Thursday 16th February 2017

Project Brief –

For this project we had seven weeks to create either a short film or music video with or both audio (speech) and sound effects that is three to five minutes long. As well as the sound effects we have to make our video interact with our audience.  We have to create our own audio or get permission off someone else that has produced or either someone that owns some audio that we like.

On top of the filming and editing our videos we have to blog on here telling you what we are doing and how far we have come, just like our last project. We’ll make some presentations that we can present to our fellow students and tutors to get some feedback and improve our work so far.

Idea –

I didn’t know what to do at first as there was so much choice. I couldn’t make my mind up between a stop motion video or a music video. The reason why I wanted to do this stop motion idea was because most people in our class where going to be doing a time lapse, and I thought it would be a bit repetitive if I did one as well. So I changed my idea to either doing a music video or a stop motion. I did do some research on stop motion videos and I found out that it was very time consuming and took a lot of patient, which I don’t have. Therefore I decided to do a music video.

Plan A-

My first idea was a relationship that has just ended and they’ve having a hard time apart as they both still love each other. I wanted to have the actors in my video as dancers as well as I do know a couple of people that can do this. The whole point of this was to focus on the dancing part as I know Clifton park has a bandstand that I wanted to focus on as its really big and looks very nice for a photograph or for my very own music video.

I did like the idea of having flashbacks throughout the video, this would be when the dancers were dancing as this represents happy memories. Once the flashback was over it would cut to the present to where the video is in black and white and very depressing. I think this would work really well with the way I want to shoot things.

When it came to the filming day both of the dancers bailed on me as they wasn’t comfortable and too busy to come to Rotherham and film, so basically I had wasted 2 weeks waiting for these dancers to come up with a date where they were before free but they just cancelled instead so I had to come up with another idea over the weekend that was still based around the song that I had chosen, which is Leave Me Lonely – Ariana Grande Cover by Gabby Lindley and Hobbie Stuart (I did get permission from them).

Plan B- 

The second idea was with a model thats having a tough time with life, with relationships, work, and family problems. I wanted to do something with water as I did some research on “Water Photography” I really like how the photographers I researched, were really good at how they photographed the water and water droplets.

The idea that I have in mind is really hard to explain but I would want the start of the video to be based water droplets and as the music video gets deeper into the story and as the music gets quicker and more intense the water droplets begin to turn red which represents the stress which is taking over the actor/actress’ life.

I had a conversation with my tutor and Amy (another student) who would agree to her being in the video as the actress who is stressed out. But my tutor wanted me to carry on my idea with the relationship. So I asked Amy and George who are students in my class if they would participate in my video and they were more then happy to do it.

Research –

I started to do my research on old music videos that I enjoyed in the past, like ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran is my all time favourite music video. The reason for this was my first idea (Plan A) with the whole dancers and the love story was basically based on this music video. I liked how the director had shot it with the different angles and panning which made the editing and the finished video look amazing as everything ran so smoothly. As I really liked the director’s work on this particularly music video, so I decided to do some research on this director who is Jake Grosling. He did a lot more music videos with Sheeran but these are not as good as the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ music video.

At the time Gabby Lindley only had a music video of her singing along with the song on Youtube, which was directed by a music producer and the owner of the cover with Gabby and Hobbie. His name is Alexander Wells. The reason why I research Wells was because he shot and directed the video, and he edited the video and turned it into black and white, which I didn’t like at first but after re-watching the video I grew to like it and wanted to used this effect  in my own video when I come to edit it.

Copyright Issues-

When I was researching sounds I came across copyright laws. I knew that this would stop me unless I got permission off the person who owns the song. The reason for me getting permission is, if I upload my video with permission, youtube will be able to take off my audio and leave it would no sound. So I had to choose I song that I could get permission off as soon as possible as i wanted to start filming straight away. Which is why I chose the song, Gabby and Hobbie’s cover ‘Leave Me Lonely’.

Production Plan-

Week One – For week one I’m going to get my music sorted meaning getting it downloaded and get it ready for when I come to edit and sound effects. I also wanted to create and make my own sound effects as this would mean I have more time for filming etc.

