Today we learn the difference between the different techniques in a studio. The things that you can find in a studio are different colour backdrops, studio lights (soft box), a studio strobe light as well as a canon camera. To achieve the possible light position we got give a cheat sheet which is down below, this sheet helps us get the correct lighting outcomes.


As its only visible light in the above image, they’re many different angles that you can have to position the light to get different lighting effects. The first images starts with a shadow behind the model, the way to achieve this effect is to place the lights behind the model and higher then the models head, this will create the shadow that needed to be there. To achieve the model with the whole of the face lit up with light, would be to place the lights in front of the model and facing the model. This will create a shadow behind the model but it will have the face completely lit up.

Overall, I thought this was really hard to getting the other images like the middle columns this was because I kept getting the lights in shot.