Rankin is a very famous British portraits and fashion photographer. I watched a video by Rankin which showed me different photographs that have changed fashion. He took the most famous 7 photographs that have changed fashion from the years 1930 and tried to re-create these photographs but with his own little twists.

Cecil Beaton

He stared off with the photograph called the “Hat Box” which was taken in the 1934 with the model Elsa Schiaparelli. He wanted to create this because Rankin said how he liked how all the attention was on the hat and not on anything else. He had recreated this with the model Sophie Ellis-Bexter. He didn’t use an 8 by 10 camera like Beaton as it would have taken him 20 minutes to take one photograph, so he decided to use DSLR camera. white-panama-hat

I don’t really like this recreation because when you do a recreation you are meant to copy every little bit of detail, but he has kind of changed it to his own style with a little bit of inspiration from Beaton.

Erwin Blumenfeld

This is an image for a vogue cover in the 1950s with the model Jean Patchett. Rankin decided to have Heidi Klum as his model for this kind of shoot. With the original photograph Blumenfeld had to erase the majority of the facial features but leaving the eyebrow, eye, lips and the beauty spot. Blumenfeld then painted the lips redder and added more eyeshadow to create more of a dramatic look as they didn’t have photoshop back in the 1950s. Rankin decided to keep the nose in his recreation to make it more 21st century and shows that photography can be fun and enjoyable.


Ricahrd Avedon

This image is called “Dovima with Elephants”with had two elephants with a beautiful model stood between the two animals. This photograph was taken in Paris in August 1955. Avedon thought this photograph prompts the idea of Beauty and the Beast. The whole point of his photograph was to show off the new collection od the Dior clothing range.


Rankin’s photograph looks completely different to Avedon’s work because in the recreation version the model doesn’t look very uncomfortable with the animals whereas the original looks like the model doesn’t care at all. (Avedon’s work is on the left and Rankin’s photograph is on the right)

David Bailey

The fashion image was changed and transformed when David Bailey got his hands on a camera in the 1960s. Rankin thinks that Bailey is the perfect fashion photographer to this day. Bailey was very famous for taking a lot of photographs of his girlfriend Jean Shrimpton.

23.pngBaileys photograph was shot using a Rolleiflex camera so Rankin decided to use the same camera also. However Rankin ended switching back to a DSLR because he wants to see the difference between the two cameras.