This blog post is going to be about what, where and when I’m going to do my  music video.

Week One – For week one I’m going to get my music sorted meaning getting it downloaded and get it ready for when I come to edit and sound effects. I also wanted to create and make my own sound effects as this would mean I have more time for filming etc.

Week Two – For week two, I would like to start filming as it will save me a lot of time at the end for editing. Ive set my self a target for at least a week for editing and finishing touches.

Week Three – For week three, I would like to finish filming and do any reshoots that I need to do, as this still leaves me a whole week to edit and get ready for due date and show and tell to my fellow students.

Week Four – For week four, this is the final week before we have to show and tell and finish this whole project. This means a I have a week to edit and get everything perfect so there is not glitches and any flaws as at the end of this term I would like to eventually post this music video (if it goes to plan) online either on youtube or Facebook.