I’m not at college on Tuesdays as its my days off, so I made contact with Mystik to go down every Tuesday morning, and they said yes that was fine. So the next Tuesday I went down to the shop with one of colleges camera (Nikon D3200) which I didn’t know how to use as I am used to Canons but there wasn’t any left.

When I went into the shop I wanted to start taking photographs similar to the photographs that Id seen other shops had in the window and websites. When I started my shoot, the camera wasn’t picking up any lights even though the lighting in the shop is really good as there’s a huge window including lots of lights. I tried changing the shutter speed and the aperture, but only the ISO changed, so I had to use the flash on the photographs, so I knew that I would be coming back to take another re shoot. The photographs that are below are the photographs that I took on that Tuesday morning.