abigail with her outfits, I had noticed that she had a lot clothes that had never been worn before but they fitted to my quirky theme of my portfolio. I asked her if she wouldn’t mind helping me out by being a model for a photoshoot of mind, and she was more than up for it.

Abigail has brown, short hair with dark, blue eyes, she is only five foot three making her a really small model but this wasn’t a problem as Amy is only just five foot and I still made it work for her.

At first looking back on all my images that I had taken with Abigail, I didn’t think that any of them would actually work but when looking at them and opening them big in photoshop most of them looked really good. I’m really happy that my older sister asked me to do this photoshoot as I’m definitely going to be at least three photographs from this shoot ib my final images,

As it was my older sister being the model I did find it a lot easier to tell her what to do as it wasn’t as awkward as the photoshoot with Rona where I haven’t seen her in so long, meaning I didn’t have the confience like I had with Amy or Abigail. But because it was my sister this did make things a lot easier for me to tell her things for example to look up more to get rid of a double chin or postion her body a different way to get rid of a crease in her dress etc. This wouldn’t have offened her as easily as we are family and I can tell her this sort of stuff to her face and not have to go into photoshop and do a lot of editing to sort it out but if I can say something to her we could actaully sort out the problem there and save me some time for either editing some other photographs or blogging about my process of this photoshoot.

My favourite image out of the whole photoshoot would have to be the one where she is wearing a “FILA” dress and is crouched down in front of a green wall. The reason why I like this image so much is because its a candid photography menaing it wasn’t staged as she isn’t looking at the camer and she isn’t really apying attention as her mouth is slightly open but overall it gives the whole photograph and edgy vibe to it. The only problem with this photograph is that she is wearing a dress with some black tights but her body is kind of postioned slighty a bit wrong menaing that if I had taken the photograph or asked her to position her any more to the right, the image could have a whole differently meanig behind it as it would look like she was showing us something that we don’t really want to see, apart from that I still really like the photograph itself.

Task Three

Reflection on my Presentation

On Friday the 6th of October 2017, I presented an eleven long slideshow to my classmates and tutor explaning what my first project is about, which is fashion photography.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(This aren’t all the slides that I presented to the class, I don’t know why it won’t let me upload all the slides but the only slides that are missing are the other photographs that I’m using as my inspiration and the locations that I have in mind.)

I think I included everything I could but I did miss the health and safety slide as I didn’t realise you had to talk about this. I will know discuss them in the next few sentences. The first health and safety issue would be, if I was to go ahead with an abandoned buliding shoot we would have to be very careful where we stood as well as not breaking any laws by trespassing. Another would be to keep all equipment safe as anything could get lost or damanged etc.

Someone suggested a model website, where I could find a model either male or female within minutes who are really close by. I am going to give it a go as it would be a really good idea to photograph males as well as females as then my work can be aimed at anyone and not just females.

Overall, I think it went really well as most people were asking a lot of questions as well as giving me suggestions on different locations. For example, Luke, has given me a few streets that are located in the city centre of Sheffield where its really popular for graffiti artists go and do there work like Banksy. The overall time of my presenation lasted twelve minutes in total including questions and discussions, in my opnion I think this is a really good time as in the brief the recommended time for the presention is ten minutes.

As well as me showing my presentation to everyone and having a discussion with everyone, I also had another converstaion with my models on what they wanted from me, as they will be using my photographs for whatever they wanted to as long as I’m tagged in any photographs they post. Lily and Rona have very similar fashion styles as well as being from the same area which will make it a lot easier for me to get them to the same shooting spot and together at the same time. We also had a discussion about the different angles that I would take the photographs and we all agreed that full length body shots would be the better option as then you would be able to get a glimpse at the clothes. A low angle is also an option that I will be trying to capture as I feel like this would give my overall portfolio a edgy vibe to it as no one would be expecting it to look like what they all had in mind. I would also try different angles as I don’t want any of my photographs look to similar.

I am really hoping that I will be able to come to my expections that I have in my mind as I’m really excited to start photographing my models as I have been planning outfits ever since I had showed my presentation to my peers. I am hoping to start shooting next week with both models Rona and Lily in the city centre Sheffield.



Task Two

Core Audience

For this part of my project I need to start thinking on how I am going to present my work to the public whether that’s in a local magazine/newspaper or even as simple as online on my social media.

I have had a quick discussion with my tutor as I didn’t really know what the project brief meant by the words ‘core audience’, and it turns out that this actually means if my work wasn’t towards a portfolio who would my work be aimed to. I think my main audience would have to be teenagers and young adults. The reason behind this would be that I would like to get a message across to as many people as I strongly agree with it, I would also like to tell younger generations how fashion has changed throughout history as well as no matter what you wear shouldn’t be a problem as every item of clothing is fashion no matter how much it costed you. The message that I would want to get across is that a lot of social media apps nowadays have a stereotypical ‘perfect’ body type which would be a skinny, tall blonde model that probably weighs about eighty two pounds. A lot of people see this as the only way of being beautiful but it isn’t and I would want change and prove them wrong by showing them that anyone can be beautiful no matter what size or shape they are.

Even though my portfolio is not actually paid work I have still been looking into local fashion magazines that run nearby. I didn’t really know how I would want my work to look like in a magazine so I took to google and searched ‘fashion magazines for teenagers’. I have realized that there is a difference in British teenagers magazines and American teenagers magazines.



Overall, I feel like American magazines are more appealing to teenages (and me) as they look more mature and are very similar to adult magazine like Vogue. If my work made it into a magazine I would definitley know how to set it out as this would attract many teenagers to look at the magazine or even buy it. The differences that I can see are that in the Birtish magazines everything is a little crazy as there is a lot of colour which makes me feel like it is meant for younger teenagers whereas the American magazines are very chill and not as bright making it for the older teenagers. In my opinion I think my work would be aimed at the older teenagers as nowadays everyone has to have opinion about everything making a lot of people inscure about what they wear, which should not be the matter as everyone should be themsevles and express that through whatever they want to where etc.

