In this blog post I will attempt to explain how to change the effect to black and white in photoshop.

  1. Firstly, choose your image that you would like to edit then open your image into photoshop (which should be a RAW File). A RAW file is unprocessed data. This mean the file has not be compressed, altered or manipulated in a way by the computer.


2. Then, click the adjustments button in the bottom right-hand corner, then click the button which says solid colour layer.

3. Next you need to change the blend mode of the solid colour layer from “Normal” to “Colour”. This will now change the picture into black and white. The reason why we do it this way is so that all the details in the RAW file are kept in the photograph as some of the ways to turn the photograph into black and white loose the original detail from the RAW file.

4. Next we created a curved layer which you can adjust the highlights and shadows by making a curved shaped like a S. We did this by moving the shadow line downwards and moving the highlights line upwards.

5. Once you are happy with the right amount of highlight and shadow you can now save your photograph but change your photograph to a JPEG as it would be on Photoshop.