When I got my brief from my client, I didn’t really have any ideas what I wanted to do as the brief was kind of short and very basic.

I had a look at other peoples briefs and blogs just to see if I was on the right track, which I was so I carried on with my PowerPoint presentation with all my images that I had collected from google which would be my secondary research box ticked.

When I was collecting all my research I didn’t really use any primary research, I mostly used secondary, which was mostly google images and google just in general.

Down below will be screenshots of some of my mood boards that I have put together for a sort of an idea how I would like to take my test shots and maybe for my final shoot, and then I would be able to take my photographs and edit them and get ready for the deadline and then show them to my client.

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I did these mood boards, so when I come to take the actual photographs, I wont be wasting time waiting for ideas to come into my head as I will have already have some with all the research I have done before hand.