Thursday 19th January 2017-

For my project two my original plan was to have dancers throughout my music video, but I thought this would happen and it has. One of the dancers has bailed on me, meaning I can’t do my original plan so I have changed the whole story and theme of my music video and moved on to my plan b, which isn’t too late for me to get all my test shots and editing done in time.

Monday 23rd January 2017-

I think my project 2 is going good so far, I have done a few test shots but some of them haven’t turned out that well, so I have done some reshoots, which I prefer which means I am learning from my past work and improving my skills to make the finished project better than the original test shots. Altogether I think this plan will actually turn out better than my first plan. This is because my original plan was very confusing and was a lot of work to do, whereas my backup plan isn’t that much of work but a little more editing this is why I have decided to give a week and a bit for editing, this is so I can make sure that everything is up to date and the final music video looks and runs smoothly.