When I used a 35mm camera I quite liked it, I liked that it was quite complicated because it shows how cameras have changed, such as when I had to wind the film to take another picture, although I did sometimes forgot to wind it, but overall I found it quite interesting. I feel like if I didn’t have the exposure meter in the viewfinder I wouldn’t have been able to take the photos as quickly as I did. Most people don’t like manually focusing but I prefer it as I think its quite easy as it lets you decide what you want the photo to look like and it also helps you to focus on what you want to focus on and not what the camera wants to focus on. However the whole of the film I used came off the reel and i didn’t realise until i opened the camera which means I was left with no pictures :(. After I found out that I had no photos I went around the college and took a few more photos which I found quite annoying because I feel that the pictures I had taken before would have turned out quite good. It was quite hard to measure when I needed to stop rewinding the film however to make sure I kept turing the wheel and when I opened the camera thankfully the film was all in the reel.

I think that digital photography is harder than 35mm photography as there are a lot more settings that you have to consider and the camera is a lot more complicated, whereas 35mm you can basically point and shoot.