We got given a week to a create a presentation on our clients and what we were going to do like a week by week plan. I did a power presentation just because I feel like this kind of presentations can get across really easy and straight to the point.

The slide show below is just a preview on what I have started:

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When I showed my presentation to the rest of my fellow students, I got some feed back from them saying that I should focus more on the things that the client needs first as my project is such a big project, as its a fairly new business and needs quite a lot of things doing, this is all explained in the brief they have wrote to me in the email.

The feedback that I got back helped me very well as I can now sort my time and make arrangements with my client for when I can go into the shop and start taking photographs for my test shoots an so on.

Final Photographs:

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Overall, I think my photographs turned out really well, as I feel like all the photographs are what the client asked for as all they wanted were photographs for their website and Facebook as well as them having images for their personalise website, which should be a friendly, calm vibe, which is what I think I’ve created.