I have found a couple of magazines that I would like my work to be in, the first one is called ‘Exposed’ and is based in Sheffield. This magazine is not just based on fashion but it does have a whole section on it, and it would be the perfect opportunity for me to get my photographs in that part of the magazine. I have emailed the editor and advertiser of the magazine, Joe Food and Nick Hallam asking them if it would be okay for my work to go into their magazine, if they contact me back then that would be really good as that then means I’m one step closer to get my work out and to the general public and my chosen core audience. Down below is a screenshot of the email that I have sent to the editor and advertiser.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 10.22.55

I have also tried to get in touch with another local magazine, which is very close to me as I think it would be a great opportunity for me to get in touch with them and ask them if it was any way possible for me to get my work in this magazine. The second magazine that I will be contacting is my secondary school’s magazine, I didn’t really want to ask them but then again it will mean a lot to me if they said yes as this is where I started my love for photography and it would be a great oppourity to give something back to them. The secondary school that I went to is Outwood Academy Portland in Worksop. Their magazine is made every term and is sent out to students home, this would mean my work (if it was to make it into the magazine) would reach over 1000 teenagers, whether or not they read it is another thing as its the school magazine but I will definitley know their parents would take a quick look and see whats happening at scholol etc.

I am really hoping that one of the local magazines will contact me back and would want to put some of my work into their magazine, even if its not a teenager magazine it would still mean I am getting my work out to some sort of audience. However, if this was not to work out I still have my social media apps that I could post my work onto as most of my followers are teenagers.

Production Plan and Deadline Dates

Task One

Task One was to research things about my chosen genre of photogarphy, as well as write about five chosen photographers on why I will be using them as an influences, this section has been completed – 09/10/2017

Task Two

Task Two is to write and research about an audience that my work would appeal to most, in this case it would be teenagers and young adults. I would also talk about the deadline dates like I am doing now. This section is also now been compeleted – 09/10/2107

Task Three

Task Three is a critque lesson as I will be presenting my work to my fellow students as well as my tutor on what my first project is about, as this would then give me some feedback on how my project could be improved etc. This section has nearly been completed – 09/10/2017

Task Four

Task Four has been spilt up into different sections the first deadline is to refine further test and create work as well as blog – 30/10/2017.

Attend critque feedback sessions – 06/11/2017

Interpret research into work – 13/11/2017

Use knowledge of characteristics and context to plan and develop creative solutions for chosen media and communication – 20/11/2017

Apply practical skills, knowledge and understnding of characteristics and contexts to produce creative solutions for chosen media and communication activity – 27/11/2017 

Task Five

Task Five is the last task of project one, this is based on my end photographs as  I will be hoping to make a presenataion on my end result of my creative professional portfolio – 04/12/2017

I will then write a thousand word essay about the feedback I got given when showing my work to my peers- 15/12/2017

This would then be the end of my first project and all of my tasks.

Task One


For my first task for my first project in my second year is for me to make a creative yet professional portfolio in any genre of photography that I would like to pursue in my future photography career. The word ‘professional’ suggests to me that I know what I am talking about, meaning that my work will be very reliable and you will be able to see links in-between the different photo shoots that I will do over this first project.

The genre of photography that I am wanting to base my portfolio on is urban and fashion photography. What I mean by urban and fashion is the quirky styles of fashion that you wouldn’t really see on a day to day basis.  The reason why I have chosen urban and fashion photography as my main genres for my very first project is that fashion recently has become a massive part of my life and I would like to show this to everyone. I also feel like I would to carry with fashion photography when I finish college as in my spare time, I’m always looking at different magazines to see what is new in fashion this month etc, I would love the chance to photography something like that but with my only little twists. I’ve always like the different types of fashion whether its quirky styles or not. I have found many photographers that shoot the same way as I do, so I will be using them as my research for my case studies.

Looking at all these different photographers really wants me to start taking photographs more serious and start looking for work that is different to what I do now. I prefer to take photographs in the streets because I prefer the outside than being stuck in a studio all day. The reason why I prefer the outside to the studio is because you can have more of a variety of backgrounds as well as its more interesting to have different surroundings in the negative space of my photographs. Although I really do like looking at fashion photographs in magazines of what is new fashion, I have always been fond of doing something along the lines of doing look-books for high street brands, for example a H&M TV advert is something that I would love to do. I would probably never get that opportunity to do something like that but I could always hope the opportunity swings my way. I got this idea from a small British Youtuber/Photographer Will Darbyshire, as he does a lot of work with his girlfriend Arden Rose on her fashion look books as she is also a Youtuber too. When I do finish college I do want to proceeded onto a university course that speclises in fashion photography as I would like to do a lot of client when I’m older especially for youtubers, artists etc.

History of Fashion Photography

For my main part of my research, I am wanting to focus on the history of photography and how fashion has changed over time from then (1850) to now (2017). I didn’t know what to research so the first thing I did was to type into google fashion photography then and now, I clicked on the first webpage link that came up and I found out some really interesting facts about fashion that I didn’t even know about. The reason why I am researching information about fashion photography is part of my project is to actually discover the historical and contemporary practice within my chosen genre of photography. The earliest photographs that we know of is dated back to 1850s but it only became popular and used as a promoting fashion in the early 1900. The first fashion magazines were both founded in the late 1800s and they were both illustrated by hand. It wasn’t until 1913 when photographers started to take actresses and models portraits for different fashion magazines such as Vogue. The magazine Vogue has changed so much over the years and I would like to capture this within my portofolio focusing on oldern day clothes as well as modern day clothes.

