After presenting my (what I thought) completed video to my fellow students and my tutor, they gave me feedback that was mixed reviews. My tutor didn’t think I had enough sound effects in my video, but he had an idea to add either a conversation or laughing sounds when the video goes into a split screen which represents a flashback, this is to show that it was a good time and a good memory as the videos are in colour and will have nosies, the only problem with this is that the models that I chose don’t want to be recorded of them laughing, so I will have to find some sound effects on Youtube of a woman and a man laughing thats kind of in time with George’s laugh and Amy’s laugh, which will be very hard and stressful.

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 18.31.28.png

Another thing that he suggested was that he didn’t get the ending part as he didn’t know if they made up and are friends or if they got back together. I thought I made this clear as they were laughing together and enjoyed each others company and stayed as friends, even though I know where he’s coming from it would mean me having to re filming this part which could be very time consuming due to Amy and George having their own videos to film and edit.