Throughout last week, I was working from home the reason for this was because I live in the middle of the countryside with lots of landscapes and interesting photograph opportunities.

I took this as an advantage as this would mean I wouldn’t have to travel far to get some of my filming done. I did a few test shots based around a berry, the reason for this was when you look at a photograph/video and you see an object on its own you automatically think that it’s lonely as there’s nothing else around this object. I used this idea to try and create and introduction to my video but I didn’t know how to. So I took my tripod down the field and decided to find the berry I saw early in the week and try and make a video and something interesting out of it.

In the end I got a few videos from a berry being in focus then slowing fading away and being blurry and focusing on the background instead, I thought this created a bit of tension as you don’t know what’s happening or what couple happen, which was I liked about my starting to my video.

I went down the field the following day just to get some backups just in cases anything happened to the original videos I was intend to use.