For my research and analysis, I didn’t know if I wanted to do primary or secondary research as I didn’t know which one was better. Therefore I have decided to do some research myself 0n primary and secondary research, to see which was one is better and I can the do my research.

Primary Research – Advantages

  • The information the researcher has collected and worked with personally.
  • It also is directly to that persons research and study
  • The researcher controls when and how much information is collected. This also means that the researcher can be asked questions about its source and reliability later on in the process.

Primary Research – Disadvantages

Secondary Research – Advantages

  • The information is really easy to access, like a local library and online such as google.
  • Some secondary data collection is often used to help set the stage for primary secondary, making the two research methods work really well together.
  • As well as it is easy to access it is also very cheap, as most of the research is online or at the local library which is always free.