When I started to edit some of the photographs that I got from my client (Photoshoot Two) there were a few distractions in the photograph so I decided to edit the photograph on photoshop.

The one on the left is the original, where the one on the right is the edited one. The reason why I edited this photograph was because there is an incense stick sticking up on the far right, which was very distracting once you realise that it is there. Its also very distracting when there is light marks on the glass bottles that are reflecting in the direct eyesight. The way I got rid of them is on photoshop with the tool “patch tool”, the way to use this tool is to draw a box around the thing you would like to get rid of then drag the box to another area where its the same colour and would look really similar and not stand out. I also used the patch tool of the reflections which was really irritating to me, once I had noticed this.