Case Studies

Bryant Eslava –

Eslava is a twenty five year old american fashion photographer. He is most known for taking photographs of vine and Instagram stars. He mostly focuses on portraits and candid photography, which is something I would like to pursue.

He started to take photographs when he was only just sixteen years old. He started doing freelance jobs for his friends which meant he was flying back and forth from LA to New York City whilst crashing out on his friends couches. As well as working with his friends on a few projects he had also worked with many top high stores such as American Apparel, PUMA, GAP as well as Instagram. This makes me want to carry on my hobby into a career as you can create great things when you put your mind to it and work hard. His comes from a very artistic family as his mother and father are both artists too. He also has an older brother who supports his work also.

The reason why I have chosen him to be one of my photographers for research is because his work has a similar style with my past work including the lines in photography as well as the editing process is very similar. I would like to hope I will become as successful as Eslava as he has worked really hard from such a young age to where he is now and its something that makes me want to carry on and hopefully become as successful just like Bryant Eslava.

Down below there is a selection of my favourite photographs that Eslava has taken quite recently. I really like the way the models are positioned in these photographs as they’re all directly in the middle making your eyes go straight to their clothes. Eslava has captured most of the photographs with bright colours making his work standout to other photographers on social media, as this is where he is based. He does use a lot of internet stars for his work making his work making hime well known with a lot of social media users. I also really like the way he has edited most of his photographs as it makes the colours in the photograph stand out and make the overall picture even better.  I think my favourite photograph out of all the images below would have to be the second one with the woman who is wearing the yellow raincoat. The reason for this is I like the way he has gotten the whole model in the photograph meaning you can get an overall look of clothes  that are in the picture. I would like to recreate something like this as the background in this photograph is usual and gives an urban theme to the photograph which is something that I’m hoping to go for. My second favourite photograph would have to be the first photograph, this is because it has a quirky side to the photograph as the models aren’t in a normal position for the photograph making it different to his other work.

Sam Dameshek –

Sam Dameshek is another photographer that I am going to use for my research. Dameshek is a Southern California-based photographer who specialises in lifestyle and fashion photography, which is very similar to my interests in photography. He was born and raised in Laguna Beach which is where he is based now but he does do the odd traveling for big brand names. He has also spent time in Los Angeles and San Francisco with models who are well known on different social medias.

He first started taking photographs with big name companies in the fashion industry, including Brandi Melville, Aerospostable, and Pacsun, when he was just 16 years old. Before frame and his success, he started making skating videos with his friends when he was just 12. He had no plans on shooting professionally until he was asked to help take long exposure shots for a photography class. This is when his passion for photography started. By the time he was in high school, he’d booked two weddings with family friends and used the money from that to buy a camera. He is now based in California taking pictures of Instagram stars as well as models for big brand companies. He has recently just been on a road trip with some Instagram stars just for the fun of it, this is something that I would love to do in the future as I really do like adventure as well as capturing the moments that made you laugh and smile.

I have made a mood board down below of his photographs that I really think are good and make me want to use him for inspiration for my first project. The reason why I like his photographs are because he has the models positioned in the middle making your eyes go directly to the clothes they’re wearing very similar to the pervious photographer Bryant Eslava, which is something I really like about most photographs nowadays. I also like how the background makes the model standout even more, this tequience works really well with the bigger top right photo as the sunset blends in with the two models really well. I am really wanting to create something like this but the only problem is that I am from the UK meaning the sun is not always out, as well as it getting colder and darker I would have to use a lot of my editing skills to make my work similar to look like Sam Damesherk’s work. Besides the whole editing process that I’d have to do, I really like the way the other photographs have an urban feel to it like the first photograph in the mood board, with the whole abandoned house thing with the graffiti. I have already looked at places near me that look really urban and look similar to the photographs that both Dameshek and Eslava have taken. The second photograph on the left is another favourite this is because of how its an action shot of the model flipping her hair and making the photograph look really sassy and giving a vibe off it like she’s saying I don’t care, which is something that I really like as I’m creating my own stories when looking at someone else’s work and this is how I would like other people to think when they look at my work.

Brandon Woelfel –

Brandon Woelfel is a photographer based in New York, who focuses his work around portrait and fashion photography. He does most of his work around lights, this could be any lights that I’m on about whether its from a string of lights to either different coloured big lights in weird and usual places. He uses the light to bring out the facial features on the model that he is using. He does this by making the model hold up the lights by his/hers face you can see what I mean by the mood board below has a lot of images with lights involved with them some way or another.

I really do like how he edits his photograph, even though he does edit a lot out of the photographs it is definitely still worth it as the end result is amazing. When I searched his name into google to try and find out some more information about him, his youtube channel popped up, which basically shows all of his shooting process. Even though he doesn’t have many videos you can still get a glimpse of his way of taking photographs.  It was really interesting to see how he shot his photographs as when he takes the photograph you have no idea what he has in mind until the very end when he has complete the editing stages after hours of labour.

When looking at his photographs on his Instagram page it is makes you feel different emotions like when I like at his photographs I feel very warm inside as feeling it makes me feel happy as well as having a little bit of a magical feeling which is a good feeling to have when looking at his photos, as its not common to have this sort of feeling when looking at fashion photographs. I also really like how I have chosen someone very different to do a case study on as the other two previous photographers are very similar to one another as they basically do the same thing but Woelfel has a completely different type of photography as its to do with lights. The photograph that is my favourite would be the top right photograph that is down below with the girl dancing, this is because its very simple but also very unique as well as being the closest to a fashion styled photograph. The background is very full with a lot going on but kind of works with this type of photograph as if that wasn’t anything in the background it would’ t have the same effect on me as it does now. I do also like the way he has used reflections in his photographs as it gives a little more detail to his work making you want to admire his work even longer then just a quick glimpse as all hard work he puts into his photograph is pretty damn amazing and very inspirational. I have emailed him a few questions as I would like to learn a little more about him, but because he is well known and very busy with his work I’d doubt he would respond to me.

