A contact sheet is all the negatives you have taken from your film with the 35mm camera.


How do make a contact sheet?

Today we processed contact sheets, we did this is a dark room using a negative carrier and a enlarger. We placed the negative film onto the light sensitive paper which was placed inside the negative carrier, so then we closed the negative carrier lid, and set the enlargers timer to one second.

We held a piece of black card over the first section for a second, then we would move the black card onto the next section for another second. Do this until every single section that has finally been exposed to the enlarger’s light. This contact sheet won’t be the real contact sheet as don’t think I got all the right exposes right when I took the photographs on the 35mm camera. So this is a tester, to see how long the photographs need to be expose for.


After they’ve been exposed to the light we developed them, just like we did with pinholes and photograms. First we put the photographic paper in the developer for 2 minutes with slight wave motions. Then we put the paper into the stop for 30 seconds again with the slight wave motions. Finally we put the paper into the fix for 5 minutes, this is important that we put the paper in for at least 5 minutes as if we don’t the images will start to turn pink and fade. Once the five minutes is up, its time to put the paper into the wash bath which is just water for at least 20 minutes so the chemicals can get washed off the paper and not fade away.

The reason why we did a tester contact sheet first is because it saves paper and would cost that much money as were only wasting one piece of paper, whereas if we didn’t do the tester then we would be wasting more sheets of paper and wasting more money, as its like one pond for one sheet of paper.

Once the contact sheet has been left in the wash bath for 20 minutes then you can take the paper out of the dark room and see what was the best exposure was the best, like does it need to be under the light for 6 seconds for 1 seconds. Once you know what how long it need to be under the light you can now do it again and get a proper contact sheet.