Once I had my idea and sorted, I needed to do some research.

At start I didn’t really know what to do and what to research as I’ve never done anything like his before. But I did know I want to do something along the lines of Jake Grosling, who is a music video and a music producer. He has worked with my favourite, Ed Sheeran. He worked with Sheeran on the music video “Thinking out loud” which is what I want to recreate, but in a different kind of way, with flashbacks and outside instead of a ballroom.

I did some research on the guy who directed the music video for Gabby and Hobbie, Alexander Wells. He is a very good director as he has worked on the video “Mama Do the Hump” By Rizzle Kicks, which is a favourite music video as well as a the music video by Ed Sheeran, “Thinking Out Loud”. He has done some of his music videos in black and white, which I like as it gives the music a vintage and smooth vibe. I want to use this in my video, my plan was to use this when the video was upsetting and not a flashback as the flashback would be in colour due to being a happy time, then it would cut to the present time to when its depressing and sad times.

I also did some research on youtube, our tutor told us to do some research on short films and music videos. At first I wanted to do a depressing and emotional video to make my viewers feel emotions. But they I changed my mind as all the videos on youtube that i watched were really sloppy and very cringe worthy. But there was one that I really enjoyed which was a video/short film called “I Miss You” (linked down below)

I Miss You Short Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F5oD7G40ng

When I first read the project brief on Moodle, this video is the same idea that I had when I finished reading my project brief. I guess this is good thing as then I actually have a preview on what my final video will look like.