Rankin –

Rankin is a well known british portrait and fashion photographer, I have research him before this project as me and my fellow students watched a film on him recreating some of fashion all times famous photographs with his own little twists. I am not a huge fan of his work but it does have some positives towards it as it is quite different to other fashion photographers.

He first started to get recognised in 1992 when he was published in a magazine ‘Dazed and Confused’ with with Jefferson Hack. This gave Rankin a platform to show off his skills of what he could do with a camera as well as his writing skills. In 2001, Jefferson and Rankin launched  another magazine which focuses more on fashion and not just photography in general. Some of his biggest work includes Nike, Swatch, Dove, Pantene, Diageo, Women’s Aid, and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. He has also shot for the big magazines like Vogue, Rolling Stone and Wonderland, which is pretty amazing and very inspirational to me. Back in 2009, he had a film come out on BBC Four where he had recreated seven fashion photographs that have changed fashion by very popular fashion photographers from 1900s to now. I wish I would be able to do something like this as it would be pretty amazing to have your own film on TV with all your work on display to the general public as this would be a great way to get your work out and show it to the world.

These photographs down below are very up my street as I like to look at photographs that are weird and different. I did try and get some of his photographs that he takes in a studio but it didn’t really have the same affect as the ones outside did. I have made a selection of my favourite photographs that he has taken of womenswear in the mood board underneath.  My favourite photograph that he has taken would have to be the right photograph, the reason for this would be the light box is only lighting her face up showing her best features off, even though its meant to be a fashion photograph you can still see that he is trying to get the whole model in shot and show the clothes off. I also really like the black and white photograph as the model is kind of in the middle making your attention go straight to the model and not the space around her. I would like to recreate something very similar to his work as he has used many different forms of photography, for example lines, tones and shapes, but if I was to do something similar to his work I would add my own little twists just like he did with the seven photographs that changed fashion. I also like the way he has edited his photographs, the reason why I like his editing process is because everyone of his photographs is different to the other which makes his work unique as you can see with the different photos below, there is not one photograph that is the same.

Brendan North –

For my last case study I am going to be doing research on the photographer Brendan North. North is a twenty two year old photographer based in Los Angeles who is specialises in portraiture, lifestyle, and fashion photography. There wasn’t that much information on his website apart from how old he is and what he likes to photograph. He is currently well known for being a vlogger on Youtube with all different types of travel vlogs and main channel videos, I wouldn’t say he was the best photogarpher that I have researched and looked into but he is someone that I would use for inspiration as he does photograph many models and youtube stars, which has always been a dream of mine to do. As well as being popular on Youtube he has also just recently gotten very popular now as he has just been signed to the Team 10 house which was founded by Jake Paul, a Youtube star.

Most of his photographs express a lot of emotion in black and white images while in other photographs he uses warm golden tones, he creates a classic Americana look that captures eyes in an instant. This is what makes his work look really put well together as he has a clear image in his head of how he wants his finished photographs to look like. You can definitely tell that he uses the same presets for most of his coloured photographs as you can tell they’re all done by the same photographer.  He is another photographer that I have tried to contact whether or not he replies is another matter.

My favourite photograph out of the mood board below would have to be either the big one of the right side of the mood board or the the third image down on the left side of the selection. The reason for this is that there is more focus on the fashion in these photographs which is something that I’m really keen on when looking at photographs nowadays. Also, I like how the sunset on the photograph (right) blends in really well with the models hair making her have more of a depth of field as her hair is now detailed as you can now see she has different colours as the sun behind her head is causing all sorts of shadows. The only thing that I dislike about his photographs is they’re all pretty much the same was is a good thing but to me its a bad thing as I get really bored easily if everything is the same. You can’t really tell this by the moodboard below as I did pick quite a few different ones but if you go over to his instagram you would see what I mean, it can get quite repetive. I think the main reason why its very repetive is because he photographs the same people over and over again meaning its not a new face in every post making it similar to his pervious photo shoots.

Finding a Model –

I thought finding a model was going to be really hard but I then remembered that I followed a girl on my twitter that is really into the quirky style of fashion. I messaged her all most straight away and get a reply within minutes.

I have planned a photoshoot with her in the next weeks and I’m so excited to start shooting test work as well as my actual photoshoots that I will use in my portolio.

I also have contacted an old friend of mine who has also changed her style laterly which has a very similar style to the previous model. I messaged her not long and she seems she’s very up to it as well.

Artist Statement

Becca White is an aspiring photographer, who currently studies Level 3 photography at Rotherham College.

Becca has been interested in photography since completing GCSE photography at secondary school. Her preferred genres of photography are candid and fashion photography, which is reflected throughout this project. Taking inspiration from the likes of photographers Aaron Yeoman and Daniel Ashton, Becca has managed to build upon her skillset creating images that showcase her individual style.

She is hoping to move onto Year 2 of Level 3 photography further improving her skills and increasing her opportunity as a photographic practitioner.

Task Four



At the start of this project I went to the library in college to see if there was anything in there that would give me an idea for my final project. I did have a small idea on doing street photography, as we did go to London for a few days before we actually started this project and I really enjoyed taking photographs of street signs and buildings etc. So I decided to take a book out that was called ‘Street Photography Now’ by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren. This book didn’t really help me at all as it just told you how street photography has changed over the years, don’t get me wrong it still was very interesting to read but it just didn’t help me with my project.

