For this project, I didn’t know what to research as I’ve never done anything like this before.

The first thing that I wanted to do is to get the music sorted. I wanted to use a song that I knew from like a small band, at the time I quite liked the band “The Hunna” but none of their songs that they have written and produced fitted to the original plan I had in mind.

But then I remembered that Gabby, a YouTuber that I’ve watched for many of years, she does covers and has brought out some music in the past year. I really liked the cover she did that was with Hobbie Stuart a fellow YouTuber, the cover is called “Leave Me Lonely” originally from Ariana Grande. I had to take a risk with this choice of music as its only a cover and not an originally song, but I do some more research into the guy that produced the song and directed the video “Alexander Wells” and he actually works for Ariana Grande’s management which works perfectly as it will not get any copyright bans and won’t be taken off of youtube.

Plan A-

My first idea was a relationship that has just ended and they’ve having a hard time apart as they both still love each other. I wanted to have the actors in my video as dancers as well as I do know a couple of people that can do this. The whole point of this was to focus  on the dancing part as I know Clifton park has a bandstand that I wanted to focus on as its really big and looks very nice for a photograph or for my very own music video.

I did like the idea of having flashbacks throughout the video, this would be when the dancers were dancing as this represents happy memories. Once the flashback was over it would cut to the present to where the video is in black and white and very depressing. I think this would work really well with the way I want to shoot things.

Plan B- 

The second idea was with a model thats having a tough time with life, with relationships, work, and family problems. I wanted to do something with water as I did some research on “Water Photography” I really like how the photographers I researched, were really good at how they photographed the water and water droplets.

The idea that I have in mind is really hard to explain but I would want the start of the video to be based water droplets and as the music video gets deeper into the story and as the music gets quicker and more intense the water droplets begin to turn red which represents the stress which is taking over the models life.