Week 1: In the first week of my project, I wanted to find a client that I could take pictures for which was free of charge. Once I have found a client, I will ask them politely for them to write me a brief on what they would like me to do so then I can start planning on my presentation, so I can achieve their desired photographs.

Week 2: In week 2, I will be researching all the different styles that my client wants me to take and then I can plan and sort out a date for me to go and start taking photographs (test shoots) . I will research all the photograph ideas my client would like me to take so I have a clear vision, so I wont be wasting any time on my project.

Week 3: In week 3, I hopefully will have taken a test shot and will have decided what style I will be doing the final shoot. Then I will bring the images back to college and edit them how my client would like them. I will be blogging my process through my whole project.

Week 4: In week 4, I will be showing my client my photographs that I have taken and if they are happy with the test shoots and edits them, I can continue with my final shoot and carrying on editing.

Week 5: In the final week, I will be preparing my photographs for the deadline and making sure that my blog is up to date and should be up to the standard it should be at.