So I decided to go along with the first plan I had which was just to take normal photographs of streets in cities that are close to me like Sheffield, Lincoln, Leeds or Nottingham or maybe all of them. I did have another idea about going to London and take some photographs of the underground as i do have relatives that live down there meaning I would have somewhere to stay. But when looking in to it a bit more it wouldn’t have the time to go down to London as well as having a few family problems during this project, so I decided to stick to the first plan.

We then we had a lesson on how we could make our project wow, so then I decided to do some more research in the different types of street photography. We then watched a BBC Four short film about a candid photographer called Dougie Wallace, he is very different to other photographer, which is what makes him unique. Therefore I had to use him as an inspiration for my project. The other photographers that I looked into are Aaron Yeoman, Daniel Ashton and Roevin. I did my case study on the photographer Aaron Yeoman, this is because I found his work more interesting than the others, plus there was also more information on him making it easier for me.

The final idea that I am using for this project is ‘Candid photography but from a distance’, the reason why I wanted to do this is because I wanted to capture people just going about their everyday lives without them knowing. The only problem with this is that I took these photographs in local places so my subjects could walk into the exhibition and report or have a negative thing to say about my work, I hope this doesn’t happen. I was going to be doing it up close but I did  try it once with strangers and that didn’t go to plan (see blog post task two).

Production Plan-

I did make two production plans as the first one was originally made for when I was going to go down to London but that failed so I had to make another one that went along with the second idea that I had. In my opinion I didn’t go along with my production plan as I thought that I had most of my final photographs within the first test shoot I did. I can obviously learn from this in the future and make my production plan more realistic and adjustable to me but I did stick to the last two weeks where I had to edit, print and write the evaluation. I’m really glad that I stuck to the last bit of the production plan as I have everything done on time and ready for the deadline day on the 9th June 2017.

Test shoots and Final shoot –

My first test shoot I did was in Sheffield city centre, I did this because it is the closet city to college and me. Overall, I think this test shoot went really well because I did get a lot of images that turned out really well. The other test shoots didn’t go as well as this first one. I went to Leeds one friday afternoon to try and get some more photographs of strangers in there everyday life but I only managed to get one as there was hardly anyone around, this was my own fault as I should have gone in the rush hour time instead of midday. For my final shoot I decided to go back to Sheffield again and take some more photographs but this time instead of taking photographs of people I decided to take photos of street signs, as I thought it would look cool if I was to have a row of people then a row of street signs/streets then another row of people. The reason why I planned it like this was because I didn’t want my final images to just have nine images of people because I thought that would have looked boring but after having a mini photo shoot in sheffield with street signs I didn’t think that the two (candid and street signs) would match, so I ditch the whole street sign idea and decided to just go with 9 candid photographs instead but have an interesting pattern when I come to edit them. I did this because I thought it would give something extra to my project then just nine ordinary photographs. I tried my very best to make the photographs that I took look like the artists I had chosen for my research, I think I have done this but only with the photographer Daniel Ashton as I have remembered my depth of field as well as the rule of thirds as most of my images are either on the left or the right. However, when it came to editing I really wanted to make my work look my case study artist Aaron Yeoman so I used the same software as him as well as the same tools which include the Radial Filter and the spot healing brush.


So overall, I decided to go with a pattern that I thought it will work very well with one the pattern being five of my images being in colour and then the other four being in black and white, but because I was looking at Yeoman’s work I wanted my work to look similar to his edits especially the black and white ones. My favourite edit that I have done would have to be the old man at the bus stop with the moustache. The reason for this is because I really like how I had gotten rid of the distractions in the photograph as it would have made my audience look away from the man and focus more on the flaws. I also like how I made him stand out more by adding a slight vignette around him to make look like there is nobody else in the photograph, as this would them emphasise the fact that he is lonely making this image have a meaning behind it. The only problems that I had with the editing was that I was quite new to the software as I’m used to making manual edits when it comes to final pieces, but with this project I wanted to try something new and I’m very lucky that it has gone to plan. The editing process for most of my images was surprising quick, I was expecting to get a little help from my tutor here and there but I think I did really good job on my own. (See task three for screenshots and editing process)

Advertisement –

Part of my project is to make something that the public could interact with as well as advertise the exhibition, me and a few friends thought it would be a go idea to make a Instagram account up, but then we decided to make a joint one where the whole class could get involved because then we could get a bigger audience and then more people would see this Instagram. I decided to take charge of the account, I decided to have system where I would upload a picture everyday but change the student everyday. So I had my fellow students email me there work then I would upload there work (including mine) to the Instagram page using our own hashtag #MYFMP2017 as well as the hasgtags #rotherhamcollege and #rotherhamadvertiser. Then Amy and I decided to create a poster that we could post on our own photography blogs to get the information out that even more. We decided to do a poster on the computer instead of it being on paper, the reason for this being that with the online poster you can share it whereas you cant really share a paper poster about from tell people, we have no idea if it will work but its worth a try.

Printing and Mounting –

I had no idea how big I wanted my prints to be so I had a discussion with my tutor and he suggested I printed them A4 as this was an average size and would work with how much space I have in the gallery as well as how much I was wanting to spend on my work when it was being printed. Overall, it came to a total of 99p so it didn’t cost much money at all. The thing that cost a lot was the mounting as i dint realise that college was supplying the spray mount so I bought some of my own not knowing we already had some, so that was ten pound I could have saved. I must admit it did take me a few shops to find the perfect foam board. The first shop I went to was ‘The Works’, it was really cheap but I had hear really bad things from other people in the class so I didn’t bother. I then tried ‘Rymans’ and they had some foam boards in stock but for a really expensive price, so I decided to by it right there as this foam board has had no bad reviews and there was only two packs left and there was none in stock, altogether it had cost me £27.98 for the two packs of foam boards but hopefully it will be worth it. I did struggle with cutting the foam board down to the right shape as I had never done anything like that before, I did get some assistance from my tutor which was really nice of him, he a lot told me a few tricks which I can keep in mind for the next time, thats if I do use foam board.

