For this project we have seven weeks to create either a short film or music video with or both audio (speech) and sound effects that is three to five minutes long. We watched all different videos that have been done in the past that are more photography based. For example stop motion, this means where theres lots of photographs taken with slight movements as this will then look like a normal video but with sound effects. Like this video linked down below.


I did have a few ideas but as time went on I didn’t think the idea I originally had was that good. So I did some research and try to come up with different ideas which have a clearer message and are more interesting and will interact with my audience. The idea that I originally had was a time lapse of all different towns such as Worksop, Retford, Sheffield and Rotherham etc. Another idea that I had was doing a stop motion video, just like the famous films Coroline and Chicken Run. When I started to do something research into a stop motion video, I realised how hard the video and the creations like the objects in the video would be really hard as you have to be extra careful and take your time with this project. So I changed my mind to the third idea that I had, which is a music video.