For my main and first idea, I did want to have dancers as the people in my video but unfortunately they could make any of the dates I had set for them to come to the park and film. So I had to scrap the whole idea and and now use my plan B which was to get a teenage girl to act and walk around the park looking sad and lonely, but once having a chat with my tutors I still wanted to do my whole idea that I originally had with the dancers but get two classmates to do it instead, that’s if they wanted to do it.

I asked Amy Newbould and George Worthington, and they seem up for it at first but they thought it would be cringey so I said to them of you feel uncomfortable at any time just tell me and we don’t have to carry on, but the seemed fine with the whole idea I had and wanted to start filming.

The location we did the filming in was in Clifton Park and in North Leverton where I live. At first we didn’t know how to start off a music video so we listened to the song over and over again just to get a feel and know the song a little bit better, so we thought why not doing something simple of one person walking around Clifton park one way and the other person walking around the other way as I had four minutes to fill as the song  I’m using is quite a long song.

George- The guy who sings in the song is the first person to start singing so we thought why not every time the guy sings George is on the screen and every time the girl sings Amy is on the screen. So I got George to walk into the park looking sad, it was hard to try and capture the moment and movement over it all, but I did a little pan as he walked into the park and I followed him etc.

Amy- The girl in the song doesn’t start singing until 1/4 of the way through so we got George to walk around the park a while, at this part I knew I would only have a little bit of footage as we didn’t film much at all, but I knew I would have to slow the clip down to make it seem like a longer and more interesting clip.

We didn’t film much on this day as it was very cold and near the ending of the day, so we decided to film a skittle more another day a wrap up warm so we could stay out for longer. I told George to where the exact same clothing as it would  look weird if the actors changed outfits halfway through the video.

The following week on the Thursday we dicided to do a whole day of filming as Amy and George both needed to there videos as well. We started to film at 10 in the morning both of the actors were wearing the same clothes like I had asked them to. We did some of George’s parts first just to get him out of the way as the guy who sings in the video isn’t in it that much whereas the girl is so with walked around Clifton park getting ideas of what to as Amy and George both know Clifton park a lot better then I do as I’m not around these parts. Because we already had George entering the park I wanted to create this with Amy as well so we walked to the other end to get to the second entrance of the park which wasn’t fancy as the one George walked through the pervious week. However we did get serval of shots just to make sure that there wasn’t any bumps of my behind the camera that’s could have knocked the camera accidentally as I did that to George’s firsts takes a few times.

We then just walked around the park in an ordinary fashion coming across any thing that would look good or could be turn into something good, we did this until more camera battery was flashing red and couldn’t do any more filming and by this time we had all the footage I wanted and it was know time to edit and get ready for the final presentation.