Feedback – 

  • Are there any issues with the work? If so, what could I do better?

I didn’t get any negative feedback from anyone but my tutor made a statement about the size of my prints. He thought that I might have had a problem with the size as the heads of my subjects were really small, but because I have nine photographs the size of the prints is completely fine.

  • Do I have the right amount of images for this exhibition?

The brief does say it has to be a minimum of four photographs, and I have nine so I think I have got the right amount, if I was to have more space in the gallery then I would make my prints a little bit bigger than A4 as then it would be more visible for people who are stood far away to see my work.

  • Does the layout fit the theme?

I think my layout does fit the theme, as its not just nine photographs stuck in a random order its been set out to draw people in with it having a pattern in it. But then again my project doesn’t really have a theme so it wouldn’t really matter want order it went in, but I like how I have set it out so I’m planning to leave it like that.

Problems –

I didn’t have a major problem with this project as the main problem I had was right at the start when I couldn’t get down to London and do my first plan. I am glad that this problem happened at the start and not in the middle. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that I had done so much research about the underground that I didn’t even need to know as I wouldn’t even be going down there, so I have done twice as much research but its nothing to worry about I could always use it for future preferences.

Solutions – 

Because I had already wasted a week on researching the underground I tried not to waste anymore time and move on to researching candid photography almost straight away. This means that my research on candid is not as explained as the underground as I had to rush some research just to make sure I was up to date with my production plans as well as the deadline days.

Overall –

I am really happy on how this project turned out as i think I worked really hard on my photographs as well as my blog. I’m glad I chose the genre, candid even though it was stressful at sometimes I did really enjoyed it. I’m happy how my photographs look apart from one but thats something that I could learn for next time. The locations that I chose for this project worked really well as you can tell there all in the street meaning I have meet my genre ‘Street Photography’.

I think I have become more confident as a photographer as this wasn’t something I would have normally done, I’m proud that I have completed this project without any thing dramatic happening. What I mean by this is I didn’t let my anxiety get in the way of my work, because if I let it take of me then I probably would have backed out of this project as it would have gotten too much.

I feel like I have met the brief as my work does fit the criteria. The brief suggested to split your work into 4 different tasks and then a different blog for an artist statement, which is what I have done. I would like to think that my work is good enough because I have tried incredibly hard and gotten over something that could have stopped me from finishing this project. I also feel that I met my own criteria. I did follow my production plan more or less but every time I did somethings different but the plan stayed the same for the most part. I wrote down what had happened in the past week on each date in my production plan and I even got ahead of my plan in the end.

JeremyLindaJimmyMeredithPaulSharon and SteveBill & BenJudyimage1

Gallery –

My images that I have put up in gallery has turned out exactly how I wanted it to do, I have arranged the photos into a grid with three photographs going down and  three photographs going across. I am proud of the work that I have achieved as I have got the outcome that I at first desired when I was planning this project at the start. The general public will be able to view my work between the dates Tuesday 13th June 2017 to Monday 27th June 2017, I am hoping that the work I have produced is up to the high expectations of my fellow students as well as my tutors. I wanted to keep my exhibition really simple as I thought if I had frames it would make my work look really crowed as too much is happening, making my audience look a way from my work and focus more on the mounting and not my work. This is why I have decided to use foam boards instead.


Task Three

4th May 2017-

Test Shoots in Other Cities –

I am hoping to go to Leeds, York, Lincoln and Nottingham. This is because I am wanting to get as many as test shoots so I have many to choose from to use for my final project and my exhibition. The next city that I am hoping to go to is Leeds, this is because I think Leeds has a really good train station in my opinion anyway.

5th May 2017-

A Trip to Leeds – 

Today me and a friend who is also on the same course went to Leeds to try and get some test shoots as well as (maybe) some final photographs. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to go today as there is a huge train station that looked really good in my mind of what I wanted for my final project as well as get more experience of me doing ‘Candid Photography’. Below there is a slideshow of the photographs that I got today. I didn’t get any train station photographs as there was hardly anywhere there as I didn’t go in the rush hour times. I am hoping to go to Sheffield train station this week and take some photographs due to there is always someone waiting for a train there.

Overall, I think that it was no point of my going today as in my opinion I only got a few, maybe three that I could use for my final projects as the others were too blurry or the aperture wasn’t set correctly. In future I think I need to do some research on the place I’m going to as we went to “Trinity” as I thought they would be some great photo opportunities but because this shopping centre is made out of glass the sun was always shining through meaning I was fiddling with the aperture and ISO, which made me stressed as the people that I wanted to photographed had already walked by.

The whole point on why I wanted to go to Leeds was because of its huge train station as it would produce amazing final photographs but when we got there, nobody was even there, which made me very upset and disappointed.  I think this was because we went on a week day as well as it being 10:30am when we should have really gone at like 07:30am and 17:30am so it would have been rush hour meaning there would be more people and more photo opportunities, I can learn from this mistake in future preferences.

Test Shoots Leeds – 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the slideshow above, some of the photographs turns out blurry which annoyed me very much because at the moment I thought they were all in focused but it turned out they weren’t. I do have a few favourites that I will probably use as my final photographs but it all depends how they turn out when I come to edit them.


