Richard Avedon was an American protrait and fashion photographer. He took most of his photographs of things that he was afraid of, for example images of his fathers death. Today his images are everywhere and people still use them to this day. 

Richard Avedons career started in 1946 in Paris, he began a contract taking photographs for a department store. 

One of his most famous photographs was a woman laid naked on a white cover with a snake wrapped around her body covering her private parts and with the snakes tongue touching her cheek.

I really like this photograph because it’s different to any other photography that he has done before. This photograph sold over two million copies just because it was so different to his work that he has done before. This is what makes Richard Avedons work so unique and different.

Another thing that really stood out to me in the video that we had watched was he decided to photograph his fathers death (when he was in his last stages of cancer) as he felt like he never really had a father so he felt guilty for this and decided he should show some respect by dedicated this piece of work to him. 

He had a series of photographs of his father dying which was really different to any other photographer in this period of photography. I don’t really know what to think on this kind of work he had done. The reason why is because it’s interesting to look back at and remember some that important but you don’t want to remember them dying but instead you want them to remember them for enjoying life and making things and your life happy and not sad and depressing. 

The last thing that I found interesting from the video we watched was he photographed Andy Warhol torso in 1969. He photographed his torso because he had scars from a shooting previously before this actual shoot. This is a really interesting photograph as it’s not something he would normally take photographs of as he normally all about the models that are so beautiful with not a single spot on their faces, long legs and long silky hair. At first people didn’t tknow how to react to this photograph as it was completely different to his normal work in fashion photography, this is what makes Avedon really good and remembered photographer.