Week Two – For week two, I would like to start filming as it will save me a lot of time at the end for editing. Ive set my self a target for at least a week for editing and finishing touches.

Week Three – For week three, I would like to finish filming and do any reshoots that I need to do, as this still leaves me a whole week to edit and get ready for due date and show and tell to my fellow students.

Week Four – For week four, this is the final week before we have to show and tell and finish this whole project. This means a I have a week to edit and get everything perfect so there is not glitches and any flaws as at the end of this term I would like to eventually post this music video (if it goes to plan) online either on youtube or Facebook.

I didn’t really stick to this plan above as I did most of the filming and editing in the first week, the reason for this was because I wanted to get all my work done in the first week so I wasn’t panicking about my evaluation and making so improvements in time for the deadline date. I did this as I learnt this from the previous project as I had to rush in the last hour to get my evaluation done.

Test Work-

I did my test work on a field that was at the back of my house, I didn’t use models for this part as I was trying to focus on the photography side in my video. I filmed lots of different plants and trees in the wind. In the end I actually used some of my test shots in my final video.


I think with filming, in my opinion it went really well, I really enjoyed telling my models, Amy and George what to do and directing the whole video. Even though it was hard coming up with ideas and places to film in Clifton Park me, Amy and George had a lot of fun filming the video. However, I did want to go out and filming in different places not just Clifton Park but also Sheffield city centre and Rotherham town centre. The reason why we didn’t film in different places was because Amy and George still had their videos to film and get ready for the presentation day and deadline day. I think this would be one of things that I would change about my video.


When I started to edit the video in iMovie it didn’t take me long at all as I have worked with this software before, this was even before we even started this project. I finished editing the whole video within two days but this was before I had put in any text messages in the video. The whole text message idea didn’t come to me at start, it was something that came to me whilst we were filming when Amy was on the bench. To be honest I had no idea how to do this at first so I had to watch a lot of youtube videos so I can learn how to do it myself. After messing around with iMovie I eventually figured out how to do it and I was really pleased how the final thing looked.

Sound Effects- 

With the sound effects I didn’t have any idea at first what to put into my video as I didn’t have the idea of the text messages. So I spent a whole 2 hours on youtube listening to different text alerts, which drove me insane but I eventually found one that I liked a fitted the music perfectly.

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 13.22.14.png

The way I got the sound effects to match the timing of the text messages in my video, I had to use youtube converter turn them into an audio which was MP3. This would make the editing a lot easier as the audio would only be on for a split second.

Overall, I think the song I chose worked really well just because it was very slow and had two parts (female and male) which made it easier for me to film but also a little bit hard as one part I didn’t have enough footage so it had to be a little bit short of the man singing in the video. But I liked my final video just because it fitted the song as well as want I wanted at the start of the project.

Final Video-

Reflection and Overall Opinions- 

Overall, I am really happy with how my final video turned out, its exactly how I wanted it to look. I showed my family and fellow students and they really like the split screen part which was really hard to do but I’m really glad that I did it and kept it in the video as it represents a flashback. I know its not that clear but it still gives the idea that they were happy together and makes you wonder if they had met and are talking together. The only  thing that my tutors to do differently is the ending and add more sound effects. But I thought if I added some more sound effects it would be too much and take some of the tension away from the whole video.

For the ending it wasn’t really clearly that the two models made up as they weren’t ‘holding hands’. I didn’t do this in the first place just because I didn’t want my music video to have a happy ending, so I thought instead they could be just friends as its semi happy. But I’m really happy with how the ending turned out.

Overall, I felt comfortable doing this project as I liked how easy it was to put together. The only thing that I don’t really like is some of the clips in my video are really long. The reason why I did this was because I only had so many clips and I didn’t have enough time to go back out and film. As well as me running out of time, the models I was using had to focus on their videos as well as be in mine, this is why I have such long clips. However, if I was to do this whole project I would do parts of it in summer, as I think this would give a whole direct look to my video. I would also use different models just so it wouldn’t be so awkward and I would have a lot more time to film and get shorter clips.