The reason why I don’t think this picture above turned out the way I wanted it to was due to the camera settings that was set on my camera. The aperture was set at f 4.0 which wasn’t the correct setting for this kind of photo due to the weather as it was very sunny that day. Also the ISO was set on the wrong setting due to it being 500 which made the photo look even brighter than it already was. I have no idea how this photograph turned out blurry as the shutter speed was on 1/500 which is perfect for a motorbike driving passed at 70mph meaning that the photograph would be a percent freeze frame when the motorbike whizzes passed. But I have spoken to my tutor who has suggested that I should hold my finger down halfway on the shutter then focus the square in the view-finder on the persons eye and follow them until I get the perfect image, meaning I can then press my finger all the way down and take the photograph. However, I do like how the man is positioned in the photograph just because its off centre, which is very different to the previous photo shoot in Sheffield as there all were pretty much bang on in the middle. I can learn from these mistakes in my next photo shoot.


The problem with this photograph was similar to the first one but the settings weren’t the problem it was myself. The reason for this would be that I wasn’t quicker enough to follow the older man around the shopping whilst making sure I wasn’t noticed as well as keeping it in focus, I did two things out the three but not the last one. I can learn from this by using the technique that my tutor suggesting with holding the shutter button down half way again.


This in my opinion is my worst photograph out of the whole photo-shoot. This is because the orange high visible jacket is really bright as the woman was in the sun, plus my ISO was on too high, I am not proud of this photograph. Although, it would have been a good photo if the woman was in focus and the jacket wasn’t so bright, as you can see where she is, also the background in this photograph looks really good. If the exposure was correct then I would probably have used this photograph in one of my final photographs altogether.

Favourites – 

For this photo shoot I did have a few favourites as some did turn out better than others.


This is my first favourite photo that I liked in the Leeds photo shoot. The things that i like about this photograph is that it captures the guy walking making the photograph look real and not staged. I also like how the photograph is in focus and really clear making every detail on the man stand out. I think this photograph will be a very easy edit due to me not seeing anything wrong with it. If I was to edit this photograph then


I think this would have to be my favourite photograph out of the whole entire photo shoot. The main reason why I like this photo in particular is that the shadow across his eyes which creates a lot of depth of field making every detail look really interesting to look whether thats from a distance or even up close.


This is my last favourite photograph out the whole entire photo shoot from Leeds because its similar to the pervious one but instead it doesn’t have a shadow across its face, its more focused on the facial features which would become useful when editing as then I have something to work with.

Re-Shoots –

I am hoping to go the Sheffield city centre again next week to get some more test shots as there were more interesting characters there then Leeds, I would like to go to Lincoln one day next week as well. I don’t really have a clear image of how I want to present my work, whether its street and Candid or just candid, as I know for sure that Lincoln has some nice back streets that would create excellent final photographs.

8th May 2017-

Presenting My Work – 

The way I am on about presenting my work was going to be in ordinary  white frames at the size of twelve inches by twelve inches but after I’ve done some research on different frames and sizes its going to be a lot of money. The first website that I looked on was the wilko website as I have been told that there are cheap frames from here, but when I looked the cheapest frame that I would have used was £6.50 for just one, making the total come to £78 as I would need twelve frames but this is without any printing of any photographs yet.

 Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 17.06.35

This is a huge problem as I wouldn’t be able to afford the frames as well as the photographs meaning I’m going to change how I will present my work. One of my tutors suggested to me that I should use foam board instead as it isn’t that expensive and you can get a lot of it in one go.

So I decided to look online to see how much foam board is, I tried Rymans as I knew they sell it but I don’t know how much for. It turns out they sell it for a really cheap price. They do all different sizes and it would make sense if I got the bigger size meaning I would have spares bits just in case something went wrong. I am planning to get the A1 size as its only £6.66 for one sheet which is a really good deal.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 15.08.30

I am hoping to do similar sizes to the frames above but this is depending on how much space I have in the exhibition.  I am wanting to show off most of my work, so what I was thinking is to have 3 rows of pictures but have a pattern within them, 5 photographs in colour and then 4 in black and white. I had a discussion with my tutor about what size I should print my final images for the exhibition.

12th May 2017-

I was originally going to plan all the final images being the popular sized photographs which are ‘6″x 4″‘. I printed one off just to see what it looked like, I held it up against the wall and the head on my subject wasn’t that big meaning you wouldn’t be able to see them very well from a distance. Therefore, I decided to change the size of the photographs to the size of an A4 piece of paper. As then this will be bigger and my subjects head will be bigger and will look more interesting from a distance and would want to draw anyone in to look at my work.

The printing of my final photographs came to a total cost of 99p, which I thought was a reasonable amount of money to say I had 9 sheets of thick photographic paper, with my photographs in the size of A4 but on an A3 sheet of paper. I really pleased with how my images have turned out and I can’t wait to present them to the public in the exhibition.

13th May 2017-

Today I went to the Rymans store and I bought myself two packs off A3 sheets of white foam board which had five sheets within them meaning I now have ten sheets of foam board, therefore I have plenty enough for my final project and one spare in case I go wrong. Altogether one pack cost £13.99 making the total come to £27.98 which was really pricey but hopefully its worth it. I couldn’t fine a cheaper place where they sell foam board so I just had to make do with the price. I also bought some spray mount (the blue can) meaning I would be able to glue my photographs down easier then glue sticks or even cellotape. This cost me another £9.99 but I’m willing to share it with anyone else who needs it.

My Final Photographs –


This is my first final photograph, it is also my favourite photograph out of the whole bunch. The reason for this is because I’m really impressed how good the edit came out. In this image there are a few distractions like the yellow paint mark to the right side of the photograph. There is also a zip tie in the top left corner which annoyed me when I came to edit all my test shots. I have also noticed that this photograph in particular is not straight at the bottom which annoyed me very much so I knew that this photograph would have to be photoshopped. The first thing that I did was open this RAW image into photoshop and cropped the image so the bottom would be level and not wonky like it was before.  Then I decided to use either the spot healing brush or the patch tool to get rid of what classes as a distraction to me (paint mark and zip tie). As this makes the man more instresting to look at as there isn’t anymore imperfections in the photograph. I then decided to change the contrast colour of the whole photograph so then the guy stands out even more, making the guy have a lot of detail on his jacket as well as his face. As well as messing around with the contarst colour I also added a ventena around the man to bring even more attention towards the centre of the photograph. I also like how he is almost looking directly at the camera making it look really realistic. The location for this photograph is in the middle of Sheffield city centre at a random bus stop.


This is my second favourite photograph but unfortunately I’m not using it for my exhibtion. With this photogarph I did edit it in black and white to start off with but then I realised that you can see her reflection in the window which gave me an really good idea on an edit. I cropped the picture down so the homeless woman was the main focus and not the street, I tried to focus the attention in on the reflection of her face on the facade of the building, which adds a nostalgic feel to the image showing that perhaps that there is another side to this woman history and people don’t see the bigger picture. I was going to use this image for my exhibtion but it doesnt really fit in with the theme so sadly I’m  going to leave it and not use it. The location for this photograph is in the middle of Sheffield city centre. I do really like itand will be using it for my portfolio but not this one unfortunately.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 18.45.46.png


The location for this photo was in Rotherham town centre, it was a struggle to get the photograph as both of the men were looking in my direction but they both looked away at the same time meaning I had the perfect opportunity to get a photograph, which I have done as you can see above. For this photograph I wanted to edit it in the style of Aaron Yeoman as he uses the Radial Filter as well. I wanted the man on the left to be the main foucs of the photograh so i decied to use Radial Filter, to create an ovular diffused effect to further expose him.  I did this to engage the viewer with the primary subject and draw the attention away from the man with the hat on. In my opinion it doesnt look like Yeoman’s work but it was worth a try and could always try on some other photographs. I do like how it turned out as there is so much to look at in the photograph which makes it different and not boring.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 18.46.17


This photograph was a struggle to edit as I didnt know what to do, so I asked my tutor to help me and he suggested to add a vignette to draw more attention to the two people talking. This photograph I wasnt going t use in my exhibtion as it was only designed to demonstrate that you can create a vignetted look through lowering the exposure of a particular area of the image, which may not add any value or interest to the image. But it turned out so much better than expectd. This photograph was taken in the Sheffield city centre near the water fountains. I do and don’t like this photograph, I do because they both look happy and not gloomy like the other photographs but then again it does look staged meaning I’ve made them sit there and look like they’re talking and are interested in one another but I haven’t but someone may think that.


Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 18.52.50.png


This is the only photograph that I will be using from Leeds, there were a few others that were okay but I perfered this one because fitted into the pattern better than the other two as this one is in the street and not on the train. I think I have done a really good job at editng as it almost looks like Daniel Ashton’s work. The black and white in the  image really draws the eye into the centre of the frame, with a desire to emphasize his facial expressions and features. The use of black and white can also provide the image with dead space, again drawing the viewers eye and isolating the subject. The way I did this was use the sharpen tool around his facial features especially near the eye to draw the most attention there, I then added a vignette around him as in the orignal photograph there was a lot of negative space that didnt need to be there so I made it darker so more attention is on the subject.


This is another favourite out of my final photographs, I really like how the background is blurry but the subject is in focus. This means I got my depth of field right which makes me really happy. The only thing that I dislike about the photograph is that the woman is bang on in the middle and I dont like that, if she was closer to the left or the right it would probably be my favourite one. The reason why I dont think it works with her being in the middle is taht she isnt directly looking at the camera whereas the man in my first photograh was. I edited this only slighty as it didn’t need much editing doing in my eyes, I changed the brightness up a bit as I wanted her to have a bit more colour meaning I had to to dim the background. This was the tricky part as I’ve never done anything like it before, I watched a few videos on youtube and they helped me almost staright away which was good. The location for this was near the train sation in Sheffield city centre.



This is my least favourite out of the nine that I have chosen to write about. The reason why I dont like it is because it doesn’t fit in with the other photographs as this one was too bright, as the orginal image was over exposed, as I was on the wrong aperture at the time as well as having the ISO on too high. I did try to edit it differently to give my editng skills a whirl but it didnt go far as the only thing that I really could do was put a vignette around him to try and bring the brightness down a bit. If I had taken my time getting the camera ready, having the right settings set then I would really like this photograph but right now I don’t. The location for this photograph was in Sheffield train station, this was a really good place for getting some candid shots as everyone is too busy to pay attention to anything, so you could get away with taking anyones photo.



This is another image from Sheffield train station, I prefer this one a lot more than the one above as I did have longer to get the correct settings befoe she walked past me. I enjoyed editng this one as I tried something new which was changing the shadows and highlights within the picture. I had to get my tutor to show me how to do it first which was a really easy thing to do, I made a slight s shape with the shadows and highlights, and it made the image above. I really like how she is smiling as well as it gets people wondering what could she be thinking/smiling about.



This is my last photograph that i am going to be talking about. It was taken on the bridge just above platforms one and two at Meadowhall Interchange train station through a window. I like how this photograph turned out as its quite simple but interesting. Its interesting beause other people can create little stories about her like why is she touching her nose? What is she thinking about etc. Because the image was taken through a window and I didnt think I would end up using it but I am going to because you can barely tell there is a glass in front of her apart from the bottom two corners. When I came to edit this photograph I didn’t want to do anything dramatic as I like how it looked in the first place so I decied just to turn it in to balck and white and then go from there.

Overall, I am very pleased on how my images have turned out and I hope everyone that sees my work in the exhibtion apperiate it too. I was planning to leave a book on a table in frot of my work for the public to leave comments or ask questions because I didn’t think I would have been able to make it the day of the exhibiton but I can so I can be there in person to get the feedback from tthe public and asnwer any questions anyone